Kustra releases statement on BCS "revenue discrimination"


University presidents and others who care deeply about what higher education stands for should take a hard look at the chart.

(Click here to link to the chart, which outlines TV ratings, attendance, rankings and revenue for the Mountain West, WAC and six BCS conferences to show that revenue does not correlate to on-field performance.)

The lesson embedded in this chart teaches that it is fine to employ a system, such as the BCS, where the revenue is rigged in favor of some, at the expense of others, regardless of who performs better. That is the last lesson we should be teaching our students.

This chart tells only a slice of the full story of the BCS’s discrimination. The revenue discrimination is even greater when deserving teams are excluded from major bowls. The BCS system is designed to make it virtually impossible for teams from outside of the six Automatic Qualifying Conferences or Notre Dame to ever win the national championship. Further, the Automatic Qualifying Conferences are guaranteed 60% of the spots in the major bowls, and barring a highly aberrational situation (such as occurred last year for the first time), those conferences, along with Notre Dame, for all practical purposes will be given at least 90% of the major bowl spots each year.

In college basketball, where such revenue and access discrimination does not exist, a playoff decides the national champion. But at the highest level of college football, the BCS cartel, which benefits from such discrimination, prevents a playoff from occurring.

As the athletic director of the University of Minnesota was recently reported to have stated: “The BCS doesn’t want to share the money and that’s why there’s no football playoff. Let’s be honest." I greatly appreciate his candor.

Unfortunately, the BCS speaks with much less candor. For example, a BCS spokesperson stated that “the best reason for supporting the BCS can be summed up in three words: every game counts.” But how do Boise State’s games count under the BCS when four of the past six years we went undefeated in the regular season, and yet never even came close to having an opportunity to compete for the national championship? How did all of those games, and all of those perfect records, count under the BCS? In fact, in two of those four undefeated regular seasons, Boise State was foreclosed from even playing in a major bowl.

But the problem isn’t with the BCS’s spokesperson’s statement – it’s with the system. It is time to revamp the system so that his statement that “every game counts” rings true. This is not a point unique to Boise State. Auburn in 2004, Utah in 2004, Boise State in 2006, Utah in 2008, and Boise State in 2009 all went undefeated but were denied a chance at a national championship by an injurious and fundamentally flawed system.

Many experts believe the BCS system violates U.S. law or at least raises very serious questions as to its legality. Some members of Congress have the same view and the Department of Justice has announced it is looking into the matter as well. Wouldn’t you think that such scrutiny from the highest councils of government would cause the BCS to modify the system to make it fair and equitable, instead of employing politically-connected and expensive consultants to cook up a menu of half-baked defenses?

The inspiring story of Butler’s basketball team tells the story of intercollegiate athletics at its best and what a contrast that is to the BCS. I have tremendous respect for what Butler accomplished, coming within an inch of winning the national championship. Boise State, on the other hand, has not been able to come within light years of doing the same in college football. But it is not because Boise State’s football team is not every bit as talented as Butler’s basketball team – rather it is because our university is never given the opportunity. Year after long year, Boise State football players are eliminated from the national championship not by any losses on the field, but by the BCS system. One of our attorneys, Alan Fishel, called the BCS system one in which even “perfection isn’t good enough.” Unfortunately, he is right, and if the BCS has anything to say about it, he may be right for a very long time. A BCS spokesperson said the current system may remain in place through 2040. In my view, this current system shouldn’t remain in place 30 more days, let alone 30 more years.

We are hoping we can make a difference and help guide college football to a system of access and fairness for all schools.

A BCS double-standard?

I linked to this in yesterday's blog when SI.com’s Andy Staples' hit this same issue. Staples questioned why the Big East and ACC get automatic BCS bids when the Mountain West and WAC have drawn higher ratings, brought more fans and had higher ranked teams.

More expansion talk

The Las Vegas Sun questioned UNLV president Neal Smatresk on expansion.

