Otter campaign hires Troy McClain

Troy McClain has avoided politics since capturing the hearts of 28 million Americans as the runner-up on Donald Trump’s first season of “The Apprentice” in 2004.

The Boise entrepreneur had a simple request for politicians “don’t mess with my huntin,’ don’t mess with my fishin,” the self-described "country boy with big city instincts" said.

But now the founder and President of the McClain Companies has jumped in to help Idaho Gov. Butch Otter. McClain, a public speaker, consultant and sometimes television host, decided to bring his wide media skills and experience to Otter’s campaign.

“I said, ‘Butch, you’re the right person, we need to get the right message behind you,’” McClain said.

The Otter campaign hired McClain as communications director of the Otter campaign along with former KTVB reporter Ryan Panitz, who works for the McClain Companies.

"I love their business sense and their energy," said Debbie Field, Otter's campaign manager. "They add more creativity to our team."

McClain met Otter while working on a project for Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Later he worked with First Lady Lori Otter on a concert for the Idaho National Guard 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team National Guard, who recommended him to the campaign.

McClain attended an advance reception for the Governor’s China trade mission and found he and Otter had a lot in common. Most of all they shared common values, like “the best way to get ahead to give back,” he said.

He told Otter then he admired President Barack Obama, not for his political positions but for his ability to get his message out so effectively.

“You do have to admire a campaign that can deliver,” McClain said.

He thinks Otter can have the same success, as people get to know how he feels about the future of technology and education.

McClain has hosted television programs from the Miss World pageant to the nationally syndicated show, “The Home Team” and specials on HGTV. His motivational speaking gigs have included events for Microsoft and Warren Buffett.

Clever marketing!

Troy, clever marketing attempt to use this campaign to network business. Interesting after 6 years back in Idaho suddenly interested in Idaho politics. Just another strugglin' business lookin' for an GOP opportunity.


Hi, I'm Troy McClain, you might know me from my movies "What ever happened to that celebretard" and "Who cares, you got second place"....


Exactly the character I think of when I hear his name.

Run Troy Run

I think I'd rather vote for McClain than for another round of Butch & Co.'s circus act. Up until this I thought he had a good head on his shoulders.


Otter is a RINO.

THIS is the one thing which changes your mind?

Obviously you just NOW started paying attention.
This a minor infraction by Otter, compared to the gutting he has already done of this state to his benefit.
Good grief.

Otter's Campaign

As Keith Allred closes the gap, it is not surprising to see Butch scrambling. Not since Don Samuleson have we had such a dud in the governor's chair.

15 minutes gone by

So another attempt to get a pay check. Did he not make enough off of the Special Olympics? (check into it. It will make you sick) Has anyone ever really looked into his finance and see what a financial genius he is? You won't be supprised? Does he always have to talk like an "Idaho hick"? Really? It looked good on TV because the nation thought that way about us Idahoans. Who really cares if he has been doing speeches about his upbring where he should have been nominated(another press release) to sainthood at the expense of telling everyone about his sister's handicaps over and over again. She can even defend herself. He is not evil just self asborded and overrated by himself. Just ask him. He has a press release for everything.

Trick or Treat!!!

Talking and behaving like "hick" pays big time!
The RW GOP loves this stuff - how else do you explain Palin's popularity by the same people who support Otter?
They feel like they have finally arrived.
Tea Baggers unite!

McClain & Otter

T*rds of a feather.

Give me a break...

Troy McClain is an opportunistic self-promoter that will place himself in the public eye at the drop of a hat. He will spend most of his life disappointed as he will never reach the level of "stardom" that he feels that he deserves.

One of those guys that "always has something cooking".....the next scheme or big idea.

Hilly Billy's gotta stick together...

They are a match made in GOP Heaven... Troy is an Idaho hick looking for a way to use ANYONE to get somewhere. And Otter... well we all know he is scared. He is almost as bad as Risch was as governor. Why is it that this governor is expecting the feds to bail out our State? why not try to implement ways to creat jobs in Idaho or make Idaho companies keep jobs in the State and US... or at least put together an immigration reform bill. What a waste of four years he has been.


Who's payroll is Barker on -- he sure seem to be pushing Otter's campaign. Come on, Rocky, what happen to you objective factual reporting.



When did this ever exist? Are you running a fever?


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Troy is a great guy!

Troy is a great guy! He is humble and inspiring. He has no problem speaking with people from all walks of life. He has a tremendous amount of positive energy and is a breath of fresh air in the political arena. He is a "self-made" man. If he charges and gets lots of money for his public appearances that is proof that he does not undervalue himself or his Idaho roots. Why keep going through the same boring retreads in Idaho politics? Troy is a guy who can get things done!

I don't think Troy has any

I don't think Troy has any problems speaking to anyone ... the problem is Butch. Butch can't relate to any average Idaho person as long as they are not a ranching or a corporate buddy. Butch has no clue what it means to be unemployed, homeless, without health care and little opportunity to afford an Idaho educational institution. Troy's reality is Butch's dream.

Good call!

Troy's a good man. You can call it "milking" his 15 minutes of fame or "optimizing" or "maximizing" it, but he has done a great job marketing himself and he'll do a great job marketing the Governor. He can't do any worse than the last go round where Otter's campaign ran him from an 85% favorite to a 58% barely pulled it off in many districts guy before they were done.

Here's an idea...actually tell us, in the campaign, what he believes on all the important issues, not just how he feels about mom, apple pie, and public education. And call Allred out for the DINO that he is. If a republican candidate wants to beat Otter, then have the courage to take him on in the primary and stop runnning as a democrat to survive the "first round". And real democrats in this state/city need to quit advancing actual republican candidates just so they can say they won! Go find a gay, abortion activist, social engineer, creative-class pansy, wealth redistributionist, red-headed stepchild like yourselves and try to win riding a real democrat

No education

Troy has little education, and that's part of the reason he was cast on The Apprentice - to contrast all the smart, intelligent, highly-qualified people he was up against.

I am shocked he'd look at Butch's policies and say "Yep, good ideas." Troy, stop trying to join the Good Ol' Boys and use your brain.

You must possess one,

to implement one.

A brain, that is.
Your expectations are far too grand for this administration.

I used to be I'm just amused.

I used to be I'm just amused. Thats one bs artist hiring another bs artist. If you vote for Otter this time around, you deserve just what you get.


will advise Butchie on how to gracefully handle the runner-up position.

Troy bashing

Why all the Troy bashing? Are you jealous he can make his own job while you work for some government agency? Oh, ya, maybe you are a trust fund baby who only likes other trust fund babies.

Go, Troy. "I love ya man."

Sensitive much?

I don't think anyone is saying Troy is not a good guy. They're just saying he's a shameless self promoter that hasn't really accomplished much other than getting on a reality show.

That doesn't mean he not a good person, but he's probably not the right guy for the job.


I don't think the bashing has anything to do with Troy. I'd bet most of the poster have never met him, heard him, or anything related to him other than the Trump show.

They're just liberal drool jumping on the anti-Otter wagon. A bunch of liberals sending tweets to their puppets saying "go to Statesman and post against Otter"

The fact that most Idahoans know McClain in a positive light says a lot more than any other democrat in the Treasure Valley.

I have...

...met him. And by the comments some of these folks wrote, I suspect they have, too.

Funny....considering e-mails I have received from Otter campaign

asking me to "jump online immediately and vote as often as you can for two online polls currently going on."

just gathering around the trough

with all the other hogs rolling around in the slop. That's what these politicians and their groupies are like, hogs at the trough, looking for that perpetual subsidy so that they don't have do any real work. It's actually a great mindset of self preservation however parasitic it may be on everyone else.

But if your own, your 'real work', you own your existence,

Forget the hogs, focus on the average joe's.

Troy can market Butch Otter for what he really is...

A $50.00 haircut on a $5.00 head.


I saw Troy judging the Mrs. Idaho pageant a week ago. How does he know how to judge a pageant yet alone help otters campaign.

The good ol days