Boise State plans to announce Bronco Stadium expansion campaign

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

Boise State expects to announce plans later this month for a Bronco Stadium expansion.

Boise State has invited boosters to “An Evening on the Blue — Celebrating the Bronco Stadium Expansion Campaign” on Aug. 27 at Bronco Stadium.

“It is paramount that we build for the future,” the invitation says.

Athletic director Gene Bleymaier declined to comment.

Boise State needs to raise money for any expansion of the 33,500-seat stadium. The school has looked at several options over the years — a horseshoe in the south end zone, adding curves in the north end zone and lowering the field.

Any expansion will include upgrades to the football team’s facilities — the locker room, training room and perhaps offices.

Coach Chris Petersen has frequently said that expanding the stadium and improving the football facilities are the next step for the growth of the program.

Meanwhile, TCU announced Monday a $105 million plan to turn its stadium into the “Camden Yards” of college football. Work will begin after the 2010 season and be completed in time for the 2012 season.

The stadium will seat 40,000 with the ability to expand to 50,000. It currently seats 44,358 — so the upgrades will actually shrink capacity.


The Broncos practice twice today. The offense was productive in the morning practice, but the defense provided the two most impressive plays. Defensive end Shea McClellin knocked tailback Jeremy Avery flat on his back in the backfield and defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe stripped quarterback Joe Southwick, a fumble recovered by end Tyrone Crawford.

The Broncos practice again late this afternoon.


Check out Brian Murphy's post on the Sports Illustrated college football preview selling out in Idaho.


I had the incorrect date for the next scrimmage in my blog for a while yesterday. Just so there isn’t any confusion, it’s at 7:30 p.m. Saturday. It’s open — and free — to the public.


Here’s another spot in my AP Top 25 ballot. The poll will be released Saturday:

5. TCU — The Horned Frogs’ athleticism, defense and experienced quarterback make them national title contenders. If they had beaten Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl, they’d be No. 2 on a lot of ballots.


6. Florida
7. Iowa
8. Virginia Tech
9. Oregon
10. Oklahoma
11. USC
12. Miami
13. Nebraska
14. Wisconsin
15. Georgia Tech
16. Pittsburgh
17. Penn State
18. Oregon State
19. Florida State
20. Arkansas
21. Utah
22. North Carolina
23. Stanford
24. LSU
25. Cincinnati

Just waiting

Just waiting for IDADUCKS comment about how the Broncos couldn't fill the stadium during conference games last year....Guess what Duck? New conference! YAY!!!!!!

I can't afford it nor can a lot of folks. SOS original meaning.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


and let the idiot comments about academics begin!

What...don't we educate all the idiots we can?


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Andy Dalton's Fiesta Bowl Experience

Yup, Andy Dalton experienced Kyle Wilson's amazing blitzing hit and fumble in the Fiesta Bowl. Ouch! Go Blue!!!

Why is it

That when Tim Tebow, who was in the SEC, got hit he was like out for a game or two. When Andy got hit by Wilson, kinda brings back memories of that movie Cast Away, he was up and played the rest of the game. Does it prove SEC is the elite division.

Or that Tebow is a fragile little china doll...

And there ain't no bubble wrap in football.

ill say it

there will be more empty seats now. New conference or not people are too cheap. I do my part season tickets baby



"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

stadium rehab

I hope BSU includes funds for upkeep of the Stadium. Went to the Humanitarian Bowl last December - the east side bleachers were covered with a sticky black substance and there was a fence around some "construction". We were surrounded by Bowling Green fans, comments included, "this must be the student section" "what is this stuff".

As they should have said...

"It is Paramount we save United Artists".


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


Or the comments about the so called "watered down" MWC....

University of Minnesota new

University of Minnesota new football only stadium that opened last season is a great place to see game....hopefully Cup Cake State will hire a real sports architect before adding more on to the horrible Smurf turf concrete mausoleum and give fans a better experience.


oh look mommy a gopher....splat....ewwww roadkill gopher.

Dear Lady, Please don't get

Dear Lady,

Please don't get your - you know what- in a bunch. BSU's stadium is in the top 15 most difficult stadiums to play in the ENTIRE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And it only holds 33,500.

Me thinks Boise State knows what their doing here.

Write that down.

Please enlighten

us with your wisdom. Exactly who has BSU played @ home, that would warrant it a Top 15 stadium? Sure, you dominate the WAC and play on a field that exactly matches your uniforms. Neat. Outside of Oregon, you haven't beat a Top 10 team in Boise for oh...I don't know, ever. Beat a Texas, USC, Alabama, or any SEC team in the City of Trees, then come talk to us. Of course, you can't get those games...cuz nobody wants to play in a little stadium. I still don't see an upper echelon program coming here in the near future, even @ 40K.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that WAC schedule you've dominated over the past 5-10 years has more to do with the winning records, as opposed to your 33K stadium.

BSU is ONLY 3 wins shy of

BSU is ONLY 3 wins shy of tying Miami's all time consecutive regular season home wins record. 4 to OWN THAT RECORD.

Uh, Did I say top 15? How about TOP 5.

