Share your time with local community gardens

Digging, weeding, gleaning...those are always good and hopeful ways to volunteer. Here are a couple opportunities:

—  "A Seed Planted" is a new community garden project this year, started by Brandon and Kathrine Stankewsky. The site where they're working, volunteers, et al, is the Howerton Garden. It's located near the corner of Targee and Columbus Streets, at 2226 Salem Ln., in Boise (look for a big, empty field by Hawthorne Elementary.

Work at the gardens (the Stankewskys have a couple of additional sites as well), takes place six days a week. If you're interested, email the Stankewskys at You can call them as well: 703-1050 or 713-6919.

Other volunteer opportunities are available through the Trinity Community Gardens group. I wrote about these folks last year, and their amazing accomplishments providing thousands and thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables for local food pantries — mostly gleaned, that would have gone to the landfill if they hadn't snagged it. Trinity has a new website. When I looked, the website was still a bit of a work in progress without too many details filled in yet. The plan, eventually, say Dale and Sheila Anderson, who lead the volunteer efforts, is to post updates about where field work and gleaning is going on each week. Take a look here.  


I still have a low-maintenance, no till weed patch.


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