Idaho football coach Robb Akey: 'The challenge is out there to outdo what last year's team did'

By Brian Murphy

SALT LAKE CITY — Idaho football coach Robb Akey entertained (as usual) during his annual meeting with the Western Athletic Conference media, cracking one-liners and bringing enthusiasm to the sometimes-droll meetings.

Idaho went 8-5 last season (4-4 in the WAC) and won a thrilling Humanitarian Bowl against Bowling Green.

“The challenge is out there to outdo what last year’s team did,” Akey said he has told his team.

Idaho was picked fourth by the media and sixth by the coaches in preseason voting announced Monday by the WAC.

Last year, Akey said, all of the outside pundits predicted Idaho to finish near the bottom of the league. This year, those predictions are more mixed, he said.

“Hey, the Vandals have come back around,” he said. “We’ve got to prove it. Let’s go prove it. We need to keep that chip on our shoulder and show that we’re not just a one-shot wonder kind of team.”

In order to do that, the Vandals will have to improve defensively. Idaho allowed 36 points per game last year. The Vandals return 10 starters from last year’s defense. With improved depth across the unit, Akey said he saw a change in the defense’s demeanor during spring practice.

“I saw the defense develop a bit of confidence and swagger,” Akey said.

Here are some further highlights from Akey’s meeting with the media:

— "The publicity we received from that (Humanitarian Bowl) game has been priceless. When was the last time you saw the University of Idaho be the lead story on SportsCenter? And for two days that went on — and (ex-Vandal and ESPN analyst) Mark Schlereth did a great job of keeping it alive for us."

— Akey says Boise State rivalry should continue and should be home and home, like many such rivalries around the country. "It will come down to the two universities and maybe the governor saying, 'Hey, this is an important game that needs to be played and needs to be played home and home or not at all."

— On Boise State leaving: "I think they're just trying to get away from us. They saw the Vandals getting better. 'We better go to the Mountain West before they get too good.' "

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"I think they're just trying to get away from us. They saw the Vandals getting better. 'We better go to the Mountain West before they get too good.' "

BSU left partly because of the Vandals, but not because they are afraid. It's because they are so bad! Stir the pot Snakey boy!


He was joking, syncster.

-- murph


You look eerily like Paul Giamatti in that profile photo.

The Vandal defense will improve some, but I think the offense takes a step back given what they lose on the OL. I would peg them at something like .500 or so this year. Considering the difficulty of their schedule, .500 is not good.

.500 is a great record if you are a vandal fan.

Just sayin...

Their defense may be a little better, but I can't see their offense improving with the loss of their o-line and their best tailback. Enderle is going to be kissing the turf a lot due to the lack of an o-line and his lack of mobility.

I think Akey brings to the Vandals

what they've needed for a long time. He's very enthusiastic, has a great sense of humor, (such as in his last two sentences), and has weeded out the majority of the bad apples. His attitude is always very positive and he keeps the team pumped up. I'm a BSU alum, but it's nice to see the Vandals making strides, and I personally feel it's because of Akey....Sunny...

Akey and His Sense of Humor

you almost need to have a great sense of humor and be a little sarcastic if you're the head coach of the Vandals. If you take that job too seriously you'll go mad sooner rather than later.


Besides being very funny, your comment was also very true....Sunny...

It's obvious......

.........that Akey has been drinking again.

Akey IS a joke!

Besides having a big mouth and no team to back up his "braying", he's in for a big shock if he thinks his Vandulls will rule the WAC after BSU leaves! Nevada and Fresno might have something to say about that! But the national interest in the WAC will definitely take a hit with BSU gone! I'd almost bet money ESPN will drop all but a very few WAC games!

Go Big Orange, Go Big Blue,

Go Big Orange, Go Big Blue, I'll bet my Pizza Delivery Tip Money on BSU.

The 'shed' is a joke.

RT @IDS_BroncoBeat: Boise State's Chris Petersen on playing in Moscow: "Why would we? I don't think our fans even like to go up there."
Because of damage to vehicles, and a no class drunkin fan base full of sore losers.


Yup, but dont let thebroncokid know about that. He thinks it happens everywhere. Besides, he and other vandals are all off crying because if Coach Pete says no to a "home and home" with the vandies, than its not happening. Something us Bronco fans have been saying for the last month. Praise be we dont have to travel up there again after this year and play in that junkyard.

all I said was vehicles get broken into/vandalized @ BSU too

I was just trying to inject some common sense into the debate as it happens here 24/7 365 days a year with the crimes on and around campus spiking during football season, so who ya gonna blame those crimes on, Bronco Nation?

