Mountain West doesn't invite Boise State but will address issue again soon; Mountain West distributes $26.5 million

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

JACKSON, Wyo. — Boise State is not going to the Mountain West today, anyway.

Commissioner Craig Thompson announced Monday that the conference’s nine presidents have decided to wait to make a decision on expansion until there is more clarity about what will happen with conferences around the country.

Thompson plans to hold a conference call with the presidents before Boise State's July 1 deadline to leave the WAC for the 2011-12 season.

"I don't think the door is closed," Thompson said.

The Mountain West presidents want more information about the conference landscape before they make a decision, Thompson said. The presidents declined interview requests.

The presidents hope the Pac-10, Big Ten and Big 12 make their decisions first.

"That would be the preferable," Thompson said. "Whether that happens or not we may not have that opportunity."

Some other comments from Thompson:

"They didn't vote. They opted not to expand."

"The topic of expansion is still very much alive."

"It's very confusing times for everybody."

Thompson called Boise State president Bob Kustra. "I simply said our board at this time has made a decision not to expand," he said. Thompson didn't call anyone else because they hadn't shown interest, he said.

Kustra response: “The Mountain West Conference’s decision not to expand is understandable at this time of uncertainty in intercollegiate athletics. Boise State University remains an attractive school for its academics and athletics. Any future conference affiliation should support the long-term vision of the university. The most appropriate action at this juncture is to wait and see how the variables unfold. The opportunity has not been lost. Boise State will continue to grow, develop and excel as one of the premier institutions in the West, competing and partnering with the Western Athletic Conference schools to strengthen and enhance the WAC.”

Athletic director Gene Bleymaier response: "Boise State’s goal to be a nationally prominent program is steadfast. If the opportunity for expansion presents itself, Boise State is a university with a strong academic and athletic resume.”

Football coach Chris Petersen response: “This does not change anything that we have been working on in regards to football. Since the end of last season our players and coaches have been preparing hard for the upcoming season. That is where our total focus is and will continue to be. We have a very challenging non-conference and conference schedule ahead of us and we are not planning to change our goals because of today’s decision. The WAC has, and will continue to be, a very strong platform to advance Bronco football. We look forward to another demanding and exciting season in 2010.”


The Mountain West will distribute a record $26.5 million for 2009-10, Thompson said. That includes TCU's $5 million for qualifying for the Fiesta Bowl. NCAA men's basketball qualifiers also get a bonus. So that's an average of $2.9 million per school, but it's not an even split.

The WAC distribution is expected to average $1.2 million per school.

Boise State received $3 million for its Fiesta Bowl berth. TCU's check was larger in part because the Horned Frogs received the more lucrative automatic bid available to the non-BCS conferences and Boise State got an at-large berth.


The Mountain West Conference expects to hold a press conference at about 11:45 a.m.

Commissioner Craig Thompson will address the media but no presidents will be available to the media. That could mean there won't be an invite. When TCU was invited, BYU president Cecil Samuelson made the announcement. He was the chairman of the board of directors.

The league has concluded its meetings well ahead of schedule.

The press conference will air live on The Mtn. and CBS College Sports.


Like many college conferences, the Mountain West is as concerned about retention as expansion at its summer meetings.

The Mountain West presidents met Sunday and are meeting again now. They likely will wrap up their meetings today so they don’t have to meet on Tuesday morning, as originally scheduled.

Conference membership is an important part of the agenda.

“It’s kind of a two-way street,” Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson told the Idaho Statesman on Sunday. “Are these nine committed to each other … or are you looking to go there and are you going to leave for here? It’s that in general coupled with what makes us better, what makes us stronger.”

Two of the biggest threats to the long-term stability of the Mountain West might disappear thanks to the Pac-10’s dramatic expansion plan.

If the Pac-10 takes six Big 12 teams, it won’t be taking Utah.

And if the Big 12 loses six teams to the Pac-10 and at least one to the Big Ten, it will lose its standing as a conference, according to The New York Times. The newspaper cited an NCAA rule that states a league must have six schools that have played together for at least five years. It’s unclear whether the Big 12 could add six Mountain West teams (they’ve played together for five years) to get around that rule, but that’s unlikely to fly.

If the Mountain West stays together, then the question becomes what to do next. Should the league add Boise State? Hold out for Colorado? Grab them both? Go to 12 teams? Go to 16 teams?

Those are the issues the presidents began discussing Sunday and will confront today. Columnist Brian Murphy and I wrote about that debate in today’s edition of the Statesman. Here are links to the stories: news, pros for the Mountain West, cons for the Mountain West and Murph’s take.


