Can the NCAA legislate nonconference football scheduling? Boise State's AD wants to try

By Brian Murphy

Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier will pursue NCAA legislation this fall to mandate home-and-home football series, according to Matt Hayes of the Sporting News.

This is part of what he told Hayes:

“Finding a fair and equitable system for nonconference games would be the best thing to happen to college athletics,” Bleymaier said. “This would do more for schools around the country than changing the BCS.”

This is not the first time Bleymaier has suggested changing scheduling rules.

Here's what he told's Dennis Dodd:

"I think we've really dropped the ball as an organization. The NCAA could mandate this at any time. Oregon, Oregon State are return games. Ole Miss (next year), Washington, Arkansas and Arizona State are not. It's so simple to legislate.

"We'll play anybody in the country home-and-home."

Dodd's piece includes other quotes from Bleymaier and Boise State president Bob Kustra.

I have no idea how the NCAA could compel BCS conference schools to play away games at non-BCS teams, such as Boise State or Idaho. The NCAA seems to have a free market approach to this issue — allowing schools to schedule games and pay whatever it takes to get opponents to play.

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Bad Idea, Gene

Now the Vandals will try and mandate a home and home with BSU.

Yep, Gene should have kept Kustra quiet.

Schools like Georgia will cry louder than Kustra did when he discussed a home/home series with Idaho. Georgia's stadium seats over 90,000. A home/home with a school like BSU would cost Georgia much more than it would cost BSU to schedule a home/home with the U of I.

Um, No

It actually COSTS a program money to play in Idaho's Kibbie Dome. School's still earn a paycheck when they travel to BSU. Your parallel falls flat.

You are dead wrong.

You are wrong on the facts. Please don't make rash comments without backing them up. The fact is you make no sense and did not even respond to the original comment made. How do you figure with a blanket statement like yours that it "costs a program money to play in Idaho's Kibbie Dome" and that "School's still earn a paycheck when you travel to BSU"? Wow are you wrong!

Think about this, VOR

Say Georgia pays BSU $400,000 to play in Athens - do you seriously think Georgia would come to BSU for $400,000? Think about the economics. For example, Georgia would burn quite a bit of coin bringing their team to Boise and have what - $150-200K left after the dust settles?

In contrast, if they stay in Athens and play BSU in Sanford Stadium, which seats 92,746 people, they make over $2.5 mil in ticket sales. Add to that parking, concessions, apparel sales, advertising, programs, and savings on travel expenses - it would cost them millions to come to play in Boise. Add to that the fact that they already play in the SEC and probably would prefer a tune up game to BSU, and you get your answer as to why they won't agree to a home/home with BSU. What part of this "falls flat?"

How about this?

Teams play a Home & Home. The Home team keeps all revenue. That way, Georgia doesn't cry about "losing money" by traveling to Boise, since they'd made so much having Boise come to them. Sounds fair to me.

How they share money

You don't have to split the gate. Many teams will do guarantees. So BSU is guaranteed 400K to go to USC. USC will have the same guarantee. You can still shut out the little guys buy making the guarantees high. If BSU wants $800k from the vandals, they can't do it. BSU can, Oregon, Oklahoma, TCU they all can. It is a lot, not cost effective surely. But it would get rid of the ankle biters.

What's good for the goose isn't good for the gander

Rings pretty hollow following BSU's refusal to play the Vandals home and home. Maybe they need to revise their comments to say "home and home...when the other team has a bigger stadium and draw than us"

You obviously didn't read Kustra's statement

Kustra's statement was not about the size of the was about the ridiculous behavior problems that are presented in Moscow...and before you comment..I was born and raised in N. Idaho and have gone to more than my share of games in Moscow and I have never seen at other stadiums around the country what I have seen in Moscow....there is a reason the University has had to hire extra help to police the has been out of control.


That sure makes you the expert! I see worse at Oregon vs Oregon State and many, many other schools. Also, just so you know, every rivalry is like that and you must not have seen too many games outside of the state. U of I has not hired extra security while BSU has to have the Boise police assist when they play home games. And lastly, when will you realize how ridiculous Kustra's comments were and start apologizing for his stupid rant? The rest of the sports community has been laughing at him for weeks now. Even the Statesman took objection his comments.


Yea, that does make me an expert...I have seen family members injured at games in Moscow due to the nasty, inebriated state that Kustra was talking about...and don't talk to me about rivalries...the SLC stands for Salt Lake City...I have been to more than a couple Utah/BYU games (it doesn't get any uglier for two teams that hate each other) along with Notre Dame/USC, Washington/WSU and have never witnessed ANYWHERE what I have witnessed in Moscow....he**, I've even been to Yankee/Mets games and they are mild compared to from an experience standpoint....yea, maybe your right...I am an expert.


