Sullivan says Crapo wants economy to tank until after election

Idaho Democratic Senate nominee Tom Sullivan says Republican Sen. Mike Crapo is "putting his political fortunes ahead of rebuilding the country's economy" and cites the GOP's blocking of a small business jobs bill in the Senate.

Crapo's campaign manager, Jake Ball, said Sullivan's complaint is "hollow rhetoric" and said Crapo's backing of small business is "rock solid," including his opposition to tax increases and expanded regulation.
“This is Washington thinking at it’s worst,” Sullivan said in a news release.  “Mike Crapo and his cohort of terminally entrenched incumbents have calculated that their best political strategy is to impede economic recovery.  If his party were in power and stood to benefit from helping small businesses, he would never dream of standing in the way of job creation.  The worse the economy gets, the better it plays politically for Mike Crapo, and he’s not going to lift a finger to fix this until after November.”

Ball's reply:

"Mike Crapo's record with small business issues is rock solid. He consistently votes for lower taxes, less regulation and more opportunity for businesses and individuals. Crapo’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate was recently endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business in which NFIB Vice President Lisa Goeas stated Crapo’s 'election is not only critical for the small business owners in Idaho, but also to protecting free enterprise across America.'

"Idaho business owners know that Crapo walks the talk when it comes to actively reducing barriers to business growth. Right now, Crapo is a co-sponsor of legislation to repeal a new burdensome paperwork requirement facing small businesses, which Senator Reid did not allow to come to a vote because he blocked all amendments. Attacks on Crapo’s record on encouraging free enterprise are nothing but hollow rhetoric."

The small business jobs bill supported by Sullivan and Senate Democrats would cut capital gains taxes expands health insurance deductions, and increases loans to small businesses.
“Mike Crapo and his merry band of Washington incumbents are guilty of fraud,” added Sullivan. “He campaigns for tax cuts in Idaho and then votes against small business tax cuts when in Washington.  He campaigns for helping small businesses in Idaho but votes against increasing access to capital for small business loan programs when in Washington.  He says he wants jobs in Idaho but votes against jobs when in Washington. We might be able to solve this whole problem by moving the capitol to Boise, but failing that, we need a Senator who will put his country’s well-being above his political fortunes.”

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Oh, Come Now...

You sure he just didn't extort lunch money from your sister in grade school?



"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

McClatchy doesn't even shield its bias anymore.

Are you available to conduct PR for private firms?

When is it biased...

to report the statements of the candidates? The accuracy of the Democratic candidate only adds to the story.

Are you PRIVATE if you need PR?


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


You're serious aren't you? You're too funny.

More is less

I can't believe anyone takes seriously anything the Republics say about how to fix the economy. We are living with the results of eight years of Republic rule. All Crapo and the rest of the Republics have to offer is tax cuts, more forgein entanglement, less regulation, and more intrusive government into our private lives (see gay marriage and prohibition). It's obvious the Reublics are willing to obstruct, obstruct, obstruct any and all measures to fix the mess they created. If you don't have any different ideas at least get out of the way. The Republic party has no vision, just a distorted memory of a country that never was.

If you tell it often enough...

I believe it was Joseph Goebbles who made the observation that "If you tell a lie often enough, a majority of the people will believe it." The GOP has been laying it on pretty thick for a number of decades now and we are living with the results. Crapo says he supports small business interests, but if you really look at his voting record, and his financial backers, he supports big business. NFIB is nothing but another propaganda wing of the multi-nationals that recruits gullible small businesses to join their ranks with a whole raft of lies about how they are serving their interests while in fact they advocate greater consolidation in all areas of the economy and the extinction of the independant businesses that are left. If you are not yet a corporate slave you might want to consider voting for someone other than Master's Step N Fetch It Crapo.