Boise State's Johnson, Idaho's Keo on Jim Thorpe watch list

By Brian Murphy

In yesterday’s blog post, I ranted a bit about the meaninglessness of pre-season college football award watch lists.

Of the 120 presumed starting quarterbacks in the FBS, 30 of them made the watch list for the Davey O’Brien Award, given annually to the nation’s best collegiate quarterback. Boise State junior Kellen Moore and Idaho senior Nathan Enderle were both on the list.

However, it got me thinking about the other college football awards and their watch lists.

The Sporting News did an eight-page spread in its latest issue previewing the awards and listing the top 6 candidates in each. Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett was their pick for the Davey O’Brien, with Moore finishing second.

The Sporting News listed just seven of the awards — Biletnikoff (wide receiver), Doak Walker (running back), Outland (interior lineman), Butkus (linebacker), Thorpe (defensive back) and Mackey (tight end), along with O’Brien (quarterback). There are several more.

Outside of Moore, no other WAC players are listed for the awards.

To be clear, I actually like the awards. I think it’s cool that linebackers, wide receivers, kickers and interior linemen get recognition that often eludes them when it comes to college football’s biggest award, the Heisman Trophy.

In working on this post, I discovered that Boise State fan blog posted a similar article earlier Thursday. Check it out. There are some good stats about which schools have been the most prolific about placing players on these watch lists so far.

Here's a list of player awards compiled by the National College Football Awards Association:

Chuck Bednarik Award: (best defensive player) The watch list will be released Aug. 9.

2009 winner: Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska

Biletnikoff Award: (best receiver) The watch list will be released Aug. 10.

2009 winner: Golden Tate, Notre Dame

Butkus Award: (best linebacker) The watch list will be released Aug. 16.

2009 winner: Rolando McClain, Alabama

Walter Camp Award: (player of the year) The watch list will be released Aug. 9.

2009 winner: Colt McCoy, Texas

Lou Groza Award: (best kicker) The watch list will include 30 kickers and be released on Aug. 20.

2009 winner: Kai Forbath, UCLA

Ray Guy Award: (best punter) The watch list will be released Aug. 11.

2009 winner: Drew Butler, Georgia

Rotary Lombardi Award: (outstanding lineman) The watch list will be released Aug. 20.

2009 winner: Suh, Nebraska

John Mackey Award: (best tight end) The watch list will be released July 28.

2009 winner: Aaron Hernandez, Florida

Maxwell Award: (best all-around player) The watch list will be released Aug. 9.

2009 winner: McCoy, Texas

Bronko Nagurski Trophy: (outstanding defensive player) There are 74 players on the 2010 watch list, which comes with the caveat that players can be added or removed throughout the season. Boise State defensive end Ryan Winterswyk and Idaho safety Shiloh Keo are on the watch list.

2009 winner: Suh, Nebraska

Davey O’Brien Award: (best quarterback) Boise State's Kellen Moore and Idaho's Nathan Enderle were among the 30 quarterbacks on the watch list, released July 14. Nevada's Colin Kaepernick also made the list.

2009 winner: McCoy, Texas

Outland Trophy: (best interior lineman) There are 63 players on the watch list, which includes this disclaimer: Players may be added or removed during the season. Tackles (offensive and defensive), guards and centers are eligible for the award. Boise State's Nate Potter and Fresno State's Andrew Jackson are on the list, released June 21.

2009 winner: Suh, Nebraska. Idaho’s Mike Iupati was one of three finalists for the award.

Rimington Award: (best center) There are 37 players on the 2010 watch list, including Fresno State’s Joe Bernardi and Louisiana Tech’s Lon Roberts. In a bit of a surprise, Boise State’s Thomas Byrd is not on the list.

2009 winner: Maurkice Pouncey, Florida

Jim Thorpe Award: (best defensive back) There are 35 players on the 2010 watch list, including Boise State safety Jeron Johnson and Idaho safety Shiloh Keo. New Mexico State cornerback Davon House and San Jose State safety Duke Ihenacho are also on the list.