You are about as much of an expert in rivalries as Hitler was an expert in tolerance. You can get on a public forum like this and spout your mouth off as much as you want, and even though a very small percentage (the uneducated) agree with you, I have the true experts on my side. ESPN, SI, SN and every other sports writer in the country including Brian Murphy. So, I am sorry if I take those individuals word over you since you have not been given the opportunity to write for a living because you are the only one who has recognized your "expertise". I walked through BSU stadium and had my bald cancer patient of a mom called the "C" word by a large group of over sized BSU fans simply because she and I were alone walking and she had on a modest gray Idaho shirt. You want to talk nasty and inebriated, I welcome a debate. I don't get on here and cry about it and make up facts though. You do enough of that for the entire state. I have been to big games, and what happens at Idaho is child's play. Grow a set Kustra or get out of the kitchen!

What Other Schools...

I am curious...

GB Never Said No to the U/I.

The comments were from Kustra and Petersen. GB does the actual scheduling. Good luck with this proposal. The games is about money and the pressure from the Fla's, TX's, USC's, OhSt's, etc. will be too much for the NCAA to overrule or overcome. Sure they can if they want, but they will not. They will not want to fight the ensueing lawsuits.


As easy as it is as a Vandal fan to jump on the hypocrisy of the home-home comment, Mr. Blaymaier has a valid point. While some schools play an open schedule, some schools abuse it. Having a schedule formula -- much like the NFL does, would do wonders for taking strength of schedule out of the equation. Say - 8 conference games -- 4 road, 4 away. non-conference games are scheduled by a formula - you play 2 conferences, regionally dictated, and rotate. 4 non-conference games, always home-home.


I dont know if I totally agree to this. Some of these schools have earned the right to decide who and where to play. Obviously the BCS isnt what some consider fair. But if Boise State was in a BCS conference, say the Pac 10, would AD Bley be pushing for such policies as Home and Home? Its a fair question.

Vandal Pride

Vandals, relax the NCAA may legislate a home and barn arrangement, then you would qualify.

Depends on who is on the barn side of the equation.

Nebraska fans would look at BSU as a home and barn arrangement. Any other brilliance to spew? Yes, our dome is crap. Schools with large, modern, nice facilities would look at your joint as a slug as well.


post the vandals win loss record at home, say past 10 yrs. No one is scared to play in your gopher hole. I have been to High School football games with more fans. Nebraska? Texas? Florida? BSU is in the conversation with them. Your not even in the book.

What? Can You Read?

The comment was about facilities. You need to reread it before you post. Your post was stupid and has nothing to do with with my post.

Gotta laugh at the self-policing. You eat your young?


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Home and home

Looks to me like it just means IF you schedule a school it must be for two games. One at their house and one at yours. IF you don't schedule said school there is no worry. So it would solve the problem only if a school wanted to play you in the first place, and yes, it would keep BSU from only offering to play Idaho in Boise without going to the Kibbie Dome.

Doesn't mean schools would schedule us, only means if they do it must be for a home and home. At least that's the way I read it.

Good One Krusta!!!

Hahahahahahaha!!! Is this guy the Carrot Top of college presidents or what? I love it! This has to be a joke - to say that Moscow, ID is too hostile of a place to do a home at home, yet he would be cool with going to Athens, GA, Lincoln, NE, or Baton Rouge, LA??? Check this guy for illegal drug use - he is HIGH!!!

I just read that BSU has a

I just read that BSU has a graduation rate of 26% or something like that. Perhaps all the attention on football has come at the expense of the educational mission of the university. Even Idaho has a better graduation rate. But what am I saying...this is Idaho! Education doesn't matter! Not at any level.


that number is for students who graduate in 4 years or less...I'm pretty sure. Overall graduation rate is higher, but I don't remember exactly. This wqas in an article a few weeks ago.

Actually BSU's graduation

Actually BSU's graduation rate (2008):
4 year. 5.3%
5 year 18.5%
6 year 26.2%

idaho's rates: 22.9%, 50%, 56.6% respectively.
(stats from

Huge difference, huh? Why would any parent send a freshman to BSU? Money NOT well spent.
Also USNews just rated Idaho the 153rd best university in the US. BSU didn't even make the second tier.

Maybe bsu needs to take a look at it's priorities?

You are joking right?

Where do these vandal cats come from? Make a post at 1230 in the morning and dont come back at all. I dont get how a football thread gets turned into a holier than thou academic thread. Boise State is a lot better academic institution than the vandals are a football team. Geezus, the vandies are so funny.

Just pointing out some

Just pointing out some facts. The gentleman above posted erroneous information.


About academics? BSU has a lot of areas to improve academically and its trying to do it. All hail the mighty vandal institution of higher learning.

higher academics?