"This is a discussion of interest to the presidents of the Mountain West Conference, and what's going on in the league is something we're all watching," UNLV president Neal Smatresk said Monday. "We're considering our options, and I'm sure there'll be some discussion on how we'll maintain a strong Mountain West Conference at the upcoming meeting in June."

The Mountain West presidents meet June 6-8 in Jackson, Wyo.

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Wrong approach

Why can't guys like Kustra figure out that they can end-run the BCS by getting after the NCAA be the responsible party for national championships, as in all other sports?
Cut out the crybaby BS and be a leader, Bob!

Perfect Approach

ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!!.....and correct!!!!


That sentence didn't make any sense. You must be a Vandal.


What doesn't make sense is the ongoing crybaby crap about wanting to be a national champion while playing the weakest schedule in the sport. Get this:
1) The NCAA is responsible for national championships in all sports (excepting men's crew, rugby, and a few others) and should be (and is) the responsible agency for determining a fair system for determining these championships.
2) The college football bowls are invitational. Essentially, the exhibition games are after the reagular season.
The NCAA allows the BCS to disrupt the historical systems and use "national championship" for the BCS title winner. We couls still have split championships under this system
3) I imagine most long term fans of college football aren't happy with the BCS. My point is that it's up to the NCAA to fix it, and BSU's president could possibly do something about it by channeling energy to the NCAA instead of his predictable crybaby spiel.

By the way-this comes from a Husky. Are you Vandalphobic?

No, they just cry the loudest....

But its also nice to know Ducks and Huskies read the Bronco message boards and whine too. How come the Beavers and Cougars never B and moan?

Where is the link that the Broncos play "the weakest schedule in the sport?"


"Bronco Message Board"- Geez, I thought I was at the website of the newspaper covering the State of Idaho and all of it's universities. Can you direct me to an objective news source for the state?
You'll find strength of schedule ratings from Phil Steele's website.

This is Murph's Turf

it's about Bronco football. Go to "Varsity Extra" blog for the other universities in the state.......

sorry, couldn't pass that one up,,,,

Hey Fuskey fan, Did you know

Hey Fuskey fan, Did you know your mighty fuskies have games against Eastern Washington and Portland State on their future schedule? The PAC 10 is overrated (see Boise State win over the Ducks and the Beaver's loss at BYU). Fuskies and Cougars are lucky enough if they can put together 4 wins between them and the PAC 10's top two teams finished behind two non-BCS conference champs.

If the bowls are invitational, why even have polls, rankings and the BCS to determine who get's to play in them? Why not invite the traditional schools each year to play.

Rose Bowl - Ohio State/Michigan againt USC
Orange Bowl - Nebraska/Oklahoma against Penn State
Sugar Bowl - Georgia/Alabama against Notre Dame
Fiesta Bowl - Texas against Florida

If people like Dr. Kustra or the MWC don't and complain, the status quo rules out.

Now, can you remind us how many BCS games the fuskies have played in?

Kustra can't make the NCAA be responsible

The concept of a national football champion predates the formation of the NCAA, so the NCAA has left it up to the conferences to run their own championship scheme. Division I opted to create what has become the BCS. There is no Division I NCAA football champion.

If the ncaa can invoke the 'death penalty' and other sanctions

in the areas of elgibility, conduct, recruiting, etc, etc then they should have the power to institute a play-off system cosidering that the ncaa is the one and only governing body.

It makes sense that Kusrta and the other presidents, as well as politicians have been barking up the wrong tree all thi stime and that they should be putting pressue on the ncaa and not the bcs.

Maybe so...

No, the NCAA does not have the power to force a playoff system. The conferences must agree to one. Since there hasn't been a playoff since the first poll-driven national champion in 1901, I wouldn't count on it happening soon.

You have to understand the history and politics of collegiate football and its relationship to the predecessor of the NCAA to understand why the NCAA maintains its hands-off relationship with the Division I championship.

It's evident that theconferences don't agree on much of anything

and it's quite presumptuous of you to think that I don't understand the history nor the politics of collegiate football.

