Idaho politics: Simpson sides with Arizona in immigration fight with feds (UPDATED, 3:30 p.m.)

UPDATED, 3:30 p.m., with comments from Minnick.

A state-by-state solution is not the "ultimate solution" to the immigration problem, says Rep. Mike Simpson.

Nonetheless, the Idaho Republican is siding with Arizona in its court battle with the U.S. Justice Department. He is writing a court brief siding with the state — and its strict immigration law.

“The Arizona situation is an example of what happens when the federal government fails to secure our borders or address illegal immigration,” Simpson said today.

Here is his full news release:

Congressman Mike Simpson has signed an amicus curiae, or “friend of the court” brief, in support of the state of Arizona, which has been sued by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). The suit challenges the state’s strict new immigration law, SB 1070, which helps law enforcement more effectively implement federal immigration laws.

“The federal government focus on coming up with real solutions to our nation’s immigration problems rather than suing states that have been forced into impossible positions because of the federal government’s inaction,” said Simpson. “The Arizona situation is an example of what happens when the federal government fails to secure our borders or address illegal immigration.”

The amicus brief contends that the DOJ is mistaken in claiming that Arizona law illegally conflicts with and preempts federal law. Instead, the brief states that Congress, not the executive branch, that has authority to prescribe immigration laws. It also identifies numerous statutes demonstrating that Congress has encouraged state immigration enforcement in the past, with the DOJ recognizing that right.

“While a state-by-state approach to border security or immigration enforcement is not the ultimate solution, Arizonans are the front line of our immigration emergency, and the federal government must show the American people that they are serious about solving the problem. This is a wakeup call.” Simpson added, “I also question the decision of the DOJ to sue Arizona while continuing to allow cities to declare themselves ‘sanctuary cities’ for illegal aliens in clear defiance of federal law.”

The U.S. District Court in Phoenix is likely to rule on this case before SB 1070 goes into effect at the end of the month.

Rep. Walt Minnick also has criticized the Justice Department lawsuit.

"The administration should spend energy and resources to solve the illegal immigration problem rather than to litigate against Arizona," Minnick, D-Idaho, told Idaho earlier this month. "This is yet another reminder of the need for our country to tackle the issue in a serious, sensible, bipartisan way."

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How much pandering...

does one need to do to retain office in Idaho?

He's used to retainers.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

See #s 5 & 7 & 1 ‎10. I

See #s 5 & 7 & 1
‎10. I voted Republican because I believe that the Rich including families making over $250,000 need big tax breaks so that they have more money to spend.
9. I voted Republican because I believe that Its OK to attack sovereign nations under false Pretenses.
8. I voted Republican because I know that Big Business will take care of ME before their bottomline and profits.
7. I voted Republican because I believe that everyone should be just like ME. That includes MY skin color and religion.
6. I voted Republican because I don't believe in government interference - Just when it suits me - like natural disasters, Oil leaks, paying for our Freeways, Military etc etc etc.
5. I voted Republican because I believe that even though Republicans had control of our Govt under Bush, Congress and the Supreme Court and did nothing about illegal aliens that its still the Democrats fault.
4. I voted Republican because I believe in the Big Bad "LIBERAL MEDIA" FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER (Created by Faux news)
3. I voted Republican because I don't know how to or have to use my Brain - Faux News and the Other big Corporations tell me how to think.
2. I voted Republican because I don't believe in science and actual facts.
1. I voted Republican because I LIKE SCREWING UP OUR COUNTRY! (Like Bush did but - but my short term memory made me already forget about that)

Please go back to California where you will fit in perfect.

Typical LWNJ.
1: You voted democrat because you are for social justice.
2: You voted democrat because you are for redistribution of wealth.
3: You voted democrat because you are for government funded abortions.
4: You voted democrat because you believe in raising the national debt to the point it is impossible to be payed off.
5: You voted democrat because you believe common sense and common decency are no match for an Ivy League education.
6: You voted democrat because you believe socialisim is superior to capitolisim.

I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.

Very typical rwingnut.

A rwingnut has no reasonable argument to refute sound, truthful facts.

And you offered a resonable argument yourself.

you have lost some graymatter my friend.

Reference the post to which you replied.


You honestly do not understand the post to which you replied?
Geez, why am I not surprised?


Have you given this anymore than a passing thought?


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

Simpson sides with Arizona


What a shock!

Way to go Idaho

I'm glad to see Idaho is finally backing Arizona on this. If it makes you feel better you can blame Bush because he did not do anything about illegal immigrants either. However that does not give Obama any excuse to ignore it. And to make things worse Obama is suing a state that is finally trying to enforce the law that the Federal government would rather ignore! It is very clear he cares more about future votes from illegal’s than he does for the security and welfare of the United States.

illegals can vote ?

Please explain how they vote and which program on Faux told you they did . Was it Beck ? LOL

Illegals can vote for the next flavor of Coffeemate.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

Way to go?

I too am frustrated that neither Bush or Obama have done anything regarding illegal immigration. However, supporting bad law is not something to cheer about. Why congratulate our leaders for setting the bar so low? So they can pat themselves on the back like they are doing more than taking up space? I would cheer them along loudly if they'd had the balls to actually create an immigration law that will actually accomplish something. The Arizona law will not do anything regarding border violence, it will violate the rights of many Americans, and will divide the country even further. Yes that sounds like something to cheer about.

Wrong on two counts

Dear Korp
You are wrong on three counts: 1. Arizona is not trying to enforce the laws that exist; it has created its own laws. Some (I am one of them) think that Arizona's law is racist and will lead to harrassment of anyone with a Hispanic background, legal or illegal, within the borders of the state. 2. How can Obama be caring about future votes from illegals when illegals cannot vote? They cannot register to vote and therefore cannot vote. 3. The Arizona law has little or nothing to do with security. The illegal workers come for jobs--jobs that most Americans won't do. Employers hire the illegals because they will work for low pay under bad conditions in jobs that Americans feel they are above. Most of the money they earn they send back to their families in Mexico and South America.

Oh Brother!!

1. Show me where Arizona made a law that did not already exist. Basically all they are saying is check ID's to make sure people have the proper paperwork to be in the country legally. (Just like checking our ID's when we are pulled over or any number of other things that we need to have ID for).

2. Obama can get these votes by getting the amnesty that he wants for all illegals. You make them legal and then you get there votes.

3. It has a lot to do with security, people crossing our borders without being checked is a huge security risk anyone with common sense could see that.

4. I don't believe people think that no one in the United States would do these jobs, how lazy do you really think we are. Your statement is an insult to our nation. However let’s just say you are right. There are legal ways for people from other nations to come and work in the U.S. (such as a work permit).

Have some of you even read the Arizona bill?

Why are you wasting your time with braindead arguments?

Isn't the rest of this crap good enough for you?


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

Couple of things.....

1.) Entering the country illegally is in fact a federal crime (start with "Title 8 Section 1325" of the US code and go from there).

2.)In a nutsh-ell "The law states that an officer engaged in a lawful stop, detention or arrest shall, when practicable, ask about a person's legal status when reasonable suspicion exists that the person is in the U.S. illegally.". How may I ask is this racist? (It should be noted that Obama is on-record supporting granting illegals valid "State" drivers licenses).

3.) You are correct about the illegal vote issue. But it is still a political issue non-the-less. In the 2008 primary, Obama took a large chunk of the Latino vote from Clinton after announcing, as part of his immigration overhaul, he would include "driver licenses" for illegals. (not a Clinton fan, but to her credit she refused to go that far).

4.) Jobs:
A.) I'm sure the close to one million Arizona US citizens out of work would take exception to your statement.
B.) I also send money to family members, but I pay both my state and federal taxes before doing so.

That should be enough.....

I voted Republican because I

I voted Republican because I believe Obama, with just one year in office, should be able to fix everything that Bush broke over two terms in office.

Gee, you are prescient!