Comparing apples to oranges

I'm fairly confident Miami, in it's heyday, was playing a much tougher schedule (and conference) than BSU has in the past 5-10 years. Now, stick any of those consistent Top 10 football programs in the WAC, and they would have likely achieved the same success as BSU has of late. Put BSU in a real football conference, and that record goes bye bye. My guess is starting in 2011 in the MWC.

Yes, records are records, but let's please not put that argument up against the University of Miami. Until you actually win a NC, no point in even breathing the same air.


Someone like you needs to read what Andy Staples of said about the Bronco schedule. You know, the guy who you vandals praised for writing an article ripping Bob Kustra?
Actually Ill just give it to ya cus you wont really go read it. By the way he has Boise State at #2.

"Here's a prediction I know will come true: Most of the complaints I'll receive about this poll will point to this particular slot. The power-conference apologists will whine that Boise State would lose three games if it had to slog through a tough conference slate. Maybe, but those people always fail to realize that if Boise State played in the Big 12 or Pac-10, it would have Big 12 or Pac-10 players instead of the collection of two- and three-star recruits that Coach Chris Petersen and his staff have turned into stars. The argument falls flat after that. Here's a better idea: Want us to stop talking about Boise State? When your favorite power-conference program plays the Broncos, it better beat them. Virginia Tech gets the next shot on Labor Day."

The fact that Andy Staples has BSU at #2 ....

just goes to show that it's possible to be critical of BSU without having a grudge against BSU.

Props to Andy Staples for appropriately calling out BSU/Kustra and then not allowing that to impact his rankings. That's true professionalism!


Please state your reasons for your "guess" re BSU and MWC, you know, "record goes bye bye". BSU is 13-1 vs MWC and 7-1 vs their "elite 3" since inception. Plus the last 2 years and this years BSU Teams are argueably our best ever. So your guess must not be based on any facts at all. If so, please validate and verify. Kind of sounds like it's more of a Vandal Wish List item rather than any kind of intelligent "guess".


conference v. conference records are for the most part, 1 game per season wins. Only twice, since 1999, has BSU played 2 MWC conference schools in the same season. You might as well go on and say since you beat Oregon 2 years in a row, you'd run the table on the Pac 10. Of course, that's what I read all day long on most of these BSU fan posts and reason why some folks think the fan base's heads are so inflated, with unrealistic opinions.

All of us educated, college football fans know, the chance of BSU running the tables on the MWC, year after year, like they've done in the WAC, are slim to none. Just ain't gonna happen!

Your 13-1 and 7-1 statement is true, but we're not talking a weekly MWC schedule and that's where most folks, Vandal or not, will shoot holes in your argument. 2011 will open a lot of folks eyes and if by chance, BSU runs the table in their first year, more power to em'. However, I am looking forward to them playing TCU @ TCU, none of this neutral field crap...

So....What happened to your apples and oranges?

You just said that, but yet you now want to use a MWC/Ore/Pac10 example? Laughable. Can you or can you not compare apples and oranges, or only when it suits your case? Again, laugable.

Your entitled to your opinion, but an educated college football fan may want to consider this:

BSU has owned the MWC in head to head play.

WAC recruiting is not even close to what we are getting since we beat the MWC's BEST in a BCS Bowl AND since the announcement we were going there was made. Much better recruiting and it's just getting started.

And... what makes you think NMSt. UTSt, UNLV, SD St, is any better than what we've been playing? Of course, they don't have a Vandal comparable, I'll grant you that........

Wish list

Thats great wiz. I cant get some of these guys bitterness. talks about this very issue today among their two bloggers. It was a great piece. They said the better the Broncos get the more haters they will have as well.

Borbo, you're arguments might mean something if you didnt have the utmost contempt for anything Bronco. vandies are so funny. They say we cant go undefeated in the MWC like the WAC, then say if we do its because its a weak non BCS conference. Whatever makes you cats sleep at night I guess.


nobody is whining, how come the lack of intelligent response to my last post? Are you one of the bloated fans who thinks the recent 2-0 success against Oregon means BSU would play in the Rose Bowl year and year out? Kind of sounds like it. I know it irritates the lot of you, to have bloggers on here who don't dress head to toe in blue and orange. WSU alum, so I have nothing positive to write about...other than the fact we're 2-0 against BSU.

Guess if the Cougs were in the WAC, per the argument, they'd be running the table all day long...


You are joking right? Run what table? The last time the Cougs beat the Broncos was in 2001. I wonder what has changed this last decade? I'd be ashamed of what is going on up there. Good job, alum. Maybe instead of bagging on anything blue and orange you should start wearing those WSU colors and get something done for you're program. Or are you one of those bloggers who likes to just sit and complain about other programs? Its probably just enough for you see that WSU flag waving on Saturday mornings during Game Day.

Most of us on here try and stay as unbiased as a fan can. We love the Broncos and feel the need to defend them. Most of the time its just against ignorant comments like you post borbo. Like I said, if you were insightful and/or funny you might get less bias from the likes of us. Maybe read vandalsrulebjc posts. Or VNDL. Guys who actually get how to trade real barbs, borbo.