Realistically, no Idaho school is in the higher academics catagory. I just read the top 20 list on yahoo, you know the one that starts out with Harvard, Yale, Princeton...ends with Brown. That is higher academics. To actually argue about Idaho being higher than Boise...99% of college grads nation wide are laughing. Seriously? Anybody East of the continentel divide and West of the Snake R. would probably treat a person with a degree from one or the other the same in a hiring situation. Most of the south doesn't even know the difference between Idaho and Ohio, much less BSU and Idaho. But I can bet you they have heard of Harvard. So, lets keep it on football.

Me thinks he doth protest

The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks. (with apologies to Bill)

Geography lessen for the day

The Snake River mostly runs from east to west, not north and south. Maybe you meant west of the Columbia in central Washington (until it heads west near hermiston.)?

Snake R

I also defines about half of Idahos Western boarder as it runs North from Farewell Bend in south west Idaho, up to Lewiston in Northern Idaho.

"vandal cat"? Groovy baby!

"vandal cat"? Groovy baby!

Florida trip

I'm being forced into a family reunion in Ft Meyers leaving tomorrow. The other half has asked for a list of what to pack. This is what Ima thinking.

1) 1 Bronco cap
2) 7 Bronco tees and 1 Bronco shirt
3) 1 Bronco sweatshirt
4) 1 Bronco jacket
5) 1 Levis and a pair of Bronco shorts
6) do they make underwear and sandals? that might be a stretch

I'll be ready

Sounds like my Vacations

Did pretty much the same thing for my trip to Salt Lake City last month. Always a good conversation piece with the locals.

Good one!

I agree. Take all the blue and orange you can... I grew up in FL and go home at least once a year. I have had many a good time asking unsuspecting Gators fans why they refuse to play us in a BCS scenario. I was there for a niece's wedding at the end of Oct 2009 when the broncos had just issued a beating to Hawaii. Elevators are the best place to corner them... :-)

I usually back Bly.

But this idea is an eight headed snake. "be careful what you wish for" comes to mind. In my humble opinion, if you regulate (penalize) BCS vs. FCS games, the BCS vs. FBS schedules will take care of themselves.

But then what do I know............

Money Where His Mouth Is

I notice that Bleymaier doesn't mention anything about demanding equal money guarantees for these home-and-home series. Maybe if BSU had to guarantee exactly as much to the big schools as BSU gets for going there, it would be fair. But no, the guy who refused the series with Nebraska wouldn't be so excited if he couldn't make more money than he has to pay out.

It's called business.....

I've been in business all my life and I've never really seen a FAIR set of rules. This who plays who & where is all about money so why would he take away a business advantage?

For the record

BSU refused a 2 for 1 deal from Nebraska. A home and home was never offered. There was talk of a one-and-done at Nebraska in 2011, but this also was shut down by Nebraska....Because they already scheduled a tough non-con schedule....Fresno State, Washington, and Wyoming....... nuff said...

The Vandals scheduled them.

This is just another example of a Bley blunder. We could have taken the offer and had a nice payday and the exposure. This would have gone a long way to gain more respect in the cfb world.

Not Sure this is good...

What I see here is this would give BCS schools a big excuse not to play people. The Biggies may like this. It hurts the up and coming programs of a "shot" at a bigger badder program. Take BSU for example...It may cause us more trouble scheduling OOC. Schools can say, nope...stadium too small, see ya later.
I'm like P2, I usually back Gene but I don't think so on this one.

Murph and Chad......

Weigh in on this one...

what a circus

Kustra and bleymaier look like bozo and Krusty the clown. What a circus act these dips are creating. You don't want to wait lets mandate who plays.... no wait.....WHAT'S NEXT?!? If we could just get coach pete in there it would be the 3 stooges! nuk, nuk, nuk, nuk.

Two-faced Liars

Bleymaier says, ""We'll play anybody in the country home-and-home."

But he is saying under is breath, "Not the Vandals."

Bleymaer and Kustra are a bunch of two-faced liars who have lost all respect in the NCAA Football world.


Bley was not talking about Portland State either (which has a bigger stadium than Idaho). His comments were pointed towards BCS schools (and you know it). Kustra has some making up to do, and Bley's idea of mandated non-con schedules is not the brightest things to come down I5 lately, They both have the respect of the NCAA football world.

We'll play anybody in the country home-and-home...except Idaho

That's basically what he's saying, isn't it?

Or Utah st,

Or NM state, or any other worthless school, so yes that is what he is saying. We will play anybody whom has earned our respect in football home and home..... I agree. BSU has had a hard time with this but ultimately BSU 10 years ago had no right asking Nebraska for a home and home, but now , we have a right. Idaho has no right asking for a home and home.... maybe someday they can. I am a huge bronco fan and I drink much kool aid but I also like the idea of not being respected, of keeping the little guy image, the toughness it helps with is invaluable.


as I said, he is not implying that BSU will play Portland State (which has a bigger stadium than Idaho) in a home and home.

He's talking BCS and of course you know this........