Punt-return job is up for grabs; Blount says Hout told media 'half the truth'

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

One of the highest-profile jobs up for grabs during fall camp for the Boise State football team is punt returner.

The candidates include wide receivers Titus Young, Chris Potter and Mitch Burroughs and cornerback Jerrell Gavins.

Young is the most intriguing because of his playmaking ability, but he also will be used in the pass game, in the run game and as a kickoff returner.

“Titus is going to be asked to carry a big burden for us,” special teams coach Jeff Choate said. “That kickoff return thing, that takes a lot out of a guy. Maybe what’s best for us is to find another specialist that can do that that we feel good about. But the best guy is going to play.”

The Broncos have had success in the punt-return game with some less-explosive players. Safety Marty Tadman averaged 11.4 yards per return in 2007 .

“We used to joke,” Choate said, “ ‘Block for a touchdown and he’ll get us 30 yards every time.’ But you can turn the field in 30 yards.”

Tadman also provided versatility because of his athletic ability. For instance, he could throw a lateral.

Potter, a former high school quarterback, would fit that mold.

“I’ve always loved punt return,” Potter said. “People always thought I was weird. I’m scared to death of kickoff return but punt return, I’m perfectly normal. … Any time I get in there, I want to prove I can do it.”


The Broncos practiced in the Caven-Williams Sports Complex again Thursday morning — and it was even stickier than Wednesday. By watering the field, turning on the heat and keeping the doors closed, coaches created a hot, humid atmosphere for the second straight day.

“It’s like playing in a sauna,” fullback Dan Paul said.


LeGarrette Blount told a radio station that Boise State’s Byron Hout said more than he admitted to in a press conference last week. Hout told reporters he said, ‘How ‘bout that (blank)-whuppin’.’ ”

Here’s a partial transcript of Blount’s interview:

“That was half the truth, but that’s not the whole thing. I’m not going to repeat what else he said. That was just a hostile environment there with the fans and the players. (Host: Did he say something personally offensive to you or about you?) Definitely. I’ve had people talking trash to me my whole career of football. Something like that is never going to trigger me to do what I did. Nothing like that is going to trigger me to act the way that I did – by saying ‘How about that ass-whuppin?’ He definitely said something way more harsh and disrespectful to me than what he said.”

You can find the interview here.


Here are a couple more spots on my AP Top 25 ballot. The poll will be released Aug. 21:

9. Oregon — Losing Jeremiah Masoli hurts, but the Ducks have a ton of talent and a nasty offense.

10. Oklahoma — The Sooners’ season was decimated by injuries last year. Hard to believe they won’t be back in the Top 10 this year.

11. USC
12. Miami
13. Nebraska
14. Wisconsin
15. Georgia Tech
16. Pittsburgh
17. Penn State
18. Oregon State
19. Florida State
20. Arkansas
21. Utah
22. North Carolina
23. Stanford
24. LSU
25. Cincinnati


us what he said LG...I mean if it was so harsh you little whiner


Big man talking behind a keyboard. He is not a whiner if he is telling the truth. And a lie needs to be made public with the truth. If Hout was telling a half truth to make himself look better and put Blount in a worse light, Blount would need to speak up. Shut the F### up!

Then again

What if Hout IS telling the truth, and Blount is trying to make himself look better? Besides, there were enough Ducks around that they would have heard Hout say something naughty. Since NOBODY spoke up, including Blount until 11 months after the fact, then we can only conclude that nothing vicious was said.

Hey RMSanford

Good post, right on!

TOP 25



This cat said before that he didnt even hear what Hout said just that he was mad Hout hit him on the shoulder pad. LGB is a lying lunatic who will be out of the NFL by next year.


Now that he's not concerned about being indefinitely suspended he's making excuses for his actions. Way to go Kelly! You definitely taught him a lesson, right?

We could all read Hout's words on the replays and he definitely said what he was quoted as saying last week.

It's great that Blount got some playing time back and now he's the same little cry baby victim he was acting like after the game.

Perhaps he is confused with some of the fans in the stands that were taking the vulgarity to the next level.

Blount gets multiple disciplinary actions taken against him...

by the ducks coaching staff, and now he wants to play the innocent victim. There's a shocker ! It's always somebody else's fault, right Mr. Blount?


but I'm not buying it.......

