Texas stays in Big 12; Utah could move to Pac-10

By Chadd Cripe

Texas announced Monday that it has reached a deal to stay in the Big 12, which now has 10 schools. Texas declined an invite from the Pac-10.

That leaves the Pac-10 with 11 teams, having already added Colorado from the Big 12. Reports indicate the Pac-10 likely will invite Utah to give it 12 teams, the minimum to stage a conference championship game. The move also would cement the Pac-10 as the top conference throughout the West, with schools in the Seattle, Portland, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Denver TV markets.

If Utah leaves the Mountain West, which added Boise State on Friday, the league essentially will have replaced the Utes with the Broncos. If the Utes don't leave until 2012, the league would be able to count both schools' football performances toward eligibility for an automatic Bowl Championship Series berth in 2012 and 2013, but it would have a weaker case to make in front of the presidential oversight committee, which most likely will determine the Mountain West's fate.

If the Utes leave in 2011, only the Broncos' results would count. That would put the Mountain West right back where it was before inviting Boise State - a solid but fairly distant seventh in average team ranking.

The Mountain West still would be a better football and men's basketball league than the WAC, where Boise State has played since 2001.

Losing a team would increase Boise State's payout in the Mountain West and allow for an eight-game conference football schedule, which might make it easier to keep Idaho on the schedule.

With the Big 12 staying together, there isn't a school the Mountain West could add that would significantly enhance its BCS hopes.

The Big 12 is expected to remain at 10 teams. If the league decided to expand, that also could impact the Mountain West.

I am noticing a pattern here...

...that every time the Broncos join a "better" conference, all the teams that make it a "better" conference take off.

Utah is now the Pac 11's best option to become the Pac 12.

The Big X(II) won't be content until they are the Big XII again. Goodbye, BYU and TCU.

And once again, the Broncos are the best team in a lame conference.

Oh common

Don't be a Debbie Downer. The Pac doesn't have to go to 12, remember the Big 10 was at 11 for years. They do not need to make any rash desisions. Big 12 is not going to 12 any time soon either because to keep the league together they had to pay Texas more. Well 20 Million in exit fees of Colorado and Nebraska helps them out a lot plus they are only divide 10 ways now. They won't be going to twelve anytime soon. BSU will be fine even if Utah leaves. You have to realize this round of expansions have shown the big boys don't want to bring up and comings, they only want whats going to bring immediate dollars. That is why the 4 in MWC aren't going anywhere.

Conspiracy Theory

I'm sure all the Bronco faithful think that every time they jump conferences, all the big competition tucks their tails and moves on...for fear of playing mighty BSU. What BSU needs to understand, is the larger conferences want immediate dollars and TV market share. BSU brings none of that. BYU or UT brings both.

TCU probably doesn't offer much in TV market, since it's such a convuluted state with Texas, A&M, Texas Tech, etc.

These large conferences also look at academics, doctoral programs and current research institution capabilites. Something BSU is surely lacking, behind UI in this state. BSU is large commuter school (90% of the students live off campus) with a good football program. If and when they Build up the book side of things, most of the super conferences will be set and BSU will remain a mid level academic institution, with a good football program.

Isn't it funny...

Let's put things in perspective:

1. Boise State has been off-loading many programs to CWI. This will enable the school to focus its resources on programs that are critical to the success of the university - COBE, Engineering, Nursing.
2. Boise State does not receive the same amount of funds as the other universities (mainly the one up north) even though it has the largest enrollment. Difficult to grow advanced degrees when they don't receive their equal share per student.
3. BYU and Utah split the TV market in Salt Lake City. I would argue that Boise State and Utah bring the same share the to table for that reason alone. Utah fans hate BYU and BYU fans hate Utah. If it's "immediate dollars and TV market share" as you stated they would choose BYU for its LDS fan base.
4. Mighty Boise State has done nothing but win most of the games on their schedule - including two BCS games and their last 3 games against the upper ranked teams in the PAC 10 (Oregon State and Oregon).
5. Boise State is pressing forward with adding new dorms - the project was scaled back, but I believe the project is still in the neighborhood of several hundred beds.
6. Unlide Idaho, Boise State has been growing its academics and athletic programs at the same time. Someday, you will have to get out of your parents basement and drive down to Boise and tour through the campus to see what has or will be taken place. I think you will be surprised. New COBE building at the corner of Capitol and University beginning this summer, New Nursing Building just opened last year. New Business Development building just across the street from the stadium to be opened in 2010. Newly renovated Student Union Building, Stueckel Skybox at the stadium.
7. In the end you are absolutely correct, Boise State does have a good football team.