For what it's worth, I doubt that hardly any of the "fans" complaining about going to Moscow, have ever been to a game in Fresno!

After reading....

how 'thebroncokid' picked his name, I stopped reading his posts. Funny name choice for a candle fan.


When he first arrived he was all Bronco fan who worked for BSU and said he had insider info. He tried to remain unbiased and we cracked him as a vandal who likes both teams.

that was a joke ...

sorry to burst your bubble but I don't drive a Ford Bronco!

I'm a Bronco fan, first and foremost but unlike you and some others who frequent this site, I'm not fanatical about it. You're a fanatic, which is defined as a person motivated by irrational enthusiasm and who displays excessive intolerance of opposing views, contrary ideas or opinions.

Proudly so

Thanks kid, you nailed it.

proud that you're as irrational and intolerant as you are?

not sure why I'm surprised

How do you know he's HERE, Jean Paul Sarte?


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.


Sorry Akeys - Rob, Mrs. Rob, Jack and Daniel.....

There is no way that the 'rivalry' (used loosely in this case) should continue as a home and home affair. They HAVE to come down here if they want to play the game every or every other year. Boise State has EARNED that much. Our program has outgrown the 'rivalry'and our baby brother program to the North and BSU has no incentive to keep it going other than for the sake of sheer tradition. (Not enough in my opinion.)

We will play you (when we can sneak you in) but ONLY on the Blue. Sorry - that is how the cards have fallen with our level of success and your level of demise over the past 10-15 years.


You haven't even beat the streak yet, donk. Colorado is a BCS school, and still plays CSU every year home and home. BYU and Utah both play home and home with Utah State. I really don't give a crap if it is every year, but it has to be home and home. Playing only in Boise is the most arrogant piece of crap I've heard in a long time. You couldn't even sell out your home games last year for an undefeated season.

Unfortunately CtDMonet

Your examples are poor ones. The CU/CSU series has not been played in Ft. Collins since 1996. And although the football histories of Idaho and Utah State are becoming eerily similar, but the BYU/USU series is played @ BYU each year and the USU/Utah will be taking the next 2 years off, expect maybe one more game to be played at USU.

As for BSU not selling out, again poor example; Idaho had it's best season in over a decade and they drew home crowds like 8,532 (Utah State), 10,321 (San Diego State).

I would like to see the game continue as well, but the reality is, it makes absolutely no-sense financially for either program to continue a home/home.

and unfortunately B43S4U....

You do realize that it doesn't make financial sense for any of the big time programs to do home & home contracts with BSU because of our middle of nowhere location and inadequate facilities, correct?
Anyway, There's only two Division I FBS programs in the state of Idaho, so it's not as if BSU is going to lose any national respect for putting 50+ points on the scoreboard against their in-state rival, as opposed to say, traveling halfway across the country to put up 50+ points on the Tulsa's and Toledo's of the FBS. Besides, BSU pnly leads the series by 4 games (21-17-1) so statistically speaking, the BSU-Idaho rivalry is a competitive one

kid, are you

advocating BSU play a home-and-home series with Idaho moving forward? That was the question at hand. And again your examples don't play, Tulsa has 35K+ seats and averaged more fans than Idaho has seats during a 5-7 year, Toledo with 26K+ did the same (also, I'm sure we won't see many MAC teams moving forward).

Statistically speaking the average score of the "rivalry" over the last 5 years is 55-22, the last 10 years is 51-18. The last "competitive" game between BSU and Idaho was over 10 years ago. But this really has nothing to do with competitive football, it's about money. And again, playing in Moscow makes absolutely no financial sense for either program.

Sorry kid

No doubt that BSU has had the upper hand and...

odds are, BSU will always and forever continue to have the upper hand over the Vandals, and yes, I do get that this has more to do with money than anything else, but if we stop playing Idaho because it's in not in the financial best interest of Boise State, then I call upon Bronco Nation to stop crying about the big boys of the BCS refusing to come here to play us when it not in "their" best financial interest to do so. We Bronco fans can't have it both ways and I guess that what I've been trying to communicate in regards to continuing the rivalry with Idaho.

