Boise State Sports Illustrated sells out in Idaho; more copies to arrive in Boise on Thursday

ImageGood news for all of you who couldn't find copies of Sports Illustrated with Boise State on the cover at your favorite shopping place.

According to Sports Illustrated, 10,000 copies of the magazine have been sold in Idaho.

Just got this release from Sports Illustrated:

Sports Illustrated College Football Preview Issue Featuring Boise State Broncos On Regional Cover Sells Out Statewide; 30,000 Additional Copies Will Arrive in Boise on Thursday

New York, NY (August 16, 2010) - Thirty thousand additional copies of the Sports Illustrated College Football Preview Issue (8/16/10) featuring the Boise State University Broncos on the cover will be on sale in Boise on Thursday, fulfilling the demand for the issue that has sold out in the area. Ranked No. 3 in SI’s Top 25, the regional cover features Broncos safety Jeron Johnson, cornerback Brandyn Thompson and defensive end Ryan Winterswyk. Additional copies will be sent to Boise retailers including Walmart, Albertsons, Hastings Books, Barnes & Noble, Fred Meyer and the Boise State University bookstore.

• • •

And, if you've been meaning to buy season tickets for Boise State, it's not too late, either. Boise State is hosting a season-ticket open house Thursday.

Here's the release from the Broncos:


A football season ticket open house is scheduled for this Thursday (Aug. 19) at Bronco Stadium for anyone interested in season ticket options for the upcoming 2010 Boise State football season. The event runs from 11am-7pm.

All current open seats in Bronco Stadium will be marked, so fans can actually go sit in the seats and get a first hand look at the view they'll see on game day. The tickets can then be immediately purchased at the Athletic Ticket Office, which will be open throughout the open house.

Anyone wanting to attend please go to the athletic ticket office located on the west side of Bronco Stadium where Boise State athletic staff will answer any questions. Fans can then enter into the stadium to look at prospective seats.

For information on season tickets, the athletic ticket office number is 426-4737.

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Hey Murph

Any chance in finding out how the BSU issue did vs. the other SI covers? (sales wise)

Isn't there an SI Curse?


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Question for you Donks

Are you Donks satisfied with your place kicker Bratzman (sp?)?. This cat missed one vs TCU, the bowl you lost by a single point. He also missed one last Fiesta Bowl vs TCI, and that extra 3 cushion loomed huge. I know he has trouble from the left hash and he missed on the other day from the middle. Is there anyone pushing him for his job?

Not this year,

Brotz is our kicker, and I'm OK with that (you forget the number of great punts). Next year we have a couple of guys that have looked good in spring.

I'm sure you know this, but

I'm sure you know this, but thought I would point it out in case you did not. You always referring to BSU fans as donks is a little out of date, I understand you are slow, so have let it go for a long time, but maybe you should really try to come up with something new, this is really making you look a little foolish. The over use of name calling is better left to those still in grade school, just a thought.
But I guess using the same old name, one you did not even make up makes you feel a little better about your self, go a head with it, maybe it will help get you through the upcoming season.
As for the sell out in north Idaho, there are many people there that have to say they hate BSU, but do cheer for them and collect their stuff, just so no one can see them.
I have plenty of friends in the north, spend plenty of time there for great out door activates, and know plenty of Idaho grads that have BSU things, and cheer for them all but one game a year.

A Little Foolish?

You made a huge fool of yourself in the other thread. I know many of those fans too. I am not one of them.

Yeah the roll out

rugby punts are cool. And inside 45 yard I actually feel very good about the game in Brotz hands. I'll let it ride on Brotz.
On another note. How in the world did this SI cover sell out in the north? Are they using them for one of their Neo-Nazi burnings, or are they just heating the Kibbie Dome with them this winter?

Simple P2.....

there were only 3 copies up there.....


but who bought the three copies.

Hout's family

May be the only fans north of Riggins, but there's one family...

Tell me about it

I once got a ticket for going 28 in 25 in one of those small passing through towns. After the officer handed me the ticket I asked if my Bronco license plate gave me away. All he did was smile.

Don't generalize

Please. Up north is a pretty broad statement. There is a group of people up here that actually went to school at Boise State. Remember people from all over the state choose Boise State for their education. Its bad enough, the harassment we get from some people in our own towns, we don’t need to have you stereo typing us too. Remember its Bronco Nation not Bronco Southern Idaho.

And to Vandalsrulebjc: if you are going to bash on a player do it right. Brotzman missed two field goals in the Fiesta Bowl. Keep in mind he has a lot of really good games under his belt as well. He's better than anything the Vandals have. I'm glad he is on the team and he's an Idaho kid.

I did not bash Brotzman, Jmiles

I asked if fans were satisfied with him and if he had competition. I pointed out 2 facts, one of which you corrected. I do not see that as bashing.

wrong again

wrong again


If you say so dude, a question with facts is bashing?

By the way, since I'm slow, please do tell me what activates up here are? Or, did you mean activities? And, if I was bashing, why did Donks answer the question in legit fashion? The post has been there for days. Maybe I am not the slow one.


Hey I just realized, I’m a DonkRodent. Go Beavs! Go Broncs! (and no, I don’t want to discuss Sept 25 until after Sept 6).


You hoping for a tie??


A tie? I just hope the Beavers aren't embarrassed again. Wait... no talk on Sept 25 for about 19 more days.

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