Incidently, you should read the Yardley Report that the vandals commmissioned a couple of years ago. I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it. Especially the details about the perception vs. reality of the school, the university place debacle is pretty juicy too. I guess nothing as juicy as having your school logo sewn on the crack of your football pants.

you failed to...

mention that the PAC-10 would add Utah to create 2 divisions consisting of 6 teams each. I can also envision the Big 12 raiding the MWC to take BYU and TCU. Yes, BSU will be the leader of another lame conference without any real rivalries.


I think your post is lame...lame thought...lame post = ...well, you know.

You haven't got the ammo nor male specific reinforcement.

Step down son.


Etiquette is a Social Disease


I think your post is lame...lame thought...lame post = ...well, you know.

Lame Conference

You are right on. When this is all over BSU will be in a non-BCS conference. Does it matter if it the MWC of WAC?

Look at BSU's 4-year grad rate, 6.2%, Idaho, 20.7%.

Now that is where BSU need to work on , not a conference membership.

Apples & Oranges.

BSU and Idaho are two very different universities. Boise Staes have a lot of students who are already established with families of their own, instead of kids who are right out of high school and live in dorms., so graduation rates can hardly be comparable. (I have no idea if your numbers are correct, but naturally it would take longer to graduate if you study part time).
What we DO know, is that BSU student athletes do much better in school thatn their U of I counterparts. Recent APR numbers glaringly show that. Those numbers are much more relevant to our discussion here. BSU is at the top in the WAC, and the Vandals at the bottom. BSU would fit right in the middle of the MWC with those numbers.


A few years ago Spear and Akey said the APR would be low in a few years after they sent many of the Erickson recruits packing.

Downright Dumb.......

EVERYONE knows BSU has THOUSANDS of students that just take a class or 2 for work improvement, pleasure, etc and these enrollees are scored in grad rates. Get a clue.....

Never in Pac-10

That is why BSU will NEVER get in to the Pac-10. The PAC-10 is made of universities that focus on Research (9 out of 10 are tier 1 level)top 100 in US , that stress graduation rates and Freshmen retention.

All BSU cares about is get more studens, all that does is water down what good programs that they might have. If BSU spent 1/2 the time and resources on the school not sports, BSU might become a school that kids would look up to.

Rather than be the fall back that anyone can get into.


poor vandud having to try to dis on BSU. Get life!


you should follow your own advice.

Surely the phonebook or Google can find a new/used life lot 4 U

Aren't they on Fairview?


Etiquette is a Social Disease


"BSU might become a school that kids would look up to."

That kids do not.....

Again, more AIR from a jealous Vandal. Who are yopu to talk about athletes and academic focus?? That's like calling the kettle black in light of UI's recent penalty of loss of scholarships due to subpar Academic scores. Like anyone wants them anyways except thugs and slugs....


You need all of the facts before you start making pronouncements about BSU. There is absolutely no question about BSU's poor showing in graduating students. The drop out rate is huge. It is also well recognized among academics that BSU is the KMart of education. If you need a translation, this means that BSU is a low performing school not known for the quality of instructors or curriculum. Go ahead and rationalize this all you want, but it is what it is. The glory it seems is in football, and that is a sad commentary on what purports to be a university.

Please quantify your statement with facts...

and cut the non-sense drivel. Or did they not teach you how to "research" information in moscow? Nevermind, I think I just got my answer. Go read the Yardley Report commissioned by idaho. I think you'll find the research a bit of an eye opener to you.

Didn't Yardley make men's toiletries?


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robert the beagle

is boise state's 4 year graduation rate pathetic? yes it is. are you suggesting idaho's 4 year graduation rate is good?

