Favorite beer story this year - the “Quitness”

When will we finally get those transporter machines from Star Trek working?

I really wanted to beam back to my hometown of Cleveland last weekend to have a pint or two of Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s “Quitness” Ale — a bitter IPA brewed in reference to Uber-traitor LeBron Modell. I mean LeGone James. Oh, I mean King Shames. (I’m here all week! Try the veal!)

Regular readers know that while I am a Boisean through and through, I am also a Cleveland expatriate who loves his C-Town sports teams and Great Lakes Brewing Co. This is also my favorite beer story of the year — and its my blog, so you folks get the whole backstory of the “Quitness.”

Like all Cleveland types and other people with good judgment, I am still reeling from the betrayal of super-coward LeBron, who, as well all know, is taking his “talent” for lying and being duplicitous, phony, and self-aggrandizing to South Beach, where he will join a bunch more mercenaries in a quest to win a cheap NBA title.

Does it sound like I am bitter about this? Perhaps. Do other Cavs fans feel the same way? Possibly.

What better way to deal with such crap than drink a few beers? How about a few bitter beers? Lets give some major props to the owners of Great Lakes Brewing Co., who decided to commemorate “The Decision” with a limited-edition IPA and call it the “Quitness” — a riff on Benedict LeBron’s “Witness” marketing campaign.

The fine folks at Great Lakes say the “Quitness — named for obvious reasons given the recent ‘Decision’, is a cask conditioned, dry hopped India Pale Ale that is as bitter as the mood of Cleveland these days!”

I just wish I could have tried some. That’s where one of those Star Trek teleporters would have come in really handy.

Great Lakes produced three firkins (about 1/3 of a keg each) and hoped to have it draft at the restaurant from Wednesday to Saturday last week. Well, those blew out in about three hours last Wednesday. Three more firkins were obliterated in an even shorter period of time on Saturday.

I have people on ground in Cleveland, including my oldest brother, who reports the “Quitness” was a total winner — bold, hoppy and delicious — unlike the chump it is named after.

“Our owners got together with the (brewmasters) and wanted to do something,” Great Lakes marketing manager Kami Marquardt said. “ We knew we had to make it bitter, to make it as hoppy as possible.

“We just didn’t anticipate how popular this would be ... we had no idea,” Marquardt said.

Marquardt says Great Lakes will not bottle the “Quitness” or make it part of their regular rotation of pub-only beers. It was kind of a one-time tribute, but the “Quitness” been so popular it may show back up at the pub when the Heat comes to Cleveland to play the Cavaliers later this winter, Marquardt said.

I was hopeful Great Lakes might take a cask or two to the Great American Beer Festival later this year in Denver but it has no plans for that, either. That’s a bummer.

Well, yeah that kinda sucks.

When is somebody going to make a Pilsner Faceplant other than the big guys?


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If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.