To answer your question, no. I don't think that the rivarly needs to be a home and home series and I think that BSU has every right to demand that the game be held at Bronco Stadium if the series continues, I don't think it's "fair" but we're no longer in an era where "fairness" is a key component of college football and the BCS is a classic example of that, but I would prefer that BSU play Idaho continue playing.


Of course you do kid, you are a vandal. I call upon you once and for all to quit lying to all of us. You just blasted Kustra on another thread. You are no "unbiased fan of college football" You are a fraud and we've already exposed you. The big boys dont play us for different reasons than the reason we wont play the vandals. I've followed the Broncos and have gone to all home games for 33 years and Ive never met someone who pretends to be a Bronco just to always call them out. Its getting ridiculous.

So in your little mind ....

Being a Bronco is all about following the herd no matter what? Well, if so, Go ahead and keep on thinking the big boys wont play us for the same basic reasons that we don't want to play the Vandals, but take a closer look at what Kustra said.

"I guess (Idaho football) coach (Robb) Akey would argue that if he upsets Boise State, then that's a really big deal - but why is that to Boise State's advantage?"

Hmmm, well if you try to say that the big boys don't have that same attitude, then you my friend, are a big fat liar because the big boys do pretty much say those things and it's something along the lines of: "I guess Boise State would argue that if they upset us, then that's a really big deal - but why is that to "fill in the blank mega-BCS powerhouse's" advantage?"

Is Kustra saying that it wouldn't be a big deal for Idaho to beat us? Or is he just looking for any excuse to never ever lose to them, because it would be a HUGE deal if we goy knocked of by our lowly in-state rival who plays football in a facility that most programs would consider to be a lousey practice facility

Anyway, have you ever disagreed with what our current president has said? If so, then you're not really an american, so "once and for all quit lying to all of us".... "You are a fraud and we've already exposed you"...."Ive never met someone who pretends to be an American just to always call them out."

Does that look familiar? It should, bcause it contains a few of your own quotes. I did however, exchanged "bronco" for "american" to hopefully ill us trate how asinine you sound and, believe it or not, I can be a Bronco fan and not be obligated to agree with you, our coach, our AD, or our president and, that alone pretty much qualifies me for being an "unbiased fan of college football". I'm not a kool-aid drinker and you guys can't stand it.

FYI, I had to type the word "ill u strate" because the filter says that I must
remove the word l-u-s-t before your comment can be posted! It's no wonder this town is so upset over a few drunk college kids in a crappy little farm town calling us names during football games.


Sometimes you are supposed to follow the herd. you never do. If you think your point of view is so much better than others than no thanks. every vandie or duck who wanders on here says the same dribble you do. You have become the butt of jokes on these boards. At every turn you are wrong. I have been on vacation but I must admit that when I read Kustra's comments in the paper I immediately thought of you. He said what we all have been saying for years. Another case of someone smarter than you saying the opposite of the dribble that you spout.
Go broncos... Hey kid, please go to the Moscow game in your bronco gear this year...... then you will save the rest of us from your ridiculously pretentious posts.....


In the true sense of our mascot, Bronco's are untrained, untamed and unbroken and my postings are somewhat similar to those characteristics, as is my overall nature. I've always gone againt the grain and I don't follow the herd. Nevr have and I never will. As far as me supposedly thinking that my point of view is so much better than others, well, it sure is odd for you to think that when the weekly arguments we engage in are started by you and/or your little kool-aid gang informing me that my point of view is wrong and that your point of views are superior and theoretically indisputable. Furthermore, as far as me being the butt of jokes on these boards, well, that may be true but only within the tiny confines of your little immature kool-aid gang, but hey, whatever ...


I remember your "support" during the 13yr streak. I never had to buy a ticket to come to the game in Boise, I could always just buy one at the gate. Your quest for a harder division will be met by road games with TCU and BYU? Kuster pressuring Blaymeier to play more than one BCS team a year? I think playing a game in Moscow every couple years is the least of your worries. You should be thinking on how you're going to fill the stands when you lose a couple games a year and the only thing people remember about you is a couple trick plays and the color of your grass. That's not even unique anymore -- EWU could be the new colored field darlings, for all we know.


It must suck to be a vandal. So proud and so insecure all at the same time. You guys are becoming less relevant every day and it stings you guys so bad. As for playing you guys in Moscow, you are right; we are not too worried about it. When our classy coach says you are s-c-u-m, thats saying something.

