Three veterans, including two GOP lawmakers, call on Ward to quit race

State Reps. Marv Hagedorn of Meridian and Jim Clark of Hayden Lake called on 1st District congressional candidate Vaughn Ward to withdraw from the May 25 primary.

Hagedorn, retired from the Navy, and Clark, retired from the Army, were joined by Joe Rogan, an Air Force retiree and Eagle real estate agent.

The three support Rep. Raul Labrador, Ward's opponent. They criticized Ward's conduct as a candidate who serves in the Marine Reserve. Hagedorn also wrote Ward an
open letter.

The Ward campaign did not respond to a request for comment Thursday.

The news release from Hagedorn, Clark and Rogan follows, in full:


(Meridian, Idaho). Three military veterans issued a press statement today, calling upon Vaughn Ward to withdraw from the congressional race.

“I believe it is time for Ward to honor the uniform and withdraw,” said retired USAF LT. Colonel Joseph V. Rogan. “This latest fiasco on his website – where he again plagiarized position statements from another candidate is just the last straw. Making it even more incredible is the fact that he copied statements about Iraq and the military operations underway there. You’d think this was the one area he might be prepared to speak from the heart.”

Rogan was joined by State Rep. Marv Hagedorn, a retired Navy Mustang.

“I am incensed that Vaughn Ward has run on his Marine Corps record while dishonoring the uniform,” Hagedorn said. “It is clear that Ward publicly lied about his chain of command telling him he could not release a letter of reprimand. None of these things in and of themselves may seem significant to outsiders, but within the military, honor is everything.”

Hagedorn provided members of the media with a copy of a Statesman article in which it was revealed that claims made by Ward about his superior officer telling him not to release a letter of reprimand were simply false.

Hagedorn also issued an open letter he has sent Ward in which he outlined his numerous disappointments with Ward.

They were joined by State Rep. Jim Clark, Coeur d’Alene, a retired US Army Lt. Colonel.

“I don’t want to cast aspersions on Ward’s service to his nation,” Clark said in a prepared statement. “But his misuse of his military service and the way he’s run this campaign raise real questions in my mind about his integrity. I just don’t see how he can survive the scrutiny of a general election campaign against Walt Minnick. I fear we are nowhere near the bottom of Ward’s deceptions.”

Rogan an Eagle real estate agent, went on to ask for Ward to honor the Marine Corps uniform:

“As a guy we don’t really know, the only thing we have had to judge Ward by is his uniform and his word,” Rogan said. “The fraud he’s perpetrated on the people of Idaho has been exposed. Now we cannot take him at his word, because we don’t know which words are his and which are stolen. What Major Ward has left is the uniform. I hope and pray he will not further discredit the military and honorably withdraw.”


Very powerful letter. I wonder if we will hear a response from VW or if he'll try to ignore it.

It's time someone stepped up and said what needs to be said!

Doesn't this guy realize he is carrying too much baggage to beat Minnick in the fall?

Minnick would have to rob a liquor store to lose in the fall,

or invite Obama to campaign.

They'll have to BUY the beer this time.


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wild horses

Popkey writes, "State Rep. Marv Hagedorn, a retired Navy Mustang"

Ya, Dan, you might explain to your readers what a Navy Mustang is,,, if you know.

Navy Mustang

In Navy-speak, a "Mustang" is an officer with prior enlisted service. Some apply the term only to Limited Duty Officers, but it can be applied to everyone, even Line Officers, with prior enlisted time.


It's ironic that Rep. Hagedorn advises not to "overplay his military experience".

Yet he has the letterhead and the closing doing the exact same thing. OVERPLAYED. OVERUSED.

His (Hagedorn) website even flaunts his children's military service.

Clark's site is just as loud about his 20 years.

And Rogan's business website has the first sentence announcing his service. In the fact the whole home page, that's mostly whats's mentioned. (Oh okay,I use him as realtor cuz he was in the Air Force).

IMO you do your time, do your service, don't whine about it, don't brag about it, get back home safely and encourage others to do the same.

NO ONE owes you anything special, and you don't deserve ANYTHING more than the next fellow.

It's an honor to serve, not a sacrifice, and your service doesn't give you the right to critize others service.

These three are just as wrong as Ward. Their "politics" is not a positive impression here.


"It's an honor to serve, not a sacrifice, and your service doesn't give you the right to critize others service."--I reckon you were yelling just as loud when they swiftboated Kerry?

The whole thing is gonna need TP if kept up.

Ward is either an idiot or a sacrificial weapon, much like the McCain campaign was used to short circuit the Republicans and boost the Obama run.

Anybody who hasn't noticed this trend is not looking very hard.

If it's not Oscar material and doesn't quite fit the Emmy mold it's still a kind of play acting not seen in a LONG time.

Act accordingly yourselves.


Facebook is the enemy of privacy. Logging into it here or clicking Like is is insanity. We are free our sites should be clear of nonsense. Demand service.

Don't critize, unless you stoop to Richard Blumenthal's level.



Fill me in Sliptream cuz I lost my phone book and my mind's dialing vague rememberances and getting a phone co. message.


Facebook is the enemy of privacy. Logging into it here or clicking Like is is insanity. We are free our sites should be clear of nonsense. Demand service.


He's a dick

Then this story would never make the IS site...


Facebook is the enemy of privacy. Logging into it here or clicking Like is is insanity. We are free our sites should be clear of nonsense. Demand service.

He's in my life, now he's in yours.

your welcome

I think there is a difference

If someone has a military record and service