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

Simpson says not the ultimate solution

then why submit a "friend of the Court" opinion in support of a inefffective state passed statute. Simpson is in Congress, he has a vote to move the Feds off center if he wants, why not Mike. In reality all this law does is authorize state and local law enforcement personnel to arrest and detain people they believe are illegal. Then they turn these people over to ICE, the Feds. AZ job is done and they can sit back and gloat over the job they did, which was really nothing because they can only arrest and detain until the feds take over. That is any kind of solution. NOT!!

Why should we have to solve Mexico's problems?

Mexico, a catholic nation, which doesn't believe in birth control should get over that archaic belief system and solve its own problems by implementing a one child policy like China. After all, Mexico's problems lie in the fact that its economy can't provide enough jobs relative to its out of control birth rate.

The good news is it that Mexico's birth rate is on the decline.

Source, 2007 article by a GWU Professor of Economics:

Having said that, I side with Arizona. It should not be the responsibility of the USA to find jobs for the unemployed of Mexico. We have enough problems of our own.

I'd like to remind everyone that Mexico's own immigration policy is harsher than ours. Normally, I don't side with the right wing but the following is a very well sourced article about the difficulties of immigrating to Mexico.

Maybe the drug gans are responsible and you grate cheese.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

Because the more you are given, the more you are requerid to do

for others. Why was it OK for Catholic Italians, Catholic Irish, Catholic Polish etc. to come to America for a better life, but its not OK for other Catholics as well?? When Mormon Dutch and Swedish immigrants came to Utah (in 1884 Utah was Mexican territory, check your facts please) and it was OK for them to come somewhere else to look for a better life for their families, but it's not OK for others anymore?? And the belief that everyone else before did it "legally" is a lie, even Abraham of old, the ultimate law obedient guy, had to lie at the border of Egypt, about his wife Sarah being her sister instead, so that the officers at the border would not give him trouble. How about Joseph and Mary running away for safety with their little Christ child and son, did they have the time and the money to wait and apply for a visa from Egypt??? All you anchor babies from Europe who now belittle the newest immigrants are all hypocrites and legalistic fanatics. Walk one mile in the shoes of an immigrant and you will change your views, or Karma will teach you the hard way some day that with the same stick you measure others you shall and will be measured also.

Excellent points.

Besides, with cops designated to carry out this law, what could possibly go wrong?

reasonable suspicion

Until anyone can describe, constitutionally, what "when reasonable suspicion exists that the person is in the U.S. illegally" means, I have to think Arizona's law is going to fail.


reasonable suspicion = brown skin w/ black hair resembling a person of typical Mexican descent.

Clarification of said law:
1. Look for older vehicles with Mexican flags stickers and fuzzy dice hanging from rear view mirror.
2. Check suspect's lunch bag for homemade corn tortillas, cilantro and refried beans.
3. Make note of housecleaning uniforms and construction boots.

Simpson should man up and propose this same law in Idaho.

Southern Idaho is overrun by illegal immigrants as well.
We need to enforce our nations laws. I have to abide by the laws but illegal immigrants are exempt because we are afraid to be labeled a RACIST.
Round them up and ship them out. Let them in if they follow the procedures.
I am for Immigration but it needs to be the right way. Go home and get in line.
But I am surely to be labeled a racist because I believe in following the laws created by this great nation.

Who will hook up the cow teats

so you can have your wheaties to be an enthusiastic practicing wingnut?

What should happen to the employer of the illegals?

Are you forgetting about LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who work as well.

They all welcome if they do it lawfully. So yes, they will still be filling my weaties bowl. your statment makes no sense. Think
before you post nonsense.

I am sorry

you have such a hard time with reading comprehension.
This topic is about illegal immigration, not legal immigration.
See title.

Fact: Dairies in Idaho rely heavily on an illegal Mexican workforce.

YOU FIRST. Stupid thing's toast so give him the brownie posts.

Just not at Fiesta Days.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

400,000 illegals to Boise

Bus'm from Arizona to Boise. Where's the "love"?



If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.