Byron Hout says punch stemmed from 'emotions running high;' three players are absent from fall camp

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State junior linebacker Byron Hout addressed the media Friday for the first time since his infamous confrontation with Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount at the end of last year’s season opener.

Hout, who showed good humor when talking about the incident, even revealed what he said before Blount leveled him with a punch. (Here is video of the press conference.)

“ ‘How ‘bout that (blank)-whuppin’,’ ” Hout said. “That’s what I said.”

The comment was a reference to Blount’s comment in Sports Illustrated that the Ducks owed Boise State a butt-whuppin’.

“The whole incident was emotion,” Hout said. “Emotions were running high from the game and I think that just carried over to the whole incident. I kind of learned that you can’t let emotions do that anymore. You have to be in control of your emotions. A great football player is in control of his emotions out there. You can’t just be out there running wild.”

Other highlights from Hout:

— On the incident following him: “It’s always going to be a shadow, I guess, in my career — a dark point. But I just try to learn from it. Everything happens for a reason and that happened to teach me and hopefully a lot of other players that you can’t let your emotions get out of control. … My kids are going to see it. It’s going to be something I’m going to have to explain to them.”

— On strangers bringing up the incident: “When you meet someone new, it’s, ‘Oh, you’re that guy.’ I have to retell the story over and over again and say the same thing over and over again. I’ve kind of got it rehearsed now.”

— He gained 20 pounds when he switched from defensive end to linebacker. He has now lost that weight to play middle linebacker. “It’s great to be back at linebacker,” he said.

— On this season: “I just want to get out there and hopefully make some plays and look forward to each game and hopefully not be known for anything like that ever again.”


In case you missed it, Boise State is No. 5 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll. Here is my blog post on that.


Boise State only has six scholarship newcomers. Three recruits are grayshirting — wide receiver Troy Ware, tight end Holden Huff and defensive lineman Tyler Horn. Linebacker Darren Lee is on a mission.

Meanwhile, senior linebacker Daron Mackey, freshman tailback Malcolm Johnson and freshman linebacker John Michael Davis aren’t in camp.

Mackey is suspended for fall camp. He was arrested last month and he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of driving without a valid license, failure to maintain insurance and failure to appear for a court hearing. Mackey also is recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament. “If things go how they need to in terms of taking care of things, he may be back when we start school,” coach Chris Petersen said.

Johnson is “working on some academic things,” Petersen said. He was suspended for the Fiesta Bowl trip. His return date is unknown.

Davis is “dealing with some personal things,” Petersen said. His return date also is unknown. As recently as Thursday, defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski said he expected Davis to make an impact this fall.

On the injury front, offensive lineman Matt Slater (back), offensive lineman Garett Pendergast (ankle) and tailback Matt Kaiserman (ankle) are sidelined.


Boise State opened fall camp Friday morning with a practice in helmets only. The Broncos add shoulder pads Sunday and go to full pads Tuesday, part of an NCAA-mandated break-in period.

Newcomers and some younger players worked out for about 40 minutes before the veterans joined in. Coaches spread the playing time around generously, but a few players did stand out — most notably cornerback Jamar Taylor, who was named coach Chris Petersen’s camper
of the day. Taylor provided tight coverage several times.

Quarterback Kellen Moore and tailback D.J. Harper also looked good. Harper’s first run, for a big gain up the middle, was greeted with a chorus of “He’s back!” comments from the defense. Harper practiced for the first time since tearing an anterior cruciate ligament last year at Fresno State.


Also on the field Friday — sophomore wide receiver Kirby Moore. Moore’s freshman season was dominated by foot problems. He was injured during summer conditioning and the screw that repaired the problem broke during the season. He had another surgery after the Fiesta Bowl and missed spring ball.

“I haven’t had any pain in my foot,” he said. “It’s kind of been the first time in a while that that hasn’t been something on my mind 24/7.”


The Associated Press Top 25 is scheduled for release Aug. 21. I am a voter and am unveiling my ballot a piece or two at a time. Here’s today’s update:

20. Arkansas — Quarterback Ryan Mallett has expectations high for the Hogs, but they’re in a loaded division.

21. Utah — It would be a shock if the Mountain West didn’t have two Top 25 teams. The Utes are considered the second-best team in that league.


22. North Carolina
23. Stanford
24. LSU
25. Cincinnati

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Gonna be a tuff one to explain to the kiddies. Wish you luck there. Good luck also on the coming season, looking forward to watching you.

