Labrador campaign gets help from RNC

The Republican National Committee is paying for two staffers to help state Rep. Raul Labrador unseat freshman Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick.

Jonathan Parker, executive director of the Idaho GOP, said Wednesday that most of the salaries will be borne by the RNC and most of their effort will be focused on the 1st District race.

"Idaho traditionally has not received funding from the RNC to fund our general elections," Parker said. But when he learned that other states receive such assistance, he said he made the case that Minnick's winning the seat in 2008 justified RNC help.

"We're not taking it for granted that we're going to easily unseat Walt Minnick and bring some balance to Congress," Parker said.

Lindsay Hemmer will be based in Boise; her title is 2010 victory director. She comes from Arizona where she ran In-House Communications, a consulting and marketing firm and worked with the Arizona GOP. About 85 percent of her salary will be covered by the RNC, with the balance paid by the state GOP, Parker said.

Jeff Ward of Post Falls will be north Idaho field field director. Ward is president of Kootenai County Reagan Republicans and a veteran of the 1994 campaign of Republican George Nethercutt, who defeated House Speaker Tom Foley in Eastern Washington and was part of the GOP takeover of the House. His entire salary will be paid by the RNC, Parker said.

Both start June 8.


That's unbelievable, let alone unprecedented. The NATIONAL committee, not the NRCC? That's phenomenal that they're that worried about a seat in a district McCain carried by 20 points.

That says volumes about how national Republicans view their chances in November if they're throwing resources from the NRC into Idaho.

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The only things I know about the internet are that it puts all the world's knowledge, entertainment and opinion before your open eyes.

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Do you even believe what you write? What did the DNC's involvement in blue Massachusetts' special election, a state Obama carried by 20%, portend for the likelihood of Democrats holding Congress?

Republicans realize they probably have only one chance to sink Minnick before he becomes nearly impossible to unseat a la Jim Mattheson in Utah. Why go cheap this cycle when investing, say, a couple hundred grand in Idaho now would mean not having to send any money to Idaho for the foreseeable future? If the RNC had done that in 2008 we would be discussing sophomore Congressman Bill Sali right now. Labrador has no money to speak of right now. Plus, Michael Steele and Norm Semanko went to law school together at GMU. That probably has more to do with it than anything.