2009 winner: Eric Berry. Tennessee

Doak Walker Award: (best running back) The watch list will be released Aug. 23.

2009 winner: Toby Gerhart, Stanford

We will keep the list updated throughout the summer as more and more watch lists are released.

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Ever heard of the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award?

well...Enderle is on that watch list too

I've kinda figured you for....

a vandal all this time kid. No matter the subject you always bring the vandals into the mix. Whats the deal dude? If you are a vandal stand up and be proud about it. Just don't tell us you want equal representation for both schools by the Statesman which sits itself 3 miles west of the Bronco campus.

His posts speak for themselves (candle fan).

That closet must be a swell place to hang out ;)

well..ya figured wrong...sort of

I am a fan of college football first and foremost and, believe it or not, I am able to root for both the Broncos AND the Vandals. I know that this is a concept that most hardcore Bronco fans like yourself won't be able to understand but oh well. Anyway, no. I don't expect equal representation from the statesman, but I do expect accurate and unbiased representation from the IDAHO statesman

So no we didnt

figure wrong kid. You always post vandal stuff so we've figured out you are not ''the broncokid'' at all but a pretender. You have fooled some others for quite some time tho. Good work on that.

If you are a fan of college football first and foremost, than why not have a username that reflects that?

actually ....

About my username. I drive a black and gold Ford Bronco. There! Now you can stop losing sleep over it.


THAT was funny!!!!

Black and Gold....

Sounds about right.

Practicing republicans keep practicing.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

I support the Vandals

except when they play Boise State. As a graduate of an Idaho High School, I support all of our teams. As a Boise State student, I support the Broncos first.

How does graduating from a high school in Idaho figure into that

I support the vandals to win the big sky. If they would just do that then they could probably be financially responsible.

You can't figure it out?

As a High School graduate from Idaho, I support ALL Idaho schools. As they each win, the whole state benefits. As such, I root for the Coyotes, Bengals, Vandals, and the Broncos. I root for the schools I'm not even familiar with (i.e., LCSC & CSI) just because they bring attention to our state. When Lewis & Clark does well in baseball, it looks good for the whole state. Maybe Boise State and U of I could start baseball programs.

My point is that as Idahoans, we should support ALL of our state teams, until they compete against our favorite team. Then, let the rivalry begin. I'm glad that Idaho won last year's Humanitarian Bowl. I'm glad they started out 6-0. I'm also glad they got stomped by Boise State.

The Unitas Award ...

... is awarded to the top senior quarterback in the nation. Only seniors are eligible.

-- murph

Kid knows this...

I think he's just upset you dont give more attention to Enderle.

Murph, why complile an incomplete NCFAA award list?

The Unitas award is a still a player award compiled by the National College Football Awards Association regardless if it's awarded to seniors. I just found it odd that you mentioned that Enderle was on the Davey O'Brian list but failed to mention that he was also on the Johnny Unitas List. Were you not aware that he was on that list too?

Unitas Award ...

... is not listed among the 21 awards (including some coaches awards and the Heisman) on the 2010 National College Football
Awards Association Master Calendar. I figured that was as good a list to use as any. No conspiracy against Enderle.

-- murph

Sorry for assuming that you used multiple sources

I assume that you're doing pieces on preseason award lists because some BSU players on on them, correct? Well, what about award lists in which our opposition is on? BSU will face at least 4 QB's on this years Johnny Unitas Golden Arm watch list. (Fresno State's Ryan Colburn, Nevada's Colin Kaepernick, and Idaho's Nathan Enderle) The other QB on the list is Virginia Tech's Tyrod Taylor

Then Moore is getting there.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

Unitas Golden Arm Award

This is a pretigious award that bears the name of one of the greatest QB's of all time. Being nominated for the watch list and receiving the award is a substantial honor. Some pretty smart football people do the selecting. I am surprised that Idaho's Enderle and Nevada's Kaepernick being nominated (two years in a row!)hasn't been noted by the Statesman.