You can read Hout's lips

from start to finish in the recordings of the incident...Hout said exactly what he claimed, nothing more, nothing less. There is empirical evidence on this one. Blount is lying through his teeth to justify his actions.


Of course we all know none of this had to do with all the hype that Oregon and Blount got coming into the season as well as Bronco Stadium.

Hmmmmmm you would think maybe he was just a weeeeee bit frustrated with the Bronco defense that day! Afterall his talk of being a Hiesman canidate ended that evening and went more to the focus of what a thug he truly was!

Blount is a baby

Dude, you wreaked havoc and had to be escorted off of the field. All because someone said something to you? And, we know what he said. You do not have the ability to be a football player until you learn to respect the game and leave it at that.


People who have a history of acting out violently do so because they think a certain way. You don't change that over night unless you have had some kind of religious experience. It takes something on the order of the finger of God touching you on the head to make that big of a change quickly. The "blaming others" thing is still working inside Blount's head. He was torqued about his own inability plus his team's poor performance. Maybe he had some kind of a problem with one of the coaches too. It kind of sounded like he did. You don't have to be a shrink to understand that guy. Just listen to how he talks. People who always blame the other guy do not like to take responsibility and continue to behave in the same old ways. Ordinary self correcting people see this. They deal with it in their own lives daily. It is a foreign language to blamers.

Loosing Masoli Is No Big Deal

If you recall, it was the Duck's freshman QB Darron Thomas who came in in the fourth quarter that brought the Ducks' back from oblivion in the 2008 game. If it wasn't for his 19 points we would have beaten them by at least 37-13. Masoli was an OK QB, but nothing special. He had good legs but that is about all. He was all hype. He only had a couple of serious games. Otherwise he was just so so. No big loss for the Ducks.


Masoli was a mediocre passer but he had ice water in his veins (see Arizona game last year) and was a very effective runner. He did make the wrong reads a lot of times on the option, including unfortunately against BSU and Ohio State, but he was a gamer and very durable.

Darron Thomas versus BSU was impressive, but he did lock on his receivers badly. That's forgivable because he was a true freshman who didn't know the playbook and had almost no time with the 1s, but a lot of the reason he looked so good was lousy play by a defense that didn't have to even try to defend the pass for most of the game.

Regarding Blount, the only person who knows for sure what Hout said is Hout. It could be he said something that most Idahoans would find innocuous but a poor kid from North Florida would find highly offensive (even something as simple as a "boy" at the end of his comment). Even if something like that was said, I don't personally think it's likely that Hout intended it in a racial manner. The fans are another story, however...

The whole story just needs to die already and the morons running the PDX sports show shouldn't have tried to bait him into commenting. By all accounts Blount has been extremely impressive in camp and is a legit threat to back up Chris Johnson as a rookie, so he should definitely be focusing on that. Hout also has better things to focus on and talk about.

Hout was asked about it

and he responded in an honest matter. Duck fans are so lame. You lost TWICE and still think up all the excuses you can. I dont consider Blount a poor kid from Florida. Hes a loser and a bad football player at that. He has size and speed which is the ONLY reason hes being looked at. How many yards did he have against Boise St. last year? Chip Kelly runs a joke of a program that many fans once respected. His free willy style is going to bite the Ducks big time and you Duck fans supporting him will be calling for his head.

You seem

a little slow.

1 - I proffered no "excuses" in my post.

2 - Congratulations on not giving a rip about Blount's background, but you're kidding yourself if you think it hasn't shaped how he would interpret certain comments (again, I personally don't think Hout himself intended anything along those lines).

3 - Wow, Blount will earn an NFL paycheck because of his size and speed? Really? You are certainly one sharp tack!

4 - Blount's performance versus BSU was lousy because the OL got owned and there were no holes for him to run through. Kudos to BSU's defensive front.

5 - I could care less if you don't like Chip Kelly or Oregon. I happen to think he's a good fit for the job and will largely run a clean program - not the cleanest ever, but certainly nothing like Kiffen, Weasel, Meyer, Miles, etc. BSU, by the way, has its share of problems too (remind me again how Petersen suspended the guy who got in a barfight and broke somebody's jaw?). You do have a mighty nice glass house, though.

He got suspended 3 games

And time will tell if Robinson learned his lesson. Its obvious to all that Blount a year later has not learned any life lessons. Still trying to blame others. And whos to say he will earn an NFL paycheck? Are you the front office for the Titans? Just because you are in camp doesnt mean youll make the roster.

Who said I didnt like Chip Kelly and that I cared that you cared? If I was a Duck I wouldnt say jack about offseason problems and bar fights. You guys have loads of problems. Even kickers are takn beatings.

Read some of the reports on him

He'll easily make the active roster barring injury. His coaches have also complimented him on his work ethic and attitude, so he may have learned something from his suspension after all.

Oregon did have issues this offseason. So did Oregon State. So did BSU. So did UCLA, etc., etc., etc. It happens, and a fan of any program is kidding themselves if they think they're immune to it.

If Blount

sticks with the Titans and is the backup to CJ Ill eat crow.

He'll stick

either as the backup or a situational back.

I/m Not a Blount Fan..

But I agree. They didn't let L White go for nothing and Fisher likes power football.


You guys are going at it.

Here's an idea. Just call in "41" to settle it. After all, he is always setting people straight and is "in the know"..

Disclaimer: This post in no way belittles the poster know as "41", just a statement of fact based in posts by "41".


will side with blount
1 beacuse that is what he smokes and
2 Because anytime he can jump on the idea of BSU fans being racist he will.....

I won't side with Blount, nor will I side with Hout/BSU

Blount and Hout were both in the wrong that night and I think that it was a pretty stupid idea for BSU athletic department and the local sports media here, to allow something that was dead and buried, to climb out of the grave and dance around in front of everyone and, especially so as the team in preparing for what might be considered to be one of the biggest game in school history, if not the biggest game in school history.

Maybe you should....

complain to the Statesman about it...Like everything else...

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to belittle the poster know as "41", amongst other things,. It is merely a suggestion referencing a statement of fact.


yes, I registered a complaint in regards to the account of BrcnoKid for attempting to impersonate me and I flagged some of his posts. If you are not using multiple accounts and haven't registered as BrocnoKid, why do you care?

And the other beef...

and your call to action b/c a "group of bad apples" is devalueing the Statesman blogs?
Talk about short term memory loss...
You whine about so much you can't remember...

Re: "group of bad apples"

Do you actually believe that by you having an issue with another posters and the fact that by you carrying out a personal agenda against someone you despise, is somehow, in some weird way, not a devaluation of these blogs?

FYI: I don't "whine"..I state opinions and when I do, you and your ilk whine about it

41= PWND

kid really and I mean this, why do you let it get you so bad? Just rise above it my friend.

Re: "rise above it"

P2- I am. I'm trying to rise above it. I'm trying to put an end to the onslaught of petty attacks that you and your buddies find so amusing. You guys are showing that you have no respect for the civility of these boards or other posters.

You ask why I allow your petty diatribes get to me, but instead of asking me that, why not ask yourself why the opinions that I express here on these boards, bothers you so much. I know that you're just going to keep on keep'n on and it's pointless for me to even suggest to you that you transcend the BS and start acting like a mature adult.

Try acting the way you woudl if you and I were sitting at a bar talking about all of this stuff. I'm 100% positive you'd be completely different than you are online

Again kid

I am the same offline, I would talk this way to your face. That is probably why I don't drink.... imagine the trouble my mouth would get me into without any inhibition!!!
You are confusing something important here kid.
You expressing your opinions does not equal you not taking heat for your opinions or your personality.

As an aside but I think could apply here. Many feel that they have "rights" without "responsibilities" these days, you have the right to post whatever you wish but you are responsible for how that comes across. After (and I say this with some embarrassment) over a year of talking to you online I think I have you pegged pretty well.

I think many of these posters are the same offline as well, Tfunk, wisdom and VNDL have all done the fruity thing and met, heck some even golf together, I'll bet the conversation is the same. FO is incoherent online and I am pretty sure I would have no idea what he was talking about offline as well. And You, well we probably never would like each other, but that is the difference between you and me 41, I dont care....

you are a liar

I knew you would claim that you'd act the same face to face, but you and I both know that you wouldn't. A) it's not human nature and b) because you're a punk

Yanno, it really blows my mind that you'd say:

"Many feel that they have "rights" without "responsibilities" these days, you have the right to post whatever you wish but you are responsible for how that comes across"

really? "I" am responsible for how "you" react when I express my opinions?