One reason 10 teams makes sense for the Mountain West is the ability to form travel partners for basketball. However, Thompson told us that his men’s basketball coaches don’t want that. They like the Wednesday-Saturday schedule, which gives them one more practice between games than if they play Thursday-Saturday with both games on the road.

“(They think) ‘How am I going to go on a two-game swing anywhere in the league and win two games? I’m fortunate to get a split,’ ” Thompson said. “ ‘If I have that extra day to practice, I’m the best coach in America, I’ll beat ‘em.’ We have nine of them that think that way.”


If you’re dreaming of a Mountain West with Boise State, Kansas and Colorado, forget it. Kansas and Kansas State reportedly are committed to staying together. So if the Mountain West can get Kansas — the Big East might be more likely — it would have to take Kansas State. That would mean leaving Boise State out or expanding beyond 12.


Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel blames the Bowl Championship Series, Big Ten and Big 12 for the rash of realignments that might be on the way.

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Before doing more articles why not wait until something happens?

For you and Murph to continue writing non-news stories based on nothing but hearsay, assumptions and wishful thinking is idiotic and absurd and is accomplishing nothing other than making you guys look like amateur journalists.


I agree that it would be nice if there weren't so much speculation out there. If we could just live in unknowing bliss until this whole expansion thing was final, I'd be happy. But our society isn't like that. We want to know everything. Every little rumor IS news these days. I commend Chadd and Murph for their coverage. So what if it's not ground-breaking news!? They're doing their jobs... sell papers! And to call them 'amateur journalists' is ridiculous. Have you followed any other news outlets over the last few months? This story is one of the most written/talked about in the sports world... by all journalists!

Keep up the awesome work Chadd! Thank you for keeping us all informed of every little detail you find... even the rumors!



Really? "This story is one of the most written/talked about in the sports world... by all journalists!"

You don't really think that journalists all over the world are on the edge of their seats waiting for the Mountain West Conference to to send an invite to the Western Athletic Conference's Boise State, do you?

Give it a rest kid,

The people of Boise are very interested in the MWC meeting and what may or may not come of them concerning BSU. If you are not interested in what's written then don't come around.

This whole kick of yours of being more knowledgeable about other people's professions is wearing out fast.

I am well aware that the people of Boise are interested in this.

and as such, The Idaho Statesman should be providing them with INFORMATION, and not with rumors, speculation, and wishful thinking. Seriously funk, In the past week or so, what information/facts has the Statesman provided the people of Boise other than the MWC presidents would be meeting? The answer in none!

Funk, I'm not saying that I'm more knowledgeable than Cripe or anyone else it's just that "professional" journalists don't write stories based on hope and rumor, but instead the write articles based on facts from which conclusions may be drawn. What we're getting is rumor and speculation and the only conclusion that can be drawn from that is that Cripe and Murph have no idea what's happening, yet they continue to pump out up to 2 stories a day that provide the people with zero information.

I log on here to find out new information and there isn't anything new about the information I've been receiving and it's debatabale if the stuff they're printing could even be considered "information" and yes..I could I be viewed as coming across to be more knowledgeable than our reporters when I wrote and suggested to them that the bigger story, as well as their focus should be on the Big Ten/Big 12/Pac 10 considering that those conferences would probably dictate what the MWC does? well.. that's just an example of reasonable common sense, is it not? plus... in their recent submissions, are they, or are they not beginning to see the bigger picture and starting to understand and point out how those conferences (Big Ten/Big 12/Pac 10)could effect the MWC and BSU?

I'm just a guy with strong opinions about various subject matter pertaining to college football. I'm not a reporter therefore I don't have a duty/responsibility to anyone, so if you don't like what I have to say then stop clicking on my postings because you're not going to succeed in hushing me from complaining about the amount of unprofessional journalism that's been taking place over the topic of BSU leaving the WAC for an MWC invite. You do recall all of their articles stating that they were reporting that Monday(today) would be the day that they would be breaking the news to Bronco Nation that the MWC was officially going to invite BSU into the Mountain West, and now they're saying that it might not come because of everything that's happening with the Big Ten/Big12/PAC-10...well Duh!...That's what I've been trying to tell em from the beginning of all of this, right?

Somehow I knew the 1500 character,

8 paragraph post confirming the kid hypocrisy would not long to show up here.

Just a quick question, name one media outlet that prints, posts, or airs FACT only news?

Really kid,

"Funk, I'm not saying that I'm more knowledgeable than Cripe or anyone else it's just that "professional" journalists don't write stories based on hope and rumor, but instead the write articles based on facts from which conclusions may be drawn."

Reread this again and tell us it is not in-and-of itself a hypocritical statement!