Oh now this is even funnier than the actual topic. there isn't a nomination yet.... no games have been played. it is a "watch list" compiled by apparently only people who look at stats not people who know anything about UI football or their situation.
How could Big e be nominated twice? it is for a senior....

He saw him at the pool once

With a snorkel........


was absolutely not telling the truth about seeing Kaiserman and Pettis doing the exact same drills in the pool. I know this for 100 percent fact.

It will be fun to watch kid

about 8 games in when the vandies are 1-7 and big E has more interceptions than touchdowns.
We all will say something like "hey kid how your boy Ederlie doing" and kid will then say that he never thought he was good.

You guys are pathetic!

This is a post for an Idaho newspaper, not a BSU blog. Be interesting to know a little about you 2 biased individuals. Would then be much easier to understand when you make your ignorant comments. Sad when someone has to put others down to lift themselves up. Apologies for the "pathetic" comment...would've been more accurate to say "insecure".

The one

The one who sounds insecure is you Quicks. This is a blog, yes, but under Boise State Football. At least thats how I get to it. More readers care about the Broncos than the vandals, although the vandies cry the loudest. I know its hard for you to grasp but the Broncos are the ones ranked in the Top 5. The Broncos are the ones building expanding improving. The Broncos have been ranked in the Top 25 nationally for the last decade. Theres a following to the Broncos that is unique. Jim Rome said Bronco Nation travels like Raider fan and parties like USC fan. The Broncos are not going anywhere. They will be very good for a long time. Call us fans pathetic or whatever you want. It doesnt change anything.

Write your own dang column then! There are 3,251.6 already!


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.


I'm all for nate winning an award, he should have won one last year. Most improved, he didn't get benched. Sorry to say that Ole nate wont be able to compile good stats this year. NO PLAYER on a 2-10 team should win an award, especially that teams leader.

Rooting for Idaho

I kind of agree with TheBroncoKid. As a Bronco fan and native Idahoan, I want the U of I to win every game except one.


You're in the minority. And I wonder if you live in Boise. For years the vandals talked crass junk to the Broncos during their streak. Ask any vandal if they want the Broncos to win all their games but one. Would love to see the response. you're out for revenge?

they talked smack then, so you have to talk smack now?

Oh....well THAT makes sense. Where do I sign up?

Revenge is sweet every year kid

Now quit being a little crybaby....

JLandon is still in Junior High

He never quite grew out of his Junior High years and picks on every one that says they support the Vandals and Broncos. In his world you can't support both teams. I have had the same conversation with him and he gave me the same childish crap. I feel like most fans are not like him and have increased their maturity since they graduated from High School and college. Thank goodness!!!!

I want the candles to lose every game from here til forever.

I also like the yearly 'kick to the jiblets ' they have been recieving from Boise State. So by all means, keep em on the schedule.


As soon as the vandals started taking regular beatings fans like Balanced and Kid come out of the woods to say they support both teams. Sure you do. At least Borbo has the stones to draw lines in the sand and throw stones. Fans like Balanced and Kid love to say they support both teams but they bag on the Broncos for any and all things and then act like unbiased college football fans. Now thats Junior High stuff.

There's nothing wrong with supporting both teams

and if you think Bronco fans don't do it, then explain why so many Bronco fans attended last year's drama filled H-Bowl or watched it on TV! I guess those Bronco fans didn't "have the stones to draw the lines in the sand" either, eh?


Sorry dude, dont believe for one bit that many Bronco fans cheered for the vandals and went to the Humanitarian Bowl. Drama filled? Whoa, slow down. Read Fooks post below before you get you're panties in a bunch.

Im all for wanting the WAC to do well and I used to think that the vandals winning games wasnt a bad thing. When I sat at a Bowl game against Louisville and John L. Smith promoted "vandals for the 'ville" and saw many vandals rooting against the Broncos it was plain that the hatred was only going to get worse between the 2 schools. When I go to Moscow and chill with friends from both schools only to find out later my tires are slashed then it becomes a little personal. Sure, fans are idiots everywhere. But for me personally, I wouldnt slash tires and/or waste my time or MONEY cheering for a team thats playing against the vandies.