The NCAA already has a FCS 20 team play-off leading up to the championship game, so it's not as if the ncaa in incapable of instituting the equivalent at the FBS level, it's just that there hasn't been enough demand amoung the FBS members to do so because the majority of them are already reaping the benefits of the current BCS system, therefore, if Kustra and others starting putting pressure on their colleauges a sopposed to the BCS and the US court system, then perhaps, he's had a much better chance of initiating an FBS playoff.

Don't you have to clean

Don't you have to clean tables at McDonalds? I'm just guessing here, but Dr. Robert Kustra probably is more in tune with the inner workings of Boise State and the BCS than some peon responding in these blogs. Now go clean the restrooms or sweep the floor.

Welcome, Oh Wonderous King of Peons!


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Boo hoo....life isn't fair. Oh me or my what am I going to do? Gripe and complain always seemed to work with Mommy. I think I'll throw a tizzy fit. Or hold my breath. WTF? This game isn't a business for you Kustra. It's fun competition for the students, players and spectators. Quit ruining our ride. We're champions!! It'll happen!! Sometimes life isn't as fair as you'd like it to be. GO BRONCOS

Here Here!


All very true,

but nothing new. It amazes me that it is the only NCAA sport where you can tell a group of teams that you can never compete for a national championship.

Thanks Murph

Glad you posted this, it is nice to see. Any chance we can see the chart that goes along with it? Thanks!


never mind. Just saw the link. Must have missed it first time through.

Too bad

that Kustra does not care as much about academics as he does about football.

Actually he does

However, you have a good point. BSU's lack of academics is actually hurting their cause to join the MWC or the PAC-10. They definitely need to boost their academics. Really though it comes down to us as a community. Are we supporting the university other than just attending FB games? This type of support takes many many years of Illumni supporting the college. BSU's commercial calling themselves the New "U Rising" is accurate. They are rising, but have a long way to go.

Great post. As a Vandal

Great post. As a Vandal alum, BSU football isn't getting a dime from me.

But I'd be the first to donate to a fund that would help start a med school or any other vastly needed program in this state. Yes, even if it was at BSU.

I wish Kusra would use this frustration as motivation to improve BSU academics instead of playing the victim card. BSU football will be good regardless of the system in place. As long as BSU keeps improving its academics(and part of that falls on us Idahoans) everything else will fall in place.

As a graduate

of both, I dont get how vandals continue to cry about Boise St. academics. Have you been on the Boise St campus lately? I had great and lousy professors at both schools. The only difference is that I had "older" classmates at Boise St. If you want to say it isnt a traditional school that would be correct. As for "Kustra" he isnt using the "victim card." I know other schools dont go undefeated every other year so they dont know the frustration. All he is saying is the BCS system is terribly flawed like many fans are saying. Kustra has done a marvelous job as President and his approval rating is pretty high. It seems those that have a problem with him are not even Broncos anyways.

To be honest...a lot of

To be honest...a lot of Vandals use it cause we have nothing else to give BSU fans a hard time about. I know you can get just as good of an education at either BSU or UofI in most of their programs. Thats a tired and old argument.

But frankly any Idahoan should be alarmed and unhappy at the terribly low grad. rate at BSU. As a state funded school thats our tax payer money thrown down the drain when students enroll and don't graduate. I don't have the answers...you alumni who went there understand this problem probably better than I do. Maybe the new community college in the valley will help with that?


I totally agree with you on graduation rates. They are terribly lower than they should be. I was hoping other alum could kind of help answer the question.

Honestly, I would believe

Honestly, I would believe that once the programs are moved from the Larry Selland College of Applied Technology to CWI you will see improvement in a lot of areas - grad rates, additional advanced degrees (both Masters and Doctoral). They will be able to focus more of their resources to develop the areas that need more work. The knock on Boise State academics isn't tied to their undergrad degrees, it's tied to the lack of volume for their advanced degrees. The school receives the lowest amount of funding from the SBOE than that of idaho and Idaho State, yet has the largest amount of students.


The 2nd leading revenue sport for most schools is basketball.
Are you supporting your team?

