Idaho politics: Democrats blast state GOP's 'radical right-hand turn'

Idaho voters should be "disturbed" by the out-of-the-mainstream platform items considered last month by the Idaho GOP, the state Democratic Party said in a news release today.

In a news release, the Democrats blasted components of the platform — including the push for a GOP candidate "loyalty oath" embracing the whole of the party platform — and failed proposals to disband public schools and establish a state militia.

"If you are tired, irritated and frightened by the right-wing extremism of the Idaho Republican Party you are always welcome in our big tent," state Democratic chairman Keith Roark said.

Here's the full news release:

Idaho voters are astounded at the radical right-hand turn taken by the Idaho Republican Party at its recent state convention. It is now clear that the “new” Idaho Republican Party is interested not in governing but in ruling our state and its people.

The recent convention approved platform planks that would take away the right of Idahoans to vote for their U.S. senator, require Republican candidates for public office to sign a “loyalty” oath and “order” a candidate for Ada County Commission who has spent a lifetime in public service to renounce his candidacy because he has from time to time reached out to Democrats in working to solve common problems.

“The citizens of Idaho want elected officials who work together to solve the problems that are important to them and their children,” stated Keith Roark, chairman of the Idaho Democratic Party. “Instead, the Republicans delivered the very kind of high octane partisanship that voters across this state and nation are no longer willing to tolerate.”

In addition to items included in their party platform, the Republicans proposed measures so far out of the mainstream that Idahoans should be disturbed that they were even considered. Some of these extremist proposals included disbanding all Idaho public schools, creating a state militia, forbidding closure of poorly run publicly-funded charter schools that are drowning in red ink, and rejecting school-based vaccination clinics (vaccinations were called “unnecessary drugging of our children”).

“The Idaho Democratic Party welcomes all well-intentioned voters to join us in finding solutions to the problems this state now faces. We embrace a wide range of views and voters. At the same time, the Idaho Republican Party is quickly moving to the extreme right, far away from its traditional, moderate center,” stated Mr. Roark. “This election season we ask the people of Idaho to look closely at the candidates and decide, based on the issues, who will best represent you. Based on issues like quality education, fiscal responsibility, fairness in taxation, and pragmatic problem solving we think that you will choose Democrats to help solve the problems that are important to you and your children.  We will never ask that you sign a loyalty oath or pass a litmus test. We respect and treasure differing views and don’t believe that there is only one path to successful problem solving. If you are tired, irritated and frightened by the right-wing extremism of the Idaho Republican Party you are always welcome in our big tent.”

Who cares?????????

Why don't the Democrats spend their time finding some candidates so the clowns don't keep getting re-elected with no opposition. Become relevant, then you can have opinions.

I care, but... do make a valid point. If Walt Minnick is the face of the Idaho Democratic Party, we have big problems.

Demicans or Republocrats?

The GOP has been solidly in charge of everything in Idaho for my entire lifetime. (Sure, we had Andrus and Evans, but always a solid GOP majority in the Legislature.) So they should be slappin' 'emselves on the back for the wonderful state of the state. Right? (They can't really blame the Democrats, who don't even have the numbers to do effective stonewalling, a la Congress back in D.C.)

By contrast, the Democrats have the misfortune of riding on the coattails of President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and their merry band of incompetents. Currently the Republicans are "the Party of No," but it changes regularly... and the debt keeps going up, but nothing much else changes. (The hopey-changey thing isn't looking so hopeful right now.)

Michael Savage says "Vote for the Demicans OR Republocrats - it just doesn't matter." That's a cynical viewpoint, but it's one that's pretty easy to buy into.

Michael Savage

This guy has been banned from the UK. He is just in the middle of Beck and Limbaugh. You cite the high debt like a lot of right wingers who provide lip service to this concept when not in power but ignore it when they are. The US is not going down like Greece or Ireland because we are not in that bad of shape despite the Boehners and the Cantors who are repeatedley proved wrong. The country at this point needs leadership. People need to think for themselves and stop blindly listening to extremist am radio bozos.

The national Democrat party

The national Democrat party has turned so far left that the press release from the Idaho Democrat party is laughable. "Fiscal responsibility" Haahaaahaaaahaaa.

We need more balance at the national level, and I believe that will help balance the local level as well. We have vacillated between Republican and Democrat controlled congress' and we have sadly lost our way. The answer is not more "moderates" in each party, they are for the most part useless, but we do need a mix of Republican and Democrat leadership. Gridlock would be a Godsend.

Haahaahaa is right but the joke's on you

If you think the current Democratic party is "so far to the left" you haven't a clue about what constitutes so called left and right, conservative/liberal or reactionary/progressive. My guess is you're so far to the right, that old fashion moderation looks left to you. We need less balance not more. As it stand now, politics is so evenly dived between Rs & Ds (variations on the same corporate theme) that there is no viable majority to make policy so we have policy made by special interest groups like corporations and religious fanatics. Far from being left, the Democrats are just mostly Republican light. Oh by the way Democrat is a noun, Democratic is an adjective.