What you don't realize JLandon is that....

for every POS Vandal fan...there's a POS Bronco fan and believe it or not, their passion isn't football driven, it's ignorance driven.
Fans who transcend the ignorance can and do root for both teams, that is, until they face one another on game day.
C'mon man, do you really think that the Bronco fans who attended the H-Bowl paid money so they could root against the Vandals, or those who gave up their afternoon did so because they had nothing better to do than to root against the Vandals? Do you see how crazy you sound?
Last year's H-bowl was one of the most dramatic finishes in the H-bowl's history and one of the better bowls games played, yet you can't even bring yourself to admit it because of your hatred of the Vandals. You may think that your perspective is in line with Bronco Nation, but for you to think that, well, it just goes to show how out of touch you actually are, and as far as you
going to Moscow to chill with friends from both schools and find that your tires got slashed then yeah...I'm sure it does become a little personal, but the institution, nor it's student body, or it's football players or it's coaching staff is responsible for your tires getting slashed, and for all you know it could have been a couple of local farm kids getting their kicks, just as local kids here run amuck and commit vandalism on any given day, who knows, but based on your poor attitude and your hateful comments on this blog, I'd have to say that you getting your tires slashed has something to do with Karma


That was one of the most ridiculous posts you have ever written from your low blow about "karma" to the idea that maybe farm kids just happened to slash the tires on gameday..... Talk about ignorance, you are really out of touch with reality man.

tater- do you have any idea how many cars get broken into

during Bronco games? Look it up...I bet you'd be quite surprised


I was saying that I wouldnt or Bronco fan wouldnt, waste time and money cheering for the vandals or against the vandals. Thats the point. I care about the Broncos and support them. Not louisville not Colorado with Hawk not when Koetter was at ASU.

And karma? Are you that much of a dork? It happened to like 20 Bronco cars and we chalked it up to being at a hostile AWAY game. Karma....such a stupid faux thing.

devils advocate

anyway, those who inflict damage onto other people and/or their property do so because they're POS opportunistics. I know a bunch of peopLE who have had their bikes stolen from the BSU campus, I know some who have had their laptop stolen in the SUB, and I know 2 who have had their vehicle broken into in the east parking lot and one of the projectors inside a classroom in my building was stolen TWICE! so as you can see, theft and vandalism happens on our campus too.
I'm sure it must have been a bad experience but, you're allowing the action of a small handful, to distort your perception onto everyone who attended or is currently attending the UofI and THAT, is a stupid thing. It's not as if the UofI was part of a vast conspiracy to slash the tires of visiting fans and for all you know, they may not have even been Vandal fans at all, but locals looking for trouble. Heck, I've known people who have had their vehicles vandalized on hiking/kayaking/climbing/camping trips simply because their 1A tags pegged em as being from Boise. Anyway and, for what it's worth, I'm just playing the devil's advocate.

We know one thing kid

will never be.... A cop. A BSU fan goes to a UI game and during the game his car is vandalized and kid here doesn't think it is a vandal fan. I must say kid, you have stated that you HAVE gone up to moscow for a game....I call BS on that one.

They were unlocked, if the normal brilliant thinking was in play


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

JL, go to Kmart...

they sell panties guaranteed not to ride and bunch.



If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

Maybe they wanted to watch the candles lose- bummer.

Don't flatter yourself.

Kmart has models that do flatten you.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.


I think Coach Pete is a great guy who keeps his players grounded by telling them to avoid media and just play the game. I have never cared who won between the teams growing up. It was nice when it was a rivalry and made me wonder who would win. Now the question is will BSU win by 50 or 70 points? It is very boring, in my opinion. My sister-in-law puts down Coach Akey when he talks because it annoys her, plus he is a vandal.I also find that childish. I don't agree with that either, just as I disagree with rude fans of ANY team.

Glad your so 'balanced'.

We (most of us) are not so sorry to offend. NOT REALLY.



now I'm lost, consarn you


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.