Cast your votes to support local animals: Big deadlines July 31

Nestle Purina has chosen 18 animal shelters from across the U.S., including the Idaho Humane Society in Boise, to compete to win a grant for $50,000 for the safety and support of local beasts in need of homes.

The winner will be determined by the number of people who log on to the contest website and cast their votes by July 31.

The good news: IHS is definitely in the running to win and, when I last checked, held the lead.

You can vote every day until the deadline later this summer. The bigger good news, of course, homeless animals will win regardless of which shelter brings in the most votes.

If you're not already registered to vote, you can do so through the Idaho Humane Society website link.  

On a related note, Pet Friendly Magazine is holding an online contest to find a selection of local "cover animals" to grace the magazine. The three dogs, three cats, three horses and two more unusual pets (rabbits, roosters, etc.) with the most clicks will win. Cast your vote for your favorites online

Note: one of the dogs vying to be a cover star (and in the lead last time I checked) happens to be my favorite local canine hero, "Duke," a white pitbull, and former dog fight bait dog, who was lucky enough to be rescued by an Eastern Idaho shelter, then Boise Bully Breed Rescue.

Duke has found his "forever home," and has been attending local animal events as a canine ambassador for his often misunderstood breed. Check him out. He's the one wearing what seems to have become his trademark: a red, white and blue bandanna. 

Voted for Arizona

After having the bad experiences and rude staff at this shelter, I'll no longer donate to this one either!

Pets in the lead

My fingers are crossed...don't blame the animals for the behavior of one person. It may have been an off day. Everyone has days that aren't so great.

Uncross, it was over at the end on JULY


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne