Emil Smith, 2011 Boise State football commit, killed in car accident

Brian Murphy

Emil Smith, who recently committed to play football at Boise State in 2011, died Saturday evening in a car accident, according to reports.

Smith, from Perris, Calif., was a passenger in a speeding car. He was taken to the hospital, but pronounced dead an hour later, according to The Palm Desert Sun.

Here is an account from the Press Enterprise in Riverside, Calif.

Scout.com is reporting that it was Smith, the Boise State recruit, and I have been able to confirm that information.

Max Corbet, spokesman for the Boise State athletic department, said the department learned of Smith's passing Sunday morning.

"Coach (Chris) Petersen and his staff are definitely saddened by the passing of this young man," Corbet said.

A message left with Pete Duffy, Smith's high school football coach at Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley, Calif., has not been returned.

When Smith committed, Duffy said "he's an excellent student and a really good kid."

Smith, a high school linebacker who anticipated playing the nickel position in Boise State's defense, said he had offers from Air Force, Duke and UTEP and was talking with Pac-10 schools such as USC, Oregon State and Washington before choosing Boise State.

"When I went down to the camp, everything they have blew me away. ... It's a great program to be a part of," Smith said in a June 29 Idaho Statesman article.

Tragic Loss.

"The best laid plans of mice and men..."

So very sorry!

Emil Smith

Will not be forgotten. Our condolences to family and friends.


Bronco Nation will forever remember Emil.

Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


It's always a tragedy when someone dies before their time. Too bad it could have been prevented. The article says he was passenger in a speeding vehicle. Why was it speeding?

It's the same stupid situations as college kids dying of alcohol poisoning. They know better, but make foolish decisions that ultimately cost them their lives. Was this kid's death similar? Were poor decisions the factor behind his death? All we know is that he died, and he didn't need to.

A tragic waste of human life.

You will be remembered.

I will always think of you as part of the Bronco family.
R.I.P. Emil.

Emil was a PERSON, NOT a "Boise State Football Commitment"!

I don't follow football, but this horrifically insensitive headline was immediately viewable online at the Statesman when I checked this afternoon's news. Have the decency and respect for Emil, his family and fans to refer to him as a human being in the headline, not some sort of BSU statistic!

Flee needs a lesson in life...

This was someone's kid, friend, sibling, student, a football player and a Boise State commit. Get a grip and step away from the computer. You are a disgrace and need a lesson in life.

Chill out Flee

That was his connection to this community. There were probably hundreds of people tragically killed this weekend in auto accidents around the US, this one has a tie to this community as a Boise State commit. The article was not meant to be his obituary, it's a news article that gives the relevant facts. If getting news in this way offends you then I'd suggest not reading the newspaper or watching the evening news in the future.

Yes, it was his connection...

...and you're right, there were probably many tragically killed. However, the headline was still not appropriate. I offer as evidence the fact that it was amended within 10 minutes or so of my post.

Flee and Doobie

I appreciate both of your points. I think Flee was correct that Emil Smith's name should appear in the headline. I also agree with Doobie that the only reason this is news in Boise, Idaho is because of Smith's connection with Boise State. I have tried to bridge both points of view with an amended headline. Thanks for reading and the civil discourse.

-- murph

Emil Smith

Emil's family and friends, my heart goes out to you. I know Emil was a fine young man, and I am so sad his life was cut so tragically short.


Tragic loss to family and friends and to a Bronco Nation who never got to know him. Go with God.

Thank you Murph

Thank you for the Information.However you posted it we got the info and did not take offense to the headline.The reason we are not offended is because anyone in the bronco nation knows that when we loose one of our own we are heartbroken and have a sense of understanding and forgivness.One thing I have noticed about Bronco fans is that they are very nice,understanding,forgiving people. Oh yea and very smart.I think Emil recognized this.Thank you very much Emil and may God bless you and your family.you shall be a Boise St Bronco forever.

Will the driver be charged?

The report says "speeding car". So will the driver be charged with say: Neglegence, vehicular manslaughter?, reckless driving? and about 3 other charges that fit this situation.

Condolences to the families

The driver was killed as well.

That's a lot of fate and a lot of heartbreak, more than needed.

Much more than ever needed.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

And i agree with Flee. Just not as verbose.


Sad News indeed !!!

Murph, we talked by phone the beginning of june about Gaham Watson, on one of her last chats she mentioned she was getting married,and she hasn't had a chat session since may and not a word on any blogs, from her blog profile page links haven't worked in a long time, Well ?? did she tie the knot and a long honeymoon or ????


This kid had a great future and it's sad to see it all end this way. Hope this incident can have a positive side to it and show other athlete's about the decisions they make. Rest in peace Emil. I'm sure you would have been a great player on the field and a great person off. All of Bronco nation will miss you.

This is a bad sign for Donk fans.

Condolences to the family, a tragic loss.

The season starts here with a bad omen of bad luck for Donk fans. Your season will run down the river of misfortune.


What an insensitive twit you are.

What do you expect?

A classic vandal hoping for Bronco failure. RIP

The Idiot thinks.....

U/I will issue BSU their 4th or 5th loss of the season....laughable...

I actually had typed

a response.... but this isn't the place to deal with the comment. RIP
Prayers for your family and your soul Emil. We didn't get to know you but you will be missed by those that mattered most to you. Your family and friends.