Boise State's Chris Petersen makes contact with Emil Smith's family

By Brian Murphy

Boise State football coach Chris Petersen said Friday that he contacted the father of football recruit Emil Smith, who died last month in a car accident in California.

"I talked to Emil's father today and it was awesome. It was a really good conversation," Petersen said.

The case drew national attention after Boise State said it was unable to contact Smith's family because of NCAA rules. The NCAA later said Boise State would have been granted an immediate waiver had it asked for one. Boise State said there was confusion about the timing about getting a waiver, but that it would ask for one now.

Petersen said he hopes Smith's family will come to Boise sometime during this season. Emil Smith visited Boise State for a camp this summer without his family.

"We just felt like he was our kind of guy," Petersen said. "A tremendous athlete without question, but it was his spirit that kind of attracted us."

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Whos surprised?

Coach Petersen is all class and it sounds like Emils family is full of grace after the NCAA debacle. I hope they come up to Boise for a game.

Silly Rule...

It has no purpose and it can make either party look bad with the "blame game"...I am glad it is resolved. The bigger issue is a family is dealing with a tragic loss. Hopeufully they can make it to a game this year. I am sure I speak for all BSU fans, and football fans in general, whe I say it would be a privilege and and honor to host his family in Boise. May God bless him family.


I think that Coach Pete has class, and he is an 'awsome' football teacher and mentor...but I don't think that describing a phone conversation with grieving parents as 'awsome' was a very smooth move. Maybe I'm just looking to much into this, but 'awsome', hmmm...just goes to show that there are JOs like me out there to comment on everything superstars say to the media. Still love ya though, Coach...and GO BRONCOS!!-BB


Yes. You are " just looking to much into this".
Awesome does not mean that is is all great and happy. It means that it instills awe in you. It makes a deep impression on you, and apparently this conversation did just that for Coach Pete.
'Awesome' has become very much misused and cheapened though, much like 'love', and I can see your point in that regard.

Awe some

To further what Thor said. Perhaps it really was awesome. As in leaving one with awe. Perhaps the way his parents have a positive disposition following the tragic death of their son. Or perhaps they showed much gratitude because Coach Petersen called and gave his condolences. Awesome doesn't always mean excellent and exciting.

I hope Emil's family will be able to come to a Bronco game......

so our community and Bronco fans will be able to convey our respect and heartfelt sympathy to them in a uniquely personal way.

The case drew national attention?

Yep, and thanks to Mark May for bringing attention to it!