Really? Seriously? Dude, this board doesn't belong to you. It belongs to the Statesman and nobody has a "right" to post here. We're allowed to post here. It's a privilege, or it should be and, the Statesman could step in and revoke/suspend any one of our accounts at any time and it's getting to the point to where I think it would be quite appropriate for them to purge a few users, including myself if it improves the overall quality of these blogs. Yeah, i could just ignore you guys and let you have your fun, but it's gotten to the point to where I can't post anything without being personally attacked, which does nothing but ruin any real legitimate football related posts. Go ahread and blame me for not being able to passively take your relentless abuse

As far as "responsibilities" are concerned, well, those are laid out in bold print to the left of the webpage. They state:

"We encourage lively, open debate but ask that you remain on topic. Comments that are profane, personal attacks or otherwise inappropriate are subject to removal"

Those my friend, are what "your" responsibilities are. You're just fortunate that the Statesman doesn't enforce anything.

right, you are!

what play do think the broncos run first against V tech on offense? I think it will be to kirby because everyone expects a long pass to TY or AP.

I think well see a draw on the 1st play

Ok the bait worked 41

Of course I would claim I am the same offline! what would my other option be. "Hey kid you are right, I'm a coward". or keep letting you ask me out. again, IT ISN'T SMART TO MEET PEOPLE ONLINE! But I'm pretty sure if we met, I would n=be an A hole to your face and you would whine and cry. Its who we are....
The fact is who cares if you or anyone else thinks I am a coward, gay or strait, man or woman, bronco or vandal.... think what you want, my day goes on because I have a life.....
Man grade school musta been h.ell on you!

what do you need bait for?

Why not just be a mature adult and talk about football? After all, this is what the blog is all about.
I read some stat somewhere that suggested that over 85% of people interact differently online than they do in real social settings, so I don't know how you'd act in public, but I'm pretty sure that we'd probably have a good football discussion even though we'd disagree on a majority of points.
As a 6'0 255lbs, ex-athelete, I seldomly have any issues with people out in public and as a matter of fact, I've never had any issue with anyone online until I started posting here. I'm just trying to squash it because it's detracting from what I log on here for. If you log on here to "bait" people into reacting to you, then so be it, I'll just try to avoid engaging with you. Hopefully that isn't the case, but I guess we'll see

I have asked why it's bothersome.

It's bothersome that you LIE. You continually denied you are a Vandal fan and you continually stated that YOU NEVER said you were. Yet a reproduced QUOTE from you verified you were wrong. Yet you ignore rebuttals like that and then move to something else. So much for credibility on your part. So much for believing any of what you say when proof like that turns up.

I never denied that I was a Vandal fan, furthermore

I've done nothing but be civil towards Idaho and their fans and I've stood up for them time and time again and I myself have done nothing but say that I root for Idaho and feel that other Bronco fans should do the same.

I have been raked over the coals for making a stand against kool-aid gulping anti-Idaho Bronco fans like yourself and then you have the audacity to say that I'm a liar and that I've continually denied to be a Vandal fan?

Show me that quote AND any surrounding quotes that might indicate that what you cherry picked was taken out of it's original context

ok this is funny

"Show me that quote AND any surrounding quotes that might indicate that what you cherry picked was taken out of it's original context"

"I never denied that I was a Vandal fan, furthermore
Submitted by TheBroncoKid on Fri, 08/13/2010 - 4:25pm.
I've done nothing but be civil towards Idaho and their fans and I've stood up for them time and time again and I myself have done nothing but say that I root for Idaho and feel that other Bronco fans should do the same."

I provided the quote from the post you DEMANDED the quote from..... hahahahah
Kid as much as you bang on Bronco fans, I have never heard you bang on anyone else? is it only bronco fans that drink kool aide? tell me kid, as a sports fan which teams do you root against?

Here You Are 41......

"Yep, I wrote that and I've never tried to distance myself from the things I write. I have never deviated from my claim to be a Bronco fan that roots for the Vandals and I stand by it now, but as far as me supposedly saying that I was a "Vandal" well, I never claimed to be one and I challenge you to show where I may have."

Here you deny......