Re: Cougs

Yep. we lost to the Cougs in 2000 and 01.
Even though we're 2-0 vs Oregon, we're 4-5 overall vs the Pac-10, this decade.

On a side note, I was listening to the Colin Cowherd show this morning on ESPN and they he talking about BSU vs VaTech and Colin says that he thinks BSU is going to blow VT away and that the game will be over after the 1st qrt.

Do you think he's right, or do you think the game will be tougher for us?


My honest way either team blows out either team. Virginia Tech is loaded with 2 awesome running backs and a dangerous QB. They are also known for their Special Teams and Defense. The Broncos have a cool calm QB and some dangerous weapons as well and has strengthened their defense. If theirs an edge I love the way our coaching staff prepares, but its not like Beamer and Co. are less than equal. The line should be zero. I would say it comes down to turnovers, crowd decibels first quarter and what shoulder chip, if any, the Broncos bring with them to DC.

Yep, I agree

I watched VT vs Ga Tech on ESPN Classic over the weekend and got a good look at VT, and I agree, it's going to be a fantastic game that will probably come down to turnovers and/or special teams


Here's me prediction:

Qtr1 Qtr2 Qtr3 Qtr4
7 10 14 7 38 BSU
14 10 3 7 34 VT

Did he really say that?!!

I dont like that. I want BSU to be the underdog. Is he being coy? I would love to see BSU blow out VT.... nothing would make me happier. And I think it COULD happen. BUT I am a little too nervous to go out and say that it will or should happen. I think it will be close. The 4th quarter always worries me when we play bigger stronger faster teams...

Yep, he really said that

Evidently Cowherd doesn't think that VT matches us all that well against us. I guess he knows that when it comes to big games....we bring it and bring it strong.

I agree with you. I think it's going to be close

I usually listen to the herd

I missed it this morning but cant believe he said that. Weird. Guess you are right kid, maybe he thinks BSU is going to bring it. But so is Tech.


can start by trying to keep a coaching staff together......

I think you need to stop washing her underwear...


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Come on...our coffee's iced at McDonald's only.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Maybe you can get Tiger Woods to get you stadium rehab.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


It's a great deal to be sure. There were a couple hundread seats available for games, but they were all singles scattered around. Upping the capacity will allow more season ticket holders and perhaps even a decent gameday walkup for casual fans.
I hope it's enclosing the south and horseshoeing the north.


I like the concept. I am changing it to Donkshoeing.

dumb dumbs

Maybe if BJC used that money on academics rather than entertaining trailer trash fans they wouldn't be such a joke of a school.

Bob Kustra and Bronco Nation

Thank you for the comments.

sandiego619 is from the nattering nabobs of negativity club

BSU has been a 4-year college since 1965, and is both the largest and fastest-growing institution of higher education in the state of Idaho. 19,000 students plus 201 degrees in 190 fields of study. In fact, since your bitterness knows no bounds, I'd suggest that you start posting to as opposed to this one. BTW, take your elitist academic delusions of grandeur, and shove 'em between your jock strap clad cheeks.

The fact is that

Any money raised in a stadium expansion fund drive probably could not be used for academics. While I strongly doubt it, as a life-long Idahoan, I have a hunch that there is some obscure clause in Idaho law that would prohibit such a funding use transfer.

Besides the small stadium, I have a hunch that BSU's home win loss record, combined by their track record of simply refusing to lose at home is also scaring top programs (Texas, Oklahoma, USC, etc) away.

BTW sandiego619: I am a BSU alumna and I am most definitely NOT trailer trash, nor are 99+% of the fans (unlike a certain university to the north.)


your hunch is partly correct, but my guess is it's simply money. For the same reason BSU does not want to keep the home and home with Idaho, exact same thing BSU has been complaining about for years with the upper echelon programs. However, I don't think Texas or Alabama shutter in their Nike's, when it comes to playing BSU, or even the thought of it. Until it makes sense, dollar wise, nobody like a Texas, Alabama, or Florida are going to make the trip west. Just not worth the time, effort, or chance to get beat early, if any of those teams have an off day...

Time will tell.

Off day...

Are you suggesting BSU beat Ore x2, Okla, TCU b/c thay had an "off day"? Or are you incenuating BSU could only beat "one of those teams" if thay had an "off day"?

sandiego619 Stay classy....

you are aware that the more money you plug into the football program the more money the football program will bring to the university for academics right? or do you have no real world experience.... Must be one of those UI educated people that think it isn't a good idea to invest in a program that can bring in millions more than you put into it.



It's still the bowl of Babel...


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Look Folks

TCU is moving to the Big Ten so the MWC which is weak because of UTAH leaving will only be weaker. It's funny how the MWC selected BSU only after knowing that UTAH was going to leave. I know UTAH left after BSU joined; however, the MWC knew UTAH was going to leave. BSU is a joke of a school academically, even their own football players have admitted to this fact.

I must have missed those stories.....

Please post links...

1) TCU is going to the Big10

2) MWC knew in andvance and Utah announced leaving prior to BSU's invitation and acceptance.

Thanks in advance