Report: Colorado AD expects Buffs, five other Big 12 schools to be invited to Pac-10

Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn — a former Idaho athletic director — told the Boulder (Colo.) Daily Camera that the Buffaloes and five other Big 12 schools could soon receive invitations to the Pac-10.

The report is the same as an earlier report by

3:52 p.m. — It’s time for Thursday's installment of Conference Expansion Rumor Roulette. is reporting the Pac-10 is on the verge of inviting half of the Big 12 to joins its ranks. I have no idea whether this is a rumor or if the story has any legs to it.

But what I do know is this is the type of bold thinking the Pac-10 must engage in. Sorry, but adding Colorado and Utah is a shoulder-shrugging move. It doesn’t add much buzz or, more importantly, dollars.

Raiding the best parts of the Big 12 South, however, reshapes the entire college football landscape. If the Pac-10 is going to do something, this is the type of move it needs to make.

UPDATE: Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott issued a statement late Thursday afternoon:

"We are aware of a story filed today by an columnist, speculating about possible expansion plans for the Pac-10 Conference. While many interesting scenarios have been suggested in numerous news reports, around the country, we remain focused on a thorough evaluation process that examines all of the options for increasing the value of the conference for our member institutions, our student athletes and our fans. We have not developed any definitive plans. We have not extended any invitations for expansion and we do not anticipate any such decisions in the near term."

End update

Still let’s play along and say the Pac-10 strikes it rich by getting Texas, A&M and Oklahoma to go west. It would leave two eight-team divisions in the Pac-16.

The Pac-16 East


Arizona State


Texas A&M

Texas Tech


Oklahoma State


The Pac-16 West






Oregon State


Washington State

At that point, the Big Ten decides its time to move, plucking Missouri, Nebraska and some combination of Notre Dame, Rutgers, Connecticut, Syracuse and/or Pittsburgh to get to 16 as well.

Other dominoes will surely fall — likely the SEC raiding the ACC and the ACC picking off the last of the Big East.

It also leaves former Big 12 schools Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Baylor are hanging with no obvious place to go.

And it makes life extremely complicated for the nine presidents of the current Mountain West Conference.

I believe the league is on the verge of inviting Boise State — a move that is good for the MWC and for Boise State. I will write more about this in Sunday’s paper. Again, enough presidents, athletic directors and football coaches have publicly supported Boise State that I believe a move is likely.

(Yes, I know what I wrote in late April. And I still believe those issues will have to be addressed.)

It is not a done deal, however, and rumblings from the BCS leagues could give the presidents pause.

Such a dramatic scenario — a Pac-16 and the demise of the Big 12 — complicates things considerably. And while there is no way this shakes out by Monday, the MWC presidents will have a lot to consider when they meet in Jackson, Wyo.

Does the Big 12 then raid the Mountain West, Conference USA and possibly the WAC to remain a viable conference? Or does it melt away?

Can the Big 12 survive by adding Utah, BYU, TCU, Boise State and others? Or would those schools decline forcing Kansas and Kansas State to grab schools like UTEP, Tulsa, Houston and Memphis?

Or would the Mountain West schools decide there is little reason to jump ship at that point? Would they try to get Kansas (a basketball powerhouse) even if it means taking Kansas State with them?

They could grab all four Big 12 leftovers and Boise State for a 16-team league. But the Mountain West hated the 16-team WAC and has been adamantly against going to 12 teams.

Would they rather wait, see how everything shakes out and grab Kansas instead of Boise State?

With the demise of the Big 12, the Mountain West would almost assuredly grab a BCS spot with or without Boise State.

It’s a lot to consider and, yes, some of it is extremely far-fetched. But that’s just part of what the presidents will have to sort out this weekend.

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LOL @ Texas Tech Being Invited

Small town in the middle of nowhere, zero fanbase, nothing to the table.


could you address the difference between the column you wrote about "three strikes" for BSU and MWC and the current thought. You could wait until next week, but it would be really interesting to me and maybe some others on this blog.


What has changed since I wrote that column in April is the number of MWC people pushing for it.

I spoke with several people for the April article and the sense was that the MWC would wait for other conferences to make the first move. Plus, BSU doesn't get the MWC to become an AQ BCS conference — something Craig Thompson has said would be a critical factor.

Since then, the number of presidents/ADs pushing for the MWC to be "pro-active" and off-the-record conversations with power brokers have changed my mind and I think that the MWC will make its move.

With that said, I believe the conversation in that room with the presidents is going to be very interesting.

-- murph


You are calling it now what it is. Rumor Roulette. I will say that I think this piece is the most interesting. And did I see right that Utah is NOT on the list of this Pac 10 scenario?


Yes, Utah is not on the list. Just six teams from the Big 12. That's the kind of splash the Pac-10 needs to make, if it decides to do anything.

-- murph

Utah and other MWC may not be on the Pac 10's list however

they as well as BSU might end up on the Big 12's invite list as replacement teams or at least that's the rumor that I've heard. I also heard that the MWC and the Big East as we know them will cease to exist in the fallout of these mega conferences and that Utah, BYU, TCU and BSU go to the Big 12.

Crazy times, eh?

Still think the MWC is going to invite BSU?

