Boise State 'on pace' to match last year's season-ticket sales

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

Boise State is “on pace” to match last year’s total for football season-ticket sales, ticket manager Anita Guerricabeitia said Thursday.

Boise State has processed 20,669 season tickets, including leases in the Stueckle Sky Center, she said. Some additional sales still need to be entered into the system, Guerricabeitia said.

Boise State still has nearly two months until its home opener, Sept. 25 against Oregon State.

The school sold 21,782 season tickets last year, down 2.7 percent from the record sales in 2008.

“Date to date, we’re about dead even (with last year),” Guerricabeitia said. “We’re on pace to meet last year’s numbers.”

Season tickets remain available throughout the stadium, including family plans, Guerricabeitia said.

She suggests anyone set on attending the Oregon State game buy season tickets because she doesn’t expect many, if any, tickets to be available when individual-game tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Sept. 15. Oregon State has 1,800 tickets for the game, Boise State students get 5,000 and season-ticket holders are given the first opportunity to buy what’s left.

“It’s highly unlikely the Oregon State game will make it (to Sept. 15),” she said.

Here’s info on season tickets.

Boise State has sold about 7,000 tickets to the season opener against Virginia Tech in Landover, Md. That’s the most tickets the Broncos have sold to an out-of-town game other than the two Fiesta Bowls and perhaps a Nevada game, Guerricabeitia said. The Broncos usually sell a few thousand tickets for out-of-town bowls other than the Fiesta, she said.

Tickets to the rest of the Broncos’ road games are on sale through the ticket office. The Nevada, Wyoming and Idaho games have drawn strong interest, Guerricabeitia said.


The Boise State-Virginia Tech game will air on ESPN 3D. The new network plans to show approximately 13 college football games this season, including the BCS National Championship Game. ESPN 3D is available on DirecTV.


Oregon has been picked to win the Pac-10 this year by league media members. Oregon State was third, behind USC.


I've seen reports that WAC commissioner Karl Benson was taking a shot at Boise State when he said he didn't think the Mountain West had a chance of getting an at-large berth in the BCS in 2012 and 2013. That's not a fair representation of what he said.

His point was that the Mountain West would have had a shot with Utah and Boise State — and he doesn't think the league has a strong enough case with only one of them. He was not saying, as some have inferred, that the Mountain West had a better case with Utah than with Boise State.

Transportation at FedEx field

Hey bronco fans, I've started planning my trip to DC, and I'm wondering if anyone has information on transit away from the stadium that night. Based on the Metro schedules, the last train on the nearby blue line heads inbound at 11:20 pm, which will likely be cutting it close for people leaving the game. Also, most of the hotels within walking distance are sold out already. I'm waiting on a response from DC Metro regarding whether service will be extended on Labor Day reply yet. Are we screwed?

long shot

maybe you could get enough BSU fans in a hotel to charter a bus. 7,000 tickets sold so far at Boise.

Cant Wait!

Cant Wait! I am in the east but will be going to the game fortunately. @ spottedmankee , from my past experience being in DC, i would recommend staying in maryland and away from DC for two reasons.1. DC is ridiculous when it comes to traffic!(imagine Fairview & Eagle ×6) 2 .DC is expensive exspecially if you want a decent hotel. Anyway im looking forward too seing some piece of home and my bronconation friends!

Step it up Boise State fans...

C'mon. This is another reason why big programs can't take us seriously - we can't even sell out our season tickets. We're going to be a Top 5 team. Some believe we have a chance to go for the National Championship. We argue that Boise State has had the best football team during the last decade. AND we can't sell out season tickets? Why? Because the games are on TV? So are all the other big teams. Dip into your tight purses, support the team, and buy season tickets. Let's show people that we can be a college football town.

Don't sweat it.

I think its safe to say that Bronco Nation has just gotten a little uninterested with the WAC schedule. I'd be willing to bet the first year in the Mountain West should sell out just about every BSU game. We wanted new and better competition and its comin around the corner baby!