Still The Step-Child

Frankly, I'm not surprised by the MWC's "non-move" today. They have done EVERYTHING in their power to keep us out, even going back 5 years. It's simple, they don't like us. All we do is beat the crap out of them, and we are still the red headed step-child. I like President Kustra a lot, but this man needs to quit kissing their backside. Unfortunately we don't have an academics strong enough for the PAC-10, but even if we did, do you really think they would even consider us? Adding BSU, Utah, BYU and Fresno State to the PAC makes the most sense. But what's the scuttlebutt...adding all the teams (minus Colorado) from the Big-12 South?? Are you kidding me? Texas and Oklahoma in the "Pacific" Athletic Conference? They really must hate us.


With the NBA finals, NHL finals, and the World Cup going on do you really think that anybody outside of Boise or the MWC really care about this?

Then why did you click on

Then why did you click on the story?

Because it's Equal Opportunity for non-monkeys


The only things I know about the internet are that it puts all the world's knowledge, entertainment and opinion before your open eyes.

And it cheeses your melon bad, check out the rage man.

Don't read them then you idiot


Hey Cripe, why do ya keep changing your headlines?

Is it in response to my criticism? Anyway, I guess after a few changed headlines you finally have the NEWS you've been waiting for.
For what it's worth, I'm Sorry it wasn't the news that you guys expected

bjc needs to be thrown

bjc needs to be thrown out of the WAC, get rid of them. They do nothing but whine and grovel about getting into the Mtn. West and it is counter productive to the progression of the WAC. OUT WITH THEM ALREADY!!!

Spoken like a true Idaho candle fan.

Beat it loser, your school belongs in the Big Sky..

no kidding

Remember, the objective of the Statesman is to sell newspapers. This wasn't a story anywhere outside of Boise. The blatant hype by these sportswriters peaked with the Sunday paper. Kustra's hype is just a shill.
These guys have been amateurs for a long time.

not a story outside of Boise?

Alright collegefan! I didn't know that, CBSsportsline, the Salt Lake Tribune, USA Today, etc. were all located in Boise.... because they all ran stories about this very subject...

All but one of the like Brooklyn Decker underclothed.


The only things I know about the internet are that it puts all the world's knowledge, entertainment and opinion before your open eyes.

And it cheeses your melon bad, check out the rage man.

Thanks for the info.

I have been wondering how the Big 12 would get around the "6" team rule if the seven or eight bolt.

The MWC B-ball coaches sound like a bunch of whimps.

kid, i recommend

you move back to deliverance and get a job as the athletic director at one of your beloved sec bottomfeeders and show the world your brilliance. it seems unfair that we should be the only ones to get that special treatment.

Oh Snap!

Careful or kids feelings will get hurt cause you pwnd him and he will notify the site that you are intelectually superior to him.......

If you and Bronco81 thrive on gossip and speculation.....

then hey...soak it up

duly noted ... prefer speculation over facts

This nifty reply from the same kid

who posted this just the other day:

"I heard from a BSU source today that....."

along with 4 paragraphs speculation...........

and then there was the other nifty reply stating ...

... if The Statesman could create their own news... then why couldn't I?

I know it's difficult for ya funk you but try to remember that I'm just a guy with a keyboard tossing opinions onto the net and I'm not a professional journalist for the Idaho Statesman tasked with providing factual information to it's readers.



The only things I know about the internet are that it puts all the world's knowledge, entertainment and opinion before your open eyes.

And it cheeses your melon bad, check out the rage man.


BK everyone prefers facts over specul;ation but in teh absence of facts speculation will do. Don't you get tired of all the anger and drama you allow this site to have on you?

It means nothing Cripe...maybe they have changed...

how they want to announce. It's been 6 years and things change.


Just a guess, of course....but hard to believe they'd make a huge announcement about their future and none of their presidents want to talk about it, which is what we were told.

FYI... this is a blog entry.

It's not a news story. Even though it's on a newspaper's website, I'm pretty sure he has a little freedom to put what he wants.

I thought...

BSU had a legit chance to get into the PAC 10? I mean, thats what I heard all season long. I guess the PAC does not want teams that log 80% of their wins against teams that win 15% of their games.

Sorry for the bad news.

True Blue!!!

Quit trying to stir

something up and go get a life. No legit Bronco fan thinks the Broncos, especially academically, are ready for the Pac 10. Get a real hobby spaceboy.

space cadet

peed in his spacesuit. there has been zero speculation that boise state would be invited to the pac 10. we are well aware of our academic deficiencies. we are also well aware of our record against the pac 10. how about those felonious ducks?

Broncos to Pac-10?