Thanks murph

I still gotta hate but at least I respect ya.
Interesting, about the presidents pushing for a proactive move. Aggressive and business like.... I like it.


If this really does happen, Why does the Mountain take BSU? If they can get KU and K State or Iowa State. They should now wait and see want happens with the Pac-10.

If the Pac-10 goes to Pac-16. BSU will never get a Pac-16 team into Boise again.

This is the NEW world order.

What a waste of time

How many of these stories have we heard now? Utah to the Pac 10 was supposed to have been a done deal. NU & Mizzou to the Big 10 was reported as a done deal, yet no announcements have taken place. I love how journalists can use the "a source close to the situation", he$% that could be the janitor giving us his opinion.

Conference Names

Would they change their conference names since they really wouldn't apply? It seems more movement for the big conference to dominate again.

Whoa There Buckwheat!!!

This sounds an awful lot like tinfoil hat kind of thinking. Even IF the Pac-10 folks had a mind to add some teams, what makes anyone think the Big 12 teams mentioned would be willing to make such a jump? Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma making such a move to join up with the panty-waist left coasters? The SEC maybe but not the Pac-10. They have their manhood to think about.

Mike Bohn

Of course Mike Bohn blabbed to the media as fast as he could about something that should of been kept "in house."

Have to raise the flag on this. Won't happen.

Can't see all current PAC10 presidents giving this a green light. I believe their charter requires all 10 schools to approve a conference change. I don't think WAZZU wants to be last in a 16 team conference. Bad enuff being last of 10 schools.


Power and money power and money power and money power and money.

Catnip...admit it you are drunken mad from CATNIP.


The only things I know about the internet are that it puts all the world's knowledge, entertainment and opinion before your open eyes.

And it cheeses your melon bad, check out the rage man.

Too many

16 teams in a conference is ridiculously too many. I would have 12 MAX. But 16?

It would be better if the NCAA reorganized the 120 teams into 10 12-team conferences, each with their own conference championship game.

Rumor mill for a reason ????

Just maybe the rumor mill is flying so the 6 bcs conferences can get MWC nervous enought to invite BSU and get rid of 1 of their little donkey non bcs schools in their January party. Oh dont worry they will invite 2 teams from MWC.


The threat to the current 6 BCS conferences is not the possibility of 2 non-AQ schools qualifying on a year to year basis. The real threat is adding a 7 BCS conference and knowing their BCS share will be cut into no matter who qualifies.

Big 12 news (I guess)

From the Big 12 meeting today:

Wet dream even without Sarah Palin,


The only things I know about the internet are that it puts all the world's knowledge, entertainment and opinion before your open eyes.

And it cheeses your melon bad, check out the rage man.

And once in a while

Somebody has a really funny post signature

Once in a while.


The only things I know about the internet are that it puts all the world's knowledge, entertainment and opinion before your open eyes.

And it cheeses your melon bad, check out the rage man.

Oh man.....

I was feeling kinda frisky for the first time in weeks... then you bring Palin to mind. ....Oh man, serious shrinkage.

I'm going to bed for the night and don't want to know, gracias.


The only things I know about the internet are that it puts all the world's knowledge, entertainment and opinion before your open eyes.

And it cheeses your melon bad, check out the rage man.

BIG dogs lead and small dogs chase their tails yipping

tfunk---Its common knowledge that the bcs is saying they will make Cotton bowl a bcs bowl if MWC is given bcs status. Guess what, give 1 bowl game away and gain still 1 more = 2 more bcs games for big boys and their problems go away. But dont worry they win invite 2 MWC teams so they will only gain 1 bcs bowl. YA

Common knowledge can be

a dangerous thing.

Fact 1: The Cotton Bowl becoming a BCS bowl has absolutely nothing to do with the MWC, AQ or otherwise.

Fact 2: Because of the new ESPN/BCS agreement, the earliest the Cotton bowl can be added as a BCS bowl is 2015.

So your "common knowledge" dog just don't hunt.

thanks for playing

Why would Texas and Oklahoma join the PAC-10?

Isn't that a step BACKWARD for those teams? The prestige of the Big12 is way higher than that of the PAC-10. Only the SEC can claim conference supremacy. So, again, why would the best teams of the Big 12 join the PAC-10? It's the equivalent of an All-Star in the Major Leagues going to play AAA ball.

I think the PAC-10 should invite Hawaii and Utah. Hawaii is a research school that can't compete athletically, but qualifies academically. They are also located better for the PAC-10 than the WAC. Utah is a research school that could compete athletically.

Boise State could compete athletically, but isn't a research school. Don't start arguing about their stadium size since Washington State's stadium isn't much bigger.

One reason, money!

Big 10

ESPN = 10 years, $1B
Big Ten Network = 25 year, $2.8B

ESPN = 15 years, $2.25B
CBS = 15 years, $825M

Recently signed (this is something)

Lifespan = 12 years, $186B

A combination of the Big 12 and PAC 10 could bring huge contracts.

That said, I don't think this alignment sees the light of day.

Does DEA know the source of all these great drugs?


The only things I know about the internet are that it puts all the world's knowledge, entertainment and opinion before your open eyes.

And it cheeses your melon bad, check out the rage man.