Rocky Mountain HS WR Dallas Burroughs commits to Boise State

By Chadd Cripe

Rocky Mountain High wide receiver Dallas Burroughs, brother of Boise State wide receiver Mitch Burroughs, orally committed Thursday to sign with the Broncos in 2011.

Burroughs (5-foot-8, 175 pounds) also had offers from Army and Utah State, he said. The Meridian resident attended Boise State's camp this week and committed in a meeting with coaches Thursday.

"It's just always been my dream school and to get to play with my brother would be really sweet," Burroughs said.

Burroughs ran the 40-yard dash in 4.44 seconds during a combine this summer, he said. He won the state title in the 100 meters last month with a time of 10.63 seconds.

"He's an exceptional player," Rocky Mountain coach Jason Warr said. "... He's one of those kids you don't see very often and definitely makes your program better."

Dallas is faster than Mitch, Warr said. Mitch, a Meridian High graduate, is a sophomore who made 11 catches last season.

"Dallas just has the ability to stretch the field," Warr said. "Even at the next level, I think he'll have that ability."

Burroughs is the third known commitment for 2011. The others are quarterback Jimmy Laughrea of Rocklin (Calif.) High and defensive end Sam Ukwuachu of Pearland (Texas) High.

Congrats Dally... you are a

Congrats Dally... you are a stud athlete dude! Looking forward to you finish up high school at Rocky and then take your game to the Blue.


This guy had offers from Utah St. and Army? Hopefully, BSU saw something in him that nobody else did and Moore's arm can keep up with his speed...

Ooooo really...

...dallas burroughs had offers from army and utah st??? Wow, what a stud recruit. Prepare for many more 1 star recruits as the years go by and the mountain wiggity conference erodes into DII where it belongs.

the conference of champions
defending champion Oregon

And maybe

someday Oregon will get good enough to one day beat Boise State.

no, they won't

the dux are not in the same league as boise state. they will never be able to beat us. plus they have stated they are afraid to play us in the future. so we own them forever. and the rest of their weak conference.

It's Preparation H time for you.......

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There's a bigger waiting list for them here than HUD rentals.


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defending champion oregon

the team that couldn't get a first down in the first half against boise state. boise state the true pac 10 champion. fumbduck, the biggest loser.


Do you know much about the QB recruit from Rocklin? Forgot his name. Laughrea or something.

jimmy laughrea

pronounced lock-ray. kid is a stud, took his team all the way to the california bowl last year, broke his non-throwing arm in the game prior to the bowl. they lost the game. he is an all-around athlete and a good pick up for us. can't see him playing for us until his junior year as the kid backing up kellen is the real deal.


He's too small for college football; especially BSU football.

He Could

Return Kicks?
Clear one side of the field or draw double teams?
Height major concern to me...

Not more

of a concern the guy was only recruited by Utah St. and Army? Granted BSU has found some needles in a haystack over the years, maybe this guy works out, who knows. I would prefer to see recruited by TCU, Fresno, or any other school in the upper echelon of the WAC or MWC. Either this guy completely flew (no pun intended) under the radar, or nobody wanted him...well, with exception to USU, Army, and BSU.

I Know...

You're probably right.

I just keep flashing on the "fastest kid in the state" deal...

Hey Borbo,

Why don't you offer your scouting services to the boys up north. They could use a really bright smart a** know-it-all like you. After reading a few of your posts you are just BSU hater - Don't the Vandals have a message board you post about the world's largest worm. Have you even seen this kid play?

Kind of ignorant aren't you?!

Actually, very ignorant. So frankly, are you a big boy or are ya just fat?


you don't understand recruiting in the least. The fact that he had only three offers to date does not mean he wasn't being recruited by more schools, it means they hadn't offered yet. He was getting some attention from Pac-10 schools and was scheduled to attend Oregon State's camp until he committed to Boise State. Had he not committed immediately, he may have picked up more offers.

Isn't it funny how Borbo makes fun of the recruits that have beat his Vandulls by 38, 35 and 44 points the last three years? By the way, tell us all about the Vandals' 2011 WR commits. Go ahead, we'll wait.

"makes fun of the recruits" ???

Maybe I missed it....obviously so did you. So do really drive a jeep?


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has probably been around before movies were invented. I first heard it at least forty years ago.

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Etiquette is a Social Disease

Too Small?

I guess someone better call the Jets and tell them to cut Kyle Wilson, who was smaller than Burroughs when he arrived at Boise State. Someone should also let Pete know to get rid of Jeremy Avery, Brandyn Thompson, D.J. Harper, Doug Martin, Kyle Brotzman, Ebo Makinde, Chris Potter, Mitch Burroughs, Titus Young, Jeron Johnson, Jerrell Gavins and incoming highly rated recruit Bryan Douglas, who were also of similar size when recruited.

Thanks, who knew none of these guys could play at Boise State?

He's the fastest kid in the

He's the fastest kid in the state since 1985, and he's got 1 more year to shave .03 off his best meet time to break that old record, held by Meridian's Jammin' Jimmy Waite.

White flash

Good to see a white boy have this kind of speed. He will get taller,which will help. Looks good for the Broncos.

He isn't a senior until next

He isn't a senior until next year he would have more offers by then geniuses.

Would be nice

If the statesman actually included his football statistics in this article, instead of his track time. I dug them up, 48 catches, < 500 yards, and 4 touchdowns. Even though he's a junior, if he had big time skills, schools outside Army and UT State would have been all over him...hope he works out in the long run.


Everyone already realizes you are a complete fool, why do you feel the need to keep showing it. I am curious if your mother and father were brother and sister, or just first cousins.
Really though it is good you are proud of your ignorance and not ashamed to stand up and show all the depth of your stupidity. So many try to hide it, they hide behind facts, truth , wisdom and knowledge, but you stand load and proud and do not let those little things interfere with your big mouth.

Wrong again, BoBo

He had 48 catches for 582 yards and 4 TD's. Since they don't teach this at DUI, bear with me - 582 is MORE THAN 500, not LESS THAN. In terms you can understand, if you turn the little thingy (I picked this phrase because Vandulls know all about little thingies) around so it points the other way, your statement would be correct. Ah, yes, the superior education at the University of Iduhho.

All these experts on recruiting.....

....noodleheads think they know the right players for this program better than the coaching staff? LIPS OFF THE CRACK PIPE BOYS !!!!!!!

Hes legit

Saw him this week at the camp. The coaches know exactly what they are doing. How anyone thinks differently after all they have done is beyond comprehension.

He is too small.

Sign him up. Recruits like this will bring your overrated team down another notch.

Recruiting scores unprecedented talent...

...First, the WR from somewhere who spurned full rides from Utah St AND Army and now this devastating news...a safety from Canada.

Someone needs to tell Peterson his recruiting team is cheating!! I wouldn't be suprised if we find out that there was a free pair of skates involved in this process.

Coach Pee, don't take the road of your idol, and namesake, Pee Carrol. Look what happened there. Oh sure he got a big time NFL job, but you aint no Pee Carrol now are ya??



The Quack recruiting expert...(Masoli, JC transfer Criminal, Rose Bowl Loser, Choke Artist)....laughable!

Good Riddance BSU haters

Dallas weighs much more then 175lbs more like around 190lbs. And to just give you a little preview of the olympic trials... He ran a 10.34 100 year dash at the state competition

You waited an entire year to post that?

Is that considered Tantric posting?


If you could handle the truth, you wouldn't be spoiling our social hour right now.