No one I read said that. In fact, there have been several articles that said just the opposite. You ought to stay better read on these things. The Pac-10 says we stink too much and would smell up their rosy aroma.

Too much No-Doz and 'Stones will do you in...

Never post and drive.

Unless you have THIS test driver!



The only things I know about the internet are that it puts all the world's knowledge, entertainment and opinion before your open eyes.

And it cheeses your melon bad, check out the rage man.

The Mtn.

I hope they can get the TV coverage in better shape than their website, unable to get the live feed about the MWC conf. Channel 7 has it on but they are having feed problems, this also appears to be a problem with the MWC side.

Well now it's wait and see what

Nebraska and Mizzu decide.

That May Be The Next Thing...

It has to be Mizzu and Nebraska's call and they may not decide until July when the Big 10 presidents next get together. And that doesn't say anything about whether the perennial squawk between Texas and Nebraska influences anyone's decision. This whole thing puts Boise and the MWC as the tail being wagged by the dog, or maybe some other organ NEAR the tail.


The Big 12 has given Nebraska and Mizzu until this Friday to state their intentions. That's why I mentioned them being next.

Do Nebraska or Missouri need the money or whatever? I say NO.

It doesn't make a dammed bit of difference to Nebraska at least. Where do you guys get these drug induced ramblings to cut and paste and which variety of five-leaf mixed with Horse feathers do they use?

Are you all the guys who got kicked out of Walmart for playing Xbox all night until it broke?


The only things I know about the internet are that it puts all the world's knowledge, entertainment and opinion before your open eyes.

And it cheeses your melon bad, check out the rage man.


So they decided to not even vote? Do they expect major changes before the July 1st deadline Karl Benson gave the Broncos? Are we supposed to feel scorned?;coverlist_photo_content

Its No Big Thing

Benson has to make some calls and he needs commitments too. Does he invite Montana and Portland State if BSU drops out? Boise will stay on unless we get a better before July.

MWC should be aggressive

MWC presidents are a bunch of pansies. I think they should be on the offensive here instead of waiting for table scraps from the Big 12. Make a contingency plan with Kansas/Kansas St. in case the Big 12 disbands and then ink a deal with BSU. You would all but guarantee a MWC team in a BCS bowl every year under the current rules and make a very compelling case for AQ status in the bull-crap-system. Plus if the Big 12 goes down and you have Kansas/Kansas St. then basketball looks really good with Kansas, Kansas St., Utah, BYU, UNM and UNLV. Just my $.02 based on very little actual knowledge and a lot of emotion.

Some Assumption That May Not Work

If all this comes about, don't count on the NCAA being around to captain the ship. If the mega conferences thing happens, the big 64 may very well opt out and start their own association that makes no provisions for upstarts and Johnnie-come-lately teams like us. Remember, this is about money, who has it and who is doing everything in their power to keep it.

Invite to the prom

This is code for we are waiting to see if a better looking date is available.Schedule as many mountain west teams as you can and pound their sorry Aces!I hope the Idaho Vandals kick UNLV`s a** next year!Go broncos and go WAC!

OK Then!

Boise State should now tell the MWC to take a hike! and then encourage the WAC to invite Baylor, K st., Kansas, Iowa St. Let the MWC have Colorado.

Take A Hike?

It isn't the MWC's fault. You have to understand this is a business decision that affects nine universities and millions of dollars. Good managers don't make hasty calls. Kustra would make the same call. Any president would.

That's the wackiest notion since the Joker (Ditching MWC is OK)


The only things I know about the internet are that it puts all the world's knowledge, entertainment and opinion before your open eyes.

And it cheeses your melon bad, check out the rage man.

Hey Chadd

So what happens if BSU decides to leave the WAC after July 1st? (but before Sept. 1st) what's the penalty? They are already giving up the years revenue, what more can the WAC do?


Not sure. I think that would be an ugly situation. Some conferences have early-exit penalties but I haven't heard of one in the WAC.

only 1 little step up anyway at best

Now just what has MWC got to offer any leftover Big 12 teams. No bcs auto bid, s---- low paying bowls and really no travel fans (thats one reason 16 team WAC folded), no tv markets and a split team income about 4/5 million below what Big 12 teams are getting now.
The Big 12 conference and whatever teams are left still have good bowl tie in's and bcs auto bowl till those contracts EXPIRE. These bowls do not go to Pac 10 just because some teams left.
I think Big 12 conference still has the power to go get good teams (not as good) even if 6 teams leave or the remaining teams are going to get big buyout for the bowls to move.
The MWC is 1 little step up from the WAC and if any 2 of the following leave TCU, BYU or Utah its no better than the WAC tv market wise and strength wise.