Hout and Blount

I'd love to see these 2 team up in 'The Amazing Race'. Seems like both young men have moved on from this ugly moment and are trying to focus on what's most important. Hout seems like a terrific kid - hope this season is a good one. And even though odds aren't great - I hope Blount continues to grow, get control of his demons and surround himself with good people.


reality TV much?
How about investing some time in your own relationships instead of thinking that these two should be teamed up in a scripted show.... Get a life.

Bless you

oh arbiter of how one should spend his/her life. We can only dream of someday living up to your example. Thanks for the tip.

I was wrong...

I felt Hout would be instructed to not talk about it.
Glad both have moved on.
Looks like Blount is at home with the Titans...they let White go in part to make room for him..

Not racial

It had beeb speculated by those with axes to grind that Hout had been racial, yet the pervailing sentiment was just as Hout said it was. Nice to have that cleared up and off Hout's shoulders, being a rascist that is.

Great to have football back, NFL starts Sunday. WAHOO

People who scream everything

People who scream everything is racial are idiots. The term has been so overused that it really lacks the impact it once did - thanks to people who think every disagreement is about race.


you can always think he said more then just that but one thing we do know. Hout dropped like a sack of potatos. 1 month til fedex field!

Pretty sure 99% of people

Pretty sure 99% of people would too if they got blindsided by one of Blount's meaty hooks.

You know now it was asked for and at least Blount was faithful.

careful about what you ask for...


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


thanks for proving that there is always some idiot ready to call racism even when there isnt any even when the truth comes out......

I was right!

When the Hout-Blount incident came out, I told people to read Byron's lips. I said the last words you can see were "***-whooping", then came the fist. AND, I WAS RIGHT! NEVER doubt me again!

Yet, some stupid people insisted it was racially charged.

Wow, congrats...

That's some great detective work, super sleuth.

Do you want a medal or maybe just a gold star?


You can start by kissing my ***.

No, my point is that fools all over were saying he was racial in his comments, yet the facts were plain to see on the replays. Racists don't care about facts, tho. Then, we find out exactly what he said? Hm, I was right.


It was easy to see what he said and also a true detective would have thought it would be in reference to the statement Blount made to SI the month earlier. Think I talked about this on an earlier blog. Being an Idaho kid myself I think I would've said the same thing. I bet during fall practices in the locker room BSU had Blounts statement up all over to give the BSU boys something to drive them. I know when my high school went to state a player on the other team made a statement like that to the media and we used that as a war cry, so to say. Hout was just being a typical kid.

You would be amazed

or shocked at how few people came to the obvious conclusion. Even sportscasters were saying "not sure what he said"...seriously? It ain't that ****ing hard! Oh well, there is no cure for stupid...except closing Van-DUH-l University.


No cure for stupid-made me laugh good one, never gets old.

I already said careful :-p


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


Move on for pete's sakes!

Those of us who can read lips

Those of us who can read lips have known since it happened, thanks to the endless replays, EXACTLY what he said. And what he said is exactly what he reported today.

He was immature to have said it and it cost him. Blount's reaction cost him even more. They have both learned from it - maybe OTHER PEOPLE should do the same and move on.

Good lesson here

(To be spoken in ebonics) "If yo gonna talk smack, yo gonna get smacked!" Seriously, why would you taunt someone and then quickly turn around to walk away?

You would turn away if

your coach, who saw what just happened, and was trying to intervene before it escalated, was just a moment too late, and although he got Hout's attention, unfortunately he contributed to Hout getting blindsided.


Way to go dude------------------------

i'm just glad he got beat

i'm just glad he got beat down like the little BJC bi*ch he is!!



Hukt on fonix wurk four yu?

It's "definitely".


A Donk spelling board monitor. It's common to correct spelling and grammar when you struggle makin a point. Charge on Donk!!

I can handle the occasional typo

But, to do it twice? That's just ignorant. He must be a U of I alum.


I would suggest that, to stereotype or characterize any persons level of intelligence or their affiliation with any institution of higher learning, on a blog comment is just plain ignorant.
Now I know how most people with a lick of common sense would respond so the only question is "How are YOU going to respond?"

This coming from an anti-Bronco moron like you?

Talk about hypocritical. You bash Boise State all the time, then accuse ME of stereotyping someone based upon their institution of higher learning? You are nothing but a double-talking turd. Typical jealous Van-DUH-l fan. You are the last person to be writing about ignorance.

BTW, my "lick of common sense" says I shouldn't have a battle of wits with an unarmed man. But, you make the fight so easy.