Really.... that's what you came up with? Seriously? First of all, a real Bronco fan wouldn't ever dare of using anything relative to #41 in any derogatory manner whatsoever, which you guys did and continue to do. You think you're clever in your lame attempt to say that you're honoring me by insulting me with it, whatever dude, Even though I'm a Bronco AND a Vandal fan, I'm more of a Bronco fan than you'll ever be.

Here you affirm...

You asked for quotes, you got em....

A Vandal is a student or alumni of the U of I. Likewise....

A Bronco is a student or alumni of BSU. Ya following me?

Ok, A "fan" is a person who roots for/supports an athletic team. still following?

As such I am NOT a "Vandal". I am "Bronco"

The quote of mine that you pulled which states:" I'm a Bronco AND a Vandal fan"

What I'm saying is that I'm a "Bronco" AND and Vandal "fan"

Not exactly sure what your beef is in calling me a liar but hopefully, you have a better understanding of where I stand

Wrong again..It never stops....

I have no personal agenda against you, I don't know you. I know your posts and most stink. Your posts are self centered, conceited, higher than though, and more..I am not the only one that thinks this.

Just like now. You say you don't whine..you state opinions. Contacting SM admin is not whining? Asking Chad on the forum to do something about it is not whining? Calling on the SM to set tighter rules and enforce them is not whining?

With your every post, you dig a deeper hole....

Re: "I know your posts and most stink"

So be it. Why not leave it at that. Serioulsy dude, think about it for a moment. Doesn't it take a "self centered, conceited, higher than tho" person to try and put someone in their place? seriously dude, get a clue!

As far as you not being the only one who has issues with me, well, who cares if your golf buddies pile on with you?

All I can say to that is that if you and I, or any of your buddies and myself were sitting at a bar and having a discussion about Bronco football, one on one, I can just about guarantee that the things spewing from your fingers say, would not be spewing from your mouth. This isn't a threat in the least, what it is, is a matter of fact.

Serioulsy dude, You asked me if I thought that by me asking Chad to do something about it, wasn't whining? well, my response to that would be that I didn't take any sort of action against "you". I merely asked that Chadd block the access of someone who was impersonating me. Furthermore, the Statesman does state " To register a complaint about another user's conduct, please send an e-mail to onlinenews@idahostatesman.com" I never did that. Not once. Ever!

Anyway, why are you so bothered that I'm bothered for being impersonated?

I'm pretty sure if we were at a bar

it would be less civil than this. I'll wager you have never gotten into trouble with your mouth. the thing is kid, and I'll speak for some others here. we ARE man enough to have opinions and stand by them. Because we think we are right. the mere fact that you don't get that only bolsters the argument that while you bash the bley online you would have a brown nose to his face. Kid that just makes us lose more respect for you. That really is what you do. And you assume others are the same coward you are... that is a dangerous assumption.

man enough to spout off online...

but not man enough to meet up offline? Whatever dude. All I know is that if we were to meet up at a bar or a tailgate, I know for a fact that you wouldn't be calling me all the things that you call me online. I know this to be true, because people aren't typically a-holes to others when they're face to face. So go ahead and continue your online tough guy act because that's all it is..it's an act. I only wish that you'd drop it and be they type of person you are when your not online because I'm sure that if you did that, our football back and forths would be much more enjoyable

I am bothered because

the first thing you did was point fingers at 5 of us posters with no proof whatsoever. Then VNDL provides proof you did this yourself and you ignore it.

I CHALLENGE YOU TO GOT TO THAT POST AND offer proof he is wrong. DO THIS on TheBroncoKid logon. If not, I'll accept VNDL as correct and YOU STFU about it. It pizzes me that you falsely accuse others yet when proof otherwise is posted you ignore it.

You are INSANE

VNDL proved nothing except how much of a fool you are.

I don't know who it was and yes, I accused you, just as you're accusing me, so get over yourself and, if you want to challenge someone, step up to the plate and publicly challenege the Idaho Statesman to look into who it was and expose the person and request that they boot them and that should settle this once and for all.

How does that sound to you?


You do not refute VNDL's post, even thought the time line points fingers directly at you?

Yes..his post is BS

and the time line doesn't mean squat. I take it that you have no interest whatsoever in taking my challenge and urging the statesman to find out who it really was.