In truth, the Democratic party has been moving further to the center ever since Clinton was in office. On paper and in practice, Obama's policies are less liberal than those of Richard Nixon. It was Nixon, after all, who created the GOP's favorite whipping boy, the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency and he was the first President to lay the groundwork for our detente with China.

All this GOP griping about Obama and the Democratic party being a leftist/socialist movement is completely unfounded.

Nice Talking Points

I like the way you're vomiting the democrat talking points. Maybe if you guys say them enough, get unemployment under, say 8%, turn the economy around by not bashing employers, pay attention to the environmental disaster going on now in the gulf, and stop spending like drunken sailors, people might start believing your pap.


The main thing we need in the ID legislature is balance. Republicans can now ram thru any legislation they want without even a decent debate about it to bring out the flaws. Republican legislators have become so arrogant they don't even listen to the public. They figure they'll always get re-elected by Idaho voters who always vote the straight Republican ticket without even knowing who they're voting for.


If people had even a clue of the backroom deals they would be unbelievable angry. Oh wait, I forgot Idaho is mostly made up of republican sheeple.

Right Turn?

I suppose from Roark's position, anything that doesn't include the wanton butchering of the unborn, the dismantling of the American family in favor of every evil man can commit, the destruction of our economy and surrender to our enemies, probably does looks right wing radical.

Yessir, guns and abortion.

Yessir, guns and abortion. The 2 red herrings that the information ministry scares it's ignorant followers with. Here's a headline for you: Abortion has been legal for decades and you or any other right wing party member isn't going to get rid of it anymore than the left is going to get rid of guns. Try dealing with real issues and stop with the middle school soundbites. Please at least act like you understand what's going on in the world.

but there ain't no sausage nor eggs in that mess, word.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

The Idaho GOP

leadership has now moved to the right of the John Birchers. Their newly adopted platform is practically a verbatim read from the talking points of the tin-foil hat paranoia coming from the radical right-wing extremists.

They have successfully thrown the moderate and centrist Republicans completely under the bus.

The behavior if the Idaho GOP leaders is pathetic. The old-school conservatives in Idaho would have never acted like this.


they should worry about the socialist in the White house who has pushed everybody to the right.



Rush would be proud that you

Rush would be proud that you can't think for yourself.

Nobody was pushed. They drove over there.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.


I have voted for Democrats in the past but even I am afraid of the current people in power. They are extremely radical! We have avowed communists, people who believe in eugenics, people who think that individuals under the age of 2 don't count, people who think pets should be able to sue owners, and people who think only whites should have to show ID when pulled over... And that's just off the top of my head!!! Now they have the ability to shut down the Internet for 4 months if there is a crisis by their definition. The IRS is running healthcare and they have classified veterans as terrorists but real terrorists as nonthreats. This is a messed up administration. As for the crazy proposed amendments at the GOP convention, they didn't pass! (despite being constitutional such as disbanding Dept of Ed and having a state militia.). Anyone can propose an amendment. Socialism is tyranny-lite and don't forget it! Once people who earn the money are no longer entitled to it, while people who don't, are... You are losing your freedom. Just look at bankrupt Europe if you want to see where liberalism takes you!


If there is a shred of evidence to any of your claims I would be interested in seeing it.

You have to love the posters

You have to love the posters that claim 'I voted democrat, but..'. It's pure BS, as is the rest of the anonymous, random garbage spewed.

Address the claims of what the repubs are trying to do in this state. Is it lies? A party 'loyalty' commitment? Are we Nazi Germany now? Shouldn't the commitment be to America?

Scary times, the information ministry for the far right is working overtime to froth up the angry, blind followers.

Shred of evidence? Lots of

Shred of evidence? Lots of it if you do your own research.

"We have avowed communists", (Van Jones was a self avowed Communist. His own words. Google "East Bay Express Van Jones" for the original article from 2005. Anita Dunn, her favorite political philosopher is Mao Tse-Tung. She said it, on video, a high school graduation. Easy to find on You Tube.)

"people who believe in eugenics", (John P Holdren, Science Czar. Found in his own book Ecoscience.)

"people who think that individuals under the age of 2 don't count", (Infered from Ezekial Emanuel, Rahm's brother and Chief Advisor on Health Care. Recommends that under 15 and over 65 basically get limited coverage, even if that means death. Found in his own paper "Principles of allocation of scarce medical interventions" in 2009)

"people who think pets should be able to sue owners," (Cass Sunstein, Regulatory Czar. Found in "Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions")

"and people who think only whites should have to show ID when pulled over" (okay that was a bit of hyperbole, mostly about people that didn't even bother reading AZ SB1070)

"Now they have the ability to shut down the Internet for 4 months if there is a crisis by their definition." (Look up Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act)

"The IRS is running healthcare" (Not really running healthcare, but the Health Care law puts the IRS in charge of enforcement of taxes, fines, if companies do not offer healthcare or if individuals do not purchase healthcare)

"and they have classified veterans as terrorists" (2009 DHS report titled "Right Wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitement")

"but real terrorists as nonthreats" (We are back to a pre-9/11 mind set in dealing with terrorists, including allowing people on watch lists to fly)

Idaho GOP are insecure and creepy

Whatever1976 -
Your statements are bizarre.
Do you have a clue what your words mean? If you do, and you chose to use them, it is proof you are crazy. If you don't know what they mean, you are an example of what is spreading across this country; i.e., Stupidity.
Eugenics is selective breeding. Healthcare is the reason for 80% of the bankruptcies in the U.S., with 50% of those declaring bankruptcy fully insured, returning vets have been an increased percentage of crimes due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which, until the Dems funded treatment for, had gone untreated.
You don't explain which type of Socialism you are referring to; market socialism? scientific socialism? revolutionary socialism? your statement is used as a scare tactic with no point made.
"Whatever" you are presenting in your comment is bogus.
The topic is the Idaho GOP is too afraid to stand as individual candidates and want to hide in the shadows out of examining eyes of voters. They are not confident that when exposed, they will not fare any better than Ward did in the primary.
This is Idaho. We deserve better than a fraternity that takes a pledge to itself, and cares nothing about anyone else.

You haven't stepped in a voting booth since 1968. Take off!


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

Govt by Republicans or Democrats?

Under Republicans it is man against man
Under Democrats it is just the opposite.

God's Role

Under Republicans it is "We will tell you what God intends and you better do it or suffer"

Under Democrats it is "Let's help each other in following the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 25:31-46"

Read deeper

God NEVER said for the government to give handouts to slackers.

God never said NOTHIN' Ed, Don't imbue God w/your image.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

Idaho Democratic Party is

Idaho Democratic Party is again late to the party as usuaul, Roark and Hansen are pant loads.....!

They have failed Idaho's democrats with thier complete lack of personal ability to respond to issues of the day in modern real time. This arachic democratic leadership and orgnization have failed to seized on the golden goose that has been handed to them.

Rorak and Hansen IDP leadership continue to hinder any Democratic progress in Idaho.

Who Cares

And why should anyone care what Democrats think of where the Republicans move unless its for their left wing base financial support. As the Democratic leader ship has moved far to the left and thrown moderate or conservative Democrats under the bus what do they have to offer? If Republicans move to far to the right most folks will sit it out and let the extremes fight it out. As our country sinks under debt and few jobs are created except for government more of the present policy will not be approved however far the RePubs go. A pox on both parties and lets hope the new movement restores a centrist government if its not to late.

Disband Public Education?

Who thunk that one up? Rod Beck?


How many of you Republicans are OK with this. Just a poll !

push for a GOP candidate "loyalty oath" embracing the whole of the party platform — and failed proposals to disband public schools and establish a state militia.


Since when is democratically-elected President and Congress tyranny? Where does this nonsense come from? King George was a tyrant. President Obama is not. King George ruled from 3,000 miles away with no regard to the people here. Americans had no say in anything. No vote. No representation. President Obama and the Congress were elected by us. We have a vote. You can choose to vote Obama out. Likewise, he isn't a socialist. You can call him that, but that simply proves you don't even know what a socialist is. There WAS a socialist candidate for president in 2008. He bristled at the idea of Obama being called one. The disbanding of public education is a ridiculous idea, as is the notion of keeping a charter school afloat that insists on ignorning science and instead teaches the claptrap of creationism. And a state militia isn't a bad idea except when it is proposed with the intent to protect the state against the lawfully elected federal government, the very thing that provides Idaho with far more tax dollars than it gives back to the nation as a whole.

Don't have anything to bring on your own?

Mock the opponent.

I brought my smelly underarms and tush that hates this chair?

Can't say I never contributed.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.


Radicals? Liberals? Socialists?

Anyone who thinks the current Executive branch is radical, liberal or socialist-leaning should be stripped of their right to vote. Clearly, these are people who have do not have the mental capacity necessary to understand anything longer than a Fox sound bite. Furthermore, their willingness to thoughtlessly swallow any manner of conservative vitriol currently serving as the chum of the airwaves and internet casts them as the mental equivalent of schooling bait fish.

I hope you all enjoyed your trip on Screaming Nothing Airlines!


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

Democracy Corps finds 55% of voters think Obama is a socialist.

So.. the other 45% get to vote ....or something.

They also think Yogi Berra was a cartoon...


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.