4 year graduation

BSU's 6.2 %
Idaho 20.7%
WSU 33.1%
UW 48.3%

BSU has a long way to improve.

Looks like U/I's....

grad rate is consistant with their win rate......


So? With those stats, you must be superior. I'm sure that means that 93.8% of BSU enrollments never graduate....weistard comment. Robert, got some lotion to share with the tard?

yes, they do

as do your other schools. where did you attend robert?
notre dame 89.6%
stanford 79.6
usc 66%
tcu 50.3%
where did you attend robert? lay it out there.

Please provide your source please....

Anyone can pull numbers from their butt.

Yours should be for Sportman's Dial A Prayer


Etiquette is a Social Disease

here is my resource

i checked out the beagle's claims also.

I typed it wrong!

The results were gratifying but the price too high.


Etiquette is a Social Disease

CWI Impact

CWI has only been open about a year. Won't that help BSU's grad rate as many students have used BSU as a sort of JC?

Look at Idaho's APR rate.

and kiss those 6 scholarships away.

God Bless Dennis Erickson. Idaho will be forever held back for playing in an 8,000 seat stadium that is the size of my father-in-law's quonset hut. The separation between Boise State and idaho has been growing wider and wider by the year. Back to the Big Sky where you can compete with Montana State and Northern Arizona. (If I were you, I would not schedule games against EWU since the last one was an 8-5 loss to the Eagles).


Nevada and Fresno were the best WAC teams when BSU joined...did they "take off"?

Idiotic post from you...idiotic thought from you...add them together.

No, they weren't

Nevada was around a .500 team when Boise State entered the conference in 2001, and their only co-championship was with BSU in 2005. Fresno shared the title in 1992, 1993 and 1999 and have never won it outright. TCU and UTEP were the two best teams in the league the year before BSU joined (and both departed) and La Tech won the title in Boise State's first year, 2001. Since then, only Hawaii in 2007 has kept the Broncos from claiming the title.

Nevada lost to Boise State by 52-17 in '99, they didn't play in '00, lost 49-7 in '01, 44-7 in '02, 56-3 in '03,58-21 in '04, 49-14 in '05, 38-7 in '06. Still want to claim they were the best in the WAC?

You might want to know your facts before calling someone else idiotic.

You need to learn how to read...

I said YOUR POST was idiotic...and it is. The best teams in the WAC are still IN the WAC...KNOW YOUR FACTS!

Nevada was one of the WAC's BEST teams...There were others that did leave, BUT NOT all of them left and they certainly didn't leave because BSU JOINED!

YOUR POST IS IDIOTIC! That's big letters so you can actually read what I wrote this time. Now, your initial idiotic post, with your second idiotic post is starting to add up!

Syn, Harley

The best teams in the WAC are BSU BSU BSU and maybe BSU and BSU is gone.
Harley perhaps you dont understand this becasue it has to do with money and not foodstamps but the WAC is in financial trouble and BSU is going to get millions more no matter what.
In five years the WAC will not exist and MWC champions BSU will be playing in a BCS conference.....


Here's your quote: "Nevada and Fresno were the best WAC teams when BSU joined" - that is exactly what you posted. I pointed out with facts that they were NOT the best WAC teams WHEN BSU JOINED, as you claimed. Nor did I claim the others left because BSU joined. The argument about whether the current better teams from the WAC are still in the WAC at this time, was NEVER part of the thread.

It looks like you're the one who is too stupid to know what you posted, too stupid for reading comprehension and you are the one who does not know your facts. NEVADA AND FRESNO WERE NOT THE BEST TEAMS IN THE WAC WHEN BSU JOINED - AS YOU CLAIMED. DO YOU GET IT NOW?

By the way, I didn't post the initial post, just the second one. Just more proof of who's really idiotic here - the one who can't read a poster's name.

No, I'm just kidding around.

Nevada left the Big West for the WAC 4 years after BSU joined. That left the already-weak Big West barely on life support for football.