Are you an athletic supporter, or merely a strapped Jock?


Facebook is the enemy of privacy. Logging into it here or clicking Like is is insanity. We are free our sites should be clear of nonsense. Demand service.


LOL was it not the Vandals that lost 10 scholarships due to academics? Oh well, doesn't really matter, that;'s 10 less they'll have to give away, since obviously takers are few and far between.......And..FYI...BSU athletics ranked 4th in the nation in athlete academics...

Really? Really? How

Really? Really? How uninformed are you? Have you been down to the campus lately? How about how they've doubled their academic endowment under his tenure? How about the new COBE building slated to begin this summer? How about the newly completed Nursing Building? How about the new completed Business Development building just completed? How about their push to add 2,500 beds for students? How about their recognition for being a universtity on the rise by US News? How about their push to receive equal funding by the SBOE compared to the u of lies and Idaho State?

where are the graduates?

Buildings don't create high graduation rates!

Where are the results in terms of student success? Boise is one of the worst schools in the country, and that won't change until Kustra is gone. He is a horrible administrator who could care less about student success.

Boise admits an extremely high percentage of applicants, and the reason is clear; they pay athletic fees, pay parking fees, pay administrative fees, and they do so using Pell Grants and other government subsidized programs. The state of Idaho loses at least $20 million dollars every year in tuition subsidies to students who should be taking remedial math at a JC, yet Boise State admits them as full-time students so they can siphon those monies and point them towards athletics.

It's a scam.

"how do Boise State’s

"how do Boise State’s games count under the BCS when four of the past six years we went undefeated in the regular season, and yet never even came close to having an opportunity to compete for the national championship?"


Play teams that matter and maybe those wins would count for more.

Here's a newsflash for you, Bob - the big conferences were the big conferences before the BCS existed. The big conferences will be the big conferences after the BCS goes away. BSU can try to follow the Florida State model. Chances are it won't work and BSU will slide back to obscurity, but there's a reasonable chance it'll work and BSU can make that leap.

Either way, don't go around asking for a handout. It's very tacky.

Playing teams that matter....

Didnt Boise St. play the Oregon Ducks the last two years? So do they not matter? You always trash on the Broncos yet you make the lamest comments to try to justify the hatred. Its tacky you find time to even post.

Teams and games that matter.

We've played Oregon, Oregon St, Washington, Georgia, Oklahoma, BYU, Utah, Louisville, TCU, Boston College, Iowa State, Wyoming and Arkansas to name the best out of conferance teams that we've come up against. No we did not win all of these games but we played when and where we could. We've also played Fresno St, Hawaii, Nevada all of whom were ranked at the time we played them or shortly before/afterwards. We now have Old Miss, VT, BYU, Wyoming and Utah as well as Oregon St scheduled over the next couple of years. Anything I've missed?? and all of those teams have gone to bowls in the last year and are expected to play tough football now and in the future.

Good effort

You've named 13 teams that BSU has played over about a decade. Not all of those teams were even good when BSU played them.

A SEC or Pac 10 team will often play more good opponents in a couple typical of seasons than BSU has in a decade, and most of the weaker teams on their schedules would beat the crap out the bottom WAC teams that make up the softest part of a normal BSU schedule. This always gets overlooked in this town, but leave the area and you'll find that most followers of college football are very aware of it.

BSU has been on a great ride and beaten some very good teams (including Oregon twice), but when you look closer the overall body of work isn't quite as impressive as most around here tend to think.


The overall body of work? What in the H@&& are you talking about? "Most around here tend to think" that the Bronco program has been rising the last 10 years and has a shot at something special the next few years. I dont know where you travel to but the places around the country Im in have nothing but good things to say about the Broncos. Well, except the bitter people in the Northwest.

You mean play teams like

You mean play teams like oregon does? Portlant State? Montana State? Are you kidding me? How about swapping the FCS schools for Boise State. Oh, nevermind, the ducks are just looking for a guaranteed win versus losing to a team that has handed them losses the past two years. Carry on ducks, way to represent the strong OOC schedule. Carry on, carry on.

