Fresno State’s Hill expects Boise State to get invite to Mountain West

Fresno State football coach Pat Hill said he expects the Mountain West Conference to invite Boise State soon.

“They’re going to expand. I think that’s a good move for the Mountain West right now. That really helps them. Boise is a very popular item. That’s a reward for doing well,” Hill told the Statesman.

Hill said he has told Fresno State athletic director Thomas Boeh to schedule Boise State if the Broncos do depart the Western Athletic Conference.

“I told our AD to call Gene (Bleymaier), if Boise does leave, to continue the series,” Hill said. “It’d be good.”

Hill, who has long been an admirer of the Boise State program, said the Broncos’ football accomplishments are amazing.

“It’s hard to win like they win,” he said.

Boise State to the Pac-10?

Kevin McReynolds, a defensive tackle recruit from Washington, has some interesting comments in this Bruce Feldman (insiders only) piece on

McReynolds said:

I talk to Boise State a lot. They're recruiting me too. I know they're going to the Pac-10 with this switch-up. That's what a lot of people have been talking about. They're probably going to the Pac-10.

Feldman pressed him on this, asking if Boise State coaches had told him that the program was headed to the Pac-10.

McReynolds never really answered the question:

Coaches have told (me) that they're going to certain conferences and stuff like that, but I would rather see it in the paper or at least know for sure because I can set my mind knowing that a school is going to be a certain place.

For the record, there is almost a zero percent chance that the Pac-10 will invite Boise State to join the league during this round of expansion.

Still, it is an interesting piece on how conference expansion talk is affecting recruits that really has very little to do with Boise State.

A BCS double standard?’s Andy Staples questions why the Big East and ACC get automatic BCS bids when the Mountain West and WAC have drawn higher ratings, brought more fans and had higher ranked teams.

The lawyer representing the Mountain West and Boise State in their case against the BCS provides some interesting charts.

My question: How come it has not become a bigger issue that several AQ conferences don’t meet the BCS criteria that the Mountain West and WAC have to meet?

Need a laugh?

Read this story or at least the first paragraph.

Note: This has absolutely nothing to do with sports.

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That means that the rock and roll fu man chu and I are on the same side of an opinion..... I am starting to question my worldview.

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and Statesman readers expect murph to write something newsworthy

The only thing us Bronco fans want to know from Coach Hill is how many cartons of ice cream and boxes of tissues he goes through after he loses to BSU!

Kevin McReynolds

McReynolds is a loose cannon. A quick check of the major recruiting websites and you will not find Boise State listed as either offering a scholarship or even talking to this guy

Just a question, why are the

Just a question, why are the Nevada game tickets $89 when Nevada only charges $30 for general admission and $45 dollars for reserved for the game??

They aren't $89

I'm not sure where you saw this price but I just spoke to someone at the BSU ticket office and the price is $51 for the BSU section. If you don't mind sitting with Nevada fans, you can get $30 and $45 tickets from the Nevada ticket office.

"Raisin" heck and sour grapes.


Facebook is the enemy of privacy. Logging into it here or clicking Like is is insanity. We are free our sites should be clear of nonsense. Demand service.

ticket prices

Just a question, is BSU inflating the prices to Bronco fans??


Why are you even printing crap from a highschool kid who probably doesn't even know the difference between a Mtn and a PAC? My grandma heard BSU was getting an invite to the SEC, and Weistard heard that BSU was going to apply his lotion...

All of us realistic BSU fans

All of us realistic BSU fans know, there is absolutely no chance of getting into the PAC-10. It is all about the dollars and Boise Idaho doesn't bring enough to the table, it is questionable if we bring enough for the Mtn West for that matter. Some of you that spout we deserve the PAC-10 or should hold out until they invite us are just plain clueless.



Facebook is the enemy of privacy. Logging into it here or clicking Like is is insanity. We are free our sites should be clear of nonsense. Demand service.