Fortunately for BSU, the WAC came calling a year later. But that same year TCU left the WAC, and four years later the WAC lost four of their eastern members to CUSA. To say those were the "best" teams is a stretch, I'll admit. But when they were replaced with football powerhouses Idaho, Utah State, and New Mexico State, well...more to the point, the teams that made the WAC the object of BSU's desire since the mid 80's, such as BYU, had left 2 years before.

Not saying this is BSU's fault. Just saying they are unlucky or cursed with poor timing. I'm hoping history doesn't repeat, but it isn't looking good for at least Utah.

I don't know....?

Try Right Guard.


Texas got what they wanted, $20 to $25 Mil tv deal, the rest aren't going to jump without them. The Big 12 being 10 makes sense from a dollar stanpoint. I doubt UT jumps to the Pac right now, they don't like UI that much.

What about Houston?


I have no idea how the BCS selection works but is there any BCS benefit to the MWC for adding Houston if Utah leaves? Houston went 10-3 last season and 7-5 the year before. I know that is not as good as Utah but it's not terrible and the Houston market(from a MWC perspective) is huge. Just curious about the BCS benefits of Houston.

Houston means the last day of the tour and we're through...

Gunning the Gatlins and having fun.


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A whole lot of maybe's

All this shake-up does is create more maybe's. I for one, don't see Utah hanging around very long, which is a real shame, because they are a terrific team, even if it is only once in four years. Big X (Big XII) won't expand and so TCU and BYU are safe, at least for the time.

Still a good move for BSU

No matter what happens regarding Utah, the move to the MWC is a great one for BSU. The conference will be as good as it was last week.
I think there is a less than 50% chance the Utes are moving to the PAC 10, but even if they do, the Broncos will encounter much better competition in the years to come, especially in football. I can also see this as a kick-start for the basketball program. Travel distances also makes it easier for fans to follow the football team, especially to the premier games (except TCU, I will concede).
The MWC will undoubtedly have a harder time achieving automatic qualification for a BCS game without Utah, but an unbeaten season in the MWC makes for a big step towards a BCS game anyway, as we know from having been bypassed twice by the MWC winner.

I expect the MWC...........

to continue to try to get to 12 Teams by the end of the month. Utah & TCU will not leave for money only. IF they leave, it will be to join a conference that has more history, prestige, AND an Auto Berth in the BCS. I think the MWC knows they may lose 1 or 2.

One or both will stay.

Big 12 (10) will not expand, so TCU is going nowhere. Utah MAY leave for the PAC 10, I'll give that no more than a 50% chance. BYU is going nowhere. And there is NO WAY someone(Big 12) would take BOTH Utah and BYU, as they share the same TV marked.

You're probably right...

I hope so. I still think the MWC is not done yet... The next 2 weeks will tell us..

The instability of the new Big X(II)...

...is the main reason BYU and TCU might not accept invitations. We don't know the details yet, but very likely the Texas-tilt in league revenue sharing, which is what drove Nebraska off, is going to survive and maybe even worsen in the future.

The reason the Big X(II) might try to replace Nebraska and Colorado is that they have lost a major revenue stream: the Big XII Championship Game. The only way to keep that is to either get 2 new members or get a waiver on the 12-team rule from the NCAA. The Big Ten(Twelve) and the Pac 10(11)(12?) will have a royal FIT if the NCAA grants an exemption to the Big X(II) after they have both added members and diluted their conference revenue in order to comply with the rule and stage their own conference championships.

So...look for a possible bidding war between the Big X(II) and the Pac 10(11) for Utah, and for the Big X(II) to go after BYU and (when they don't get Utah) possibly TCU. All three would jump to go to BCS conferences, although they would do so cautiously if that conference is the new-look Big X(II).

Not a Bronco fan, but I was just starting to look forward to annual border wars between BSU and both Utah and BYU. Hopefully they'll get to keep at least one going.

No instability at all...the process is over. See you next time!


Etiquette is a Social Disease

So, the argument seems to be

So, the argument seems to be that BSU is a community college and should not be compared a real university...enough said.

And the hits just keep on coming....bye bye Utah...BCS...better conference!!!

harley has no brains

that is why he rides a harley. how do arrive at your conclusion?