Hooray For Doctor Bob!

As well researched and reasoned an argument as you are going to find on the matter. Facts are deadly little missles fired at the hypocracy of the BCS system. Thanks to Doctor Bob for his leadership.

"University presidents and

"University presidents and others who care deeply about what higher education stands for should take a hard look at the chart."

This is a grossly offensive statement considering that Kustra's BSU is easily one of the worst universities in the country. With a 4-year graduation rate of 5%, I still don't understand how this guy can get away with such ridiculously bad job performance, especially considering the financial impacts of higher education on the state.

I share Dr. Kustra's frustration regarding .....

the disconnect between performance and reward. I am also frustrated with tenured professors who should have been retired years ago, farmers who are paid not to grow a particular crop, and illegals enjoying the same benefits as legal citizens. It's not just college football, but across our society, rewards are no longer connected to performance and haven't been for a long time. Yes it's frustrating and even wrong, but it's certainly not new.

Wrong headed comments

I take great exception to some of these comments. Dr. Kustra has done a fine job at BSU. Under his leadership, the school has made progress in all areas. People who put him and BSU down fail to consider we have existed only since 1932, and much less time as a university. We are located in a state that doesn't value education and until recently, we had to fight tooth and nail just to get a fair share of the little state money available. Education is like anything else; it takes resources. It is our institutional youth & the lack of resources that make our academics not of the quality of say the PAC 10. "Commuter schools" are notorious for having difficulty with graduation rates for many legitimate reasons such as high numbers of nontraditional students who have families and work.

Regarding his statements about the BCS, Dr. Kustra's overarching point is that the system is clearly unfair and needs to be reformed. Yes, BSU does have a comparatively weak schedule, but when we play better teams we generally do well. All most of us ask for is a playoff. You win your conf., you go to the playoff and you go as far as your talent will take you.


BSU's graduation rate has DECLINED since 1999 and 2000. The school has taken on an immense amount of debt under his watch with NO material increase in academic standing.

Clearly he isn't doing anything at work besides managing the football program.

BCS is teaching true lessons

"The lesson embedded in this chart teaches that it is fine to employ a system, such as the BCS, where the revenue is rigged in favor of some, at the expense of others, regardless of who performs better."

The lesson being taught by the BCS is that MANY things in life aren't fair. The best we can hope is that these kids learn to find ways of countering unjust systems and situations by teaching them how to better navigate within those systems to make changes that will benefit many in times to come.

"Wouldn’t you think that such scrutiny from the highest councils of government would cause the BCS to modify the system to make it fair and equitable, instead of employing politically-connected and expensive consultants to cook up a menu of half-baked defenses?"

Why would the BSC care if politicians and lawyers are scrutinizing their system when they know there's nothing illegal about that system? Since the end goal is to make more money, well, there should be plenty left to throw in the direction of anyone who might disrupt that perfectly legal system...

BSU is improving in

BSU is improving in academic's and athletic's. We're not where we want to be just yet, but we'll get there. The sky's the limit for Boise State. BSU 2 UO 0 :P

Last time I looked, 'higher education' is for gettign a degree.

The shark has been overflown by Atlantis' final orbits.


Facebook is the enemy of privacy. Logging into it here or clicking Like is is insanity. We are free our sites should be clear of nonsense. Demand service.

Clearly, you must not have

Clearly, you must not have survived past the 4th grade. Gettign? I looked it up in the dictionary and couldn't find it. Is it a word only known in Oregon?

If I shredded a few of your brain cells, I am proud of that.


Facebook is the enemy of privacy. Logging into it here or clicking Like is is insanity. We are free our sites should be clear of nonsense. Demand service.

BSU needs

to focus their attention on a transition from a commuter to a traditional college. Traditional students = higher grad rates

I think that sounds good but wonder if it works.


Facebook is the enemy of privacy. Logging into it here or clicking Like is is insanity. We are free our sites should be clear of nonsense. Demand service.


uhhh, what