Yes, I am a die hard Vandal. Yes, I bash Donks. ON A FOOTBALL BLOG. And I never correct spelling or grammar.
Yeah, bring your knife to a gun fight.

Junkman hit a nerve did it Sanford? Kids in school chide you on that one too? Get in some scraps over it?


I just acknowledge you're a hypocritical tool. All your posts are pure emotion, no intelligence.

BTW, I only get razzed about my name on blogs, and you are just the second person. The first was a delusional Oregon Ducks fan. It never bothered me. But, it's not very original. Try something new. Perhaps if you'd gone to a real school instead of Bovine Breeding University, you'd be able to think of something truly witty.

Well Keep Posting Your Intelligence.

Have any more stuff like the BJC Defense shut down Nevada? Keep it coming Junkman.

Friday night and 8:30. Party Time!

You are just still mad.

Because I exposed your lack of football knowledge re BJC "shutting down" Nevada. Get over it. You have endless opportunities to display your football ignorance. You evidenced it yet again today.

Let's evaluate this

The #1 rushing offense (4347 yds, 362.3 y/g, 7.6 y/rush, 48 TDs) gets a mere 242 yds, 5.5 y/r, 1 TD?

As I said before, without that 71 yd run by Taua, Nevada gets only 171 yds, 3.9 y/r, and 0 TDs. Yet, you don't think they were "shut down"? You are delusional. Two of Nevada's TDs came in the final 2 minutes of both the 2nd & 4th Quarter. Do you honestly think a defense is trying really hard? No, they are just trying to get into the locker room, especially that bitterly cold, wet night (ya, I was there).

My "lack of football knowledge" still slaps the h*ll out of you. The only reason Nevada had the rushing stats they had was due to the amount of times they ran the ball. Even that Navy-Wake Forest game proved that. Navyw didn't throw A SINGLE PASS all game, and had great rushing stats (they had 64 rushes, averaging 5.3 y/r). You do something enough times, you'll make progress. But, it wasn't their averages. So, YES, Boise State shut them down.

BY Your Logic Junkman

We can throw out Kellen Moores 3 Int's. He completes the season with ZERO piks and wins the H Trophy in New York!! Delusional to say "without that 1 run" If, etc. The run happened it counts.

Delusional to say the D wasn't "trying too hard" to just "get to the locker room". Football players don't lay down. The scores happened they count.

One Last Time. 20 1st downs, 385 Yards. 33 points, and winning Time of Posession is not a shut down.

Has it ocurred to you that Nev got down 20 to zip to start the game? And then 27-3? Of course they are going to have to throw more, thus less rushing. If anything, the DONK Offense dictated what Nev had to do, not the D shut them down. Moron.

Massaging stats in an attempt to make your point is delusional.

Definitely? What ARE you going to do, Shirley?


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

See VNDL.....

Hence my point from earlier posts...



"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Bad Padre.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Donkey Punch!

'Nuff said.


His mistake was not kicking Hout when the punk went down.

Classy vandals

Obsessive over the Broncos again huh? You guys can hide out here if you want to. We will leave the closet door closed for ya'll.

Stupid post - not cool.

I gotta admit - not cool. I do not advocate any player of any team ever kicking any other player of any other team when they are down. Ever.

I like vandalsrulebjc's banter when he actually talks about games and game statistics and such - keeps the Broncos honest and on their toes. But to advocate injuring Broncos or any other players, outside the rules of the play of the violent game of football on the field, is just plain wrong.

boise state is no. 5

and the losers are nervous. zedest & vandalsrule should get a room.

vandal class

Wishing that a young college kid to be kicked while he is on the ground and calling him a punk shows the kind of vandal class kustra was talking about

right on the money

vandalsruleaboisejuniorhigh is a little itch. he'll disappear after boise state destroys the vandals again this year and surface with an equally flattering identity. he's a clever one.


Really? Kicking him when he was down after a sucker punch? In an end of world scenerio or survival scenerio, sure. But at a game? You are F'd up and have lost what no credibility you had.


I am guessing he never actually played college ball for the Vandals. If he had, he would never have said such a thing.

It is one thing to have fun with trash talk, and quite another to cross the line into the dark zone of idiotic comments and unwarranted mean spirits. He crossed it as far as I can tell.

Go Vandals


Teeth in the Calf, Dang..Too Deep Again!!

I dunno bout that. You'd be amazed by what happens in those piles of sweat and flesh. Biting, gouging, kicking, KNutt grabbin, If you played, then you know. Sucker punch...NOOOO... been my experience you see it coming...vice versa...