Ct to you

It's Ct to you, Jlo. I didn't spend 8 years in evil Count school for nothing.

Actually, it is great to be a Vandal. We support our team through thick and thin. We're one of two sell outs you had last season -- you need us more than we need you.

Pete is the furthest from classy. He just doesn't say anything. That's not class, it's just a lack of wit or personality. At least with Hawkins you could see the barbs being exchanged, and the fun that was had with the rivalry. He may be a great x's and o's guy, but being a great speaker is not his forte. I'm sure he was just attempting humor, with the players don't want to play there line, but without proper timing and execution, he just sounds holier than thou. Of course his players don't want to play there, it's at their rival! duh?

Last I remember, none of the games have been played yet, which means that the 13 year streak is still intact. Why don't you wait until November 13th to start crying that the rivalry is dead. Just one small question, if the rivalry is dead, why are you trolling a Vandal article?


That, truly, is the funniest thing I've ever read on this blog. "you need us more than we need you".

WOW !!

In the State's best interest

An on-going home and home series is important to the State of Idaho for three reasons: First, this game provides an economic impact of both northern and southern Idaho. Next, the annual game provides an opportunity for fans of both schools to attend a game every other year. Finally, the game provides a forum for both UI and BSU to recruit athletes in both regions of the State.

EagleWing, you're a loser.

The rivalry should continue, but only as a home and home series. It's tradition (sorry if you're not into that, you loser) and important for each school and community. You talk like a California transplant who didn't know BSU before their first season in the top 20.

If BSU is 'above' those terms, then FU BSU. We don't need the Donkey show. There are plenty of other teams to play.

If some BSU fans don't like to travel to Moscow, then stay home and cry a river. BSU has some of the most dramatic, cry baby, candyass fans in college football.

Funny post

At least this vandal has some gumption. But you can beg and plead all you want, a home and home will never happen. Boise St. has no interest in going to Moscow to play anything. We dont owe you jack. Of course BSU is above you jokers. Duh! You guys cant crack the Top 80 of College Football and we are a perennial Top 10 team. Why would we need to agree to go to that garbage dome you call a stadium?

And FU BSU? Way classy Some_Guy. Its good to see fans take on the personality of their coach.

Not trolling

It started out as a WAC Conference update not the title it has now. And Ct, now dont be a hypocrite as Ive seen you for a few years on Bronco boards.

Second, the Broncos needing the vandals is laughable. How is that even a thought in that educated brain of yours? And 13 years? You are no better at math than you are reasoning. Ill always hate the vandies but that doesnt mean they rival anything the Broncos do. Its fun to hate on a team that thinks they actually matter. Whatever glory days you once had are over. The Palouse area isnt attracting top talent and wont again.

Its interesting you say Pete is "furthest from class" when the guy is all class. Its the only thing my vandal buddies and I agree on. And when did he say the players dont want to play there? You think the Boise St. players think Idaho is their rival? Thats rich! Did you get anything right in that last post or did you let you're emotions get the better of you?


I make no bones about trolling, I enjoy it. Most people who comment do have not a lick of common sense, and never check facts before throwing out their "San Diemas High School Rules" rants. It's like fish in a barrel. Speaking of which, - exactly how many years is 11/21/1981 -- until 11/19/1994. Ok, it's 2 days less than 13 years with no bsu victory.

I know Pete is a great coach, perhaps the best a scheming against personnel than anyone in college football today, but he has to be the worst public speaker that bsu has had as a coach (since before I can remember, and I'm old enough to bring up the streak). Public speaking only helps when you're not winning -- so we'll see how much he is loved if he drops the opener, or has a couple 9-3 seasons (with no home stadium bowl game). Let's just say that Pete is on par with Cable as a public speaker and leave it at that. It's all gravy with the undefeated WAC schedule, and FCS tune up games, but now you don't have the excuses you have used for years about your strength of schedule.

Sure we'll play them all in Boise, if you start paying like a BCS school. You can't afford that.


Well dang monet, I agree with you on something. A few 9-3 seasons I think would make some fans jump ship. Skip Hall wasnt the greatest PR man and Cable is just a big oaf. I know Pete and I think hes just very careful what he says in public and he doesnt quite understand the media is a needed evil. He doesnt want anything to be twisted and hates all the ticky tacky games they play.

College Football=Money, folks

There's no money for BSU in a U of I home game. Sorry if that doesn't work for you, but we live in a capitalistic society. It's not about tradition, it's about revenue. The state may have something to gain from the rivalry, but BSU does not.


I don't know about you, but I know Bronco fans are really looking forward to Toledo and Tulsa coming here. In fact, I'm sure that those 2 games will break BSU all-time attendance records!

BSU should start up a rivalry with Eastern Washington, where they have to come play on our Blue Turf, and we'd have to go play on their Red Turf.
Imagine us telling Vandals fans that we'd rather play on Red Turf than play in the Kibbie Dome!

I did I miss something,

did BSU re-up the home-and-home series with Tulsa and Toledo past the contracts signed years ago?

Try not to confuse the past with the present, or the present with the future, your arguments would make more sense.

BTW Eastern Washington out drew 2 Vandal home games and came close on 3 other occasions, so the comparison of UofI and EU is a good one.

Dont even argue with KID

He acts like hes playing devils advocate but all he wants to do is get into discussions about the vandals and um the vandals again. And again. He hates Coach Pete, AD Bley and Prez Kustra which means hes an "unbiased Bronco fan." Cant wait till the season starts and he goes away. Well, at least until vandal week and we hang 70 on them. But thats months away. Hes already promised not to come back till "late August".

Yep, you pegged me.....

Since when does diasagreeing with someone equate to hateing them? But go ahead and think in that little mind of yours that I "hate" Coach Pete, AD Bley and Prez Kustra simply because I think differently than they do.

Anyway, what makes me an "unbiased Bronco fan" is my ability to make up my own mind and unlike you and your ilk, for instance, I know that by beating TCU in the Fiesta Bowl, that we didn't really "mess with Texas" and claiming to do so, is like a kid dipping his little toe in the water and claiming to have swam in the deep end. You see, I don't buy into the hype. I know that the t-shirts and all that stuff are all in good fun and so is yelling at visiting teams, but god forbid that our fans get yelled at by students of a university that we've run the score up on for the better part of a decade. I understand why they don't like us, but to demand that they respect us, or that we'll go play some other more appreciative cupcake, well, that's just pathetic, and today, yes...I'm ashamed to be a Bronco fan.

I Remember.......

all the Vandal fans on this site talking major smack when BSU went to the Humi Bowl. That Bowl was garbage, a disgrace, an embarassment, on and on and on.

Tell me Vandal fans, was it the same classification when YOUR team went????

Vandal fans memory is about as long as their short dicks.

For the record..I was glad to see them go...and win,,,and I rooted for them...and had friends over for a Party..But their Fans?? 99.9% can kiss my hairy u know what.....


BSU is 3-1 in their H-Bowls and Idaho aong with Fresno, are both 2-0, so which specific H-bowl are you referring to?

lastly, I'm not even going to ask about what makes you an expert on male endowment, specifically Vandal endowment, or lack thereof but I'm guessing that it probably has something to do with your parties!

Dont be stupid KId...

I've been posting here for years...and the Vandys smack about H Bowls and BSU has went on about ALL of them If you've been around awhile, then YOU KNOW.

You need to figure out which hat you wear and quit switching them around. it Blue and Orange or is it Black and Mustard..oops..Gold???

I have a feeling it's Black and Mustard, (oops Gold) many other posters believe...

I'm stupid because I don't hold a grudge? ...whatever dude

Yanno, instead of spending your money on memberships, green fees, silly white boy pimp'n golf attire and lame looking fadoras, I suggest that you use that money for some decent therapy


What colors are your hat?

Grudge? It's not about a's about whats fair is fair. The Humi Bowl is LAME when BSU plays but NOT lame when vandals play. So Vandy the Humi Bowl lame or not?? Simple...

BSU has a much better football program than Idaho.....

so IS kinda lame when BSU plays in it compared to when Idaho plays in it and that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. If BSU is in it, that would indicate that they didn't have a stellar season, but when idaho makes it, it's an indication that they exceeded expectations

If you want to know if the H-bowl is lame or not, try listening to it's tv and radio ads. They say "You've gotta be tough to play here" but what they really mean is that you have to have a 6-6 record to play here! and now that it's changed sponsor names once again, it's kinda funny that teams fly here to play in the U-Drove Bowl.
Personally, I think it should be called the MACie WACie Blue Turf Bowl