Food Network's choice for Idaho's best breakfast

ImageThe July/August issue of Food Network Magazine, which hits newsstands June 29, is naming the best breakfast in all 50 states.

The supposed tastiest in Idaho? The oatmeal soufflé at the Red Feather Lounge in Boise.

Writes the magazine: "Customers clamor for the coveted seats on the outdoor patio here, and they get downright desperate for the oatmeal soufflé: The chef makes only about a dozen on weekend mornings, and they often sell out within an hour or two. The cult favorite is something between a trumped-up bowl of oatmeal and a dressed-down dessert—hearty and light at the same time and just a little sweet. Make sure you show up before 10 a.m. if you want to snag one."

I’ve heard the Red Feather also has a killer breakfast pizza. Pizza for breakfast: How could oatmeal top that?

Edited to add: Merritt's at 2 a.m. Also a contender.

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Food Network Must Have Just Stopped In Boise

The Food Network Magazine must have just stopped in Boise. The newly opened Garnet Cafe in Coeur d' Alene is the best I have ever had in Idaho. Red Feather is still very good as is Goldy's. Even Emilio's makes a good breakfast.

Goldy's Really

Overpriced for not a lot of food... I say Eddies or The Capri... Hell even Denny's by the Airport is better then the overpriced places they are suggesting... People want more bang for there buck in Idaho not small portions of overpriced crap.

That sounds like a facial mask to me, and I LIKE OATMEAL.

Cornflakes are pretty good, and cheap.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

Best breakfast?

Yuck! Doesn't even sound good, and I like oatmeal! Best breakfast I've ever had is at home! Their is only a couple of cooks in the valley that can cook an egg decently, one is the Mrs., and the other one is at the VA canteen, the rest taste like chewing on an inner tube!

You just have to try it

I know that reaction, because that was mine when someone recommended I try the oatmeal souffle. But then I tried it... It's AMAZING. I hate oatmeal, and I get it everytime I go to Red Feather. It is light with a nice texture that is almost more of a fluffy custard than traditional oatmeal. I recommended it to both my Dad and a friend, and they both loved it.

Bottom line: Go to Red Feather, spend $5, and order the oatmeal souffle. You just have to try it...

You would have to try kissing a bus but I wouldn't do it either.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

best breakfast in Boise

The breakfast burrito from Bad Boy on Vista will set you right after a serious night at the Vista bar. Trust me on this.

breakfast burrito and egg muffins

We make them at home ahead and freeze them to nuke later! Better ingredients, no preservatives, and we know where the hands have been that make them!

This RR bozo can destroy any subject.

Fried chicken would be a good idea

Least he likes closer to Boise than you. He's right too BURRRP


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.


Have you tried the Egg McMuffin at the Orchard Street McDonalds?


(Yeah - I jest.)

The mussus only makes me breakfast a couple times a year nowadays, but hers beats anything a restaurant can throw out.

Lame if that's the best

Lame if that's the best Boise has to offer then or food choices blow...!
Red Feather is over rated it has obviously seen better days!

you are kidding

An Oatmeal souffle is the breakfast of Champions in Idaho. You have got to be kidding. You would think maybe steak and eggs. Blue turf and Oatmeal breakfast, wow is the State going to be famous now.


The breakfast burito at Los Betos in Boise can not be beat. And if you just want a good breakfast and plenty of it try to beat the Omelette, ham slices and strawberry waffle at the Golden Corral. And you can have as much as you want. You can also have the steak with breakfast but it's loaded with MSG. And they have biscuits and gravy which you need to supplement with some sausage patties broken up. Lots of fruit to select from. Beverages abound. Not the best ambiance but you do meet some pretty interesting people......and if you don't want to interact with them just watch the show!!!

Golden Corral???

Well, if you say so. I guess at its most basic it makes a t*rd.

Golden Corral?

Let me guess, you think the best steak in the valley can be found at Sizzler?

LesBois le plus tras bien

Oui Donnez- juste moiune vieille partie sache de bisquet et l'abondance du fromage puant. Le stinkyest le meilleur. Mumwah! Suivi avec plusieur cigarettes I'un apras l'autre. Oui breackfaust merveilleux d'A.

It works better if you use Yahoo! Babel Fish.


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.

Goldy's salmon and eggs

Goldy's salmon and eggs benedict has my vote - scrumptious!

Any Nebraskan knows

Corn huskers > Corn Flakes


If I think of something I'll let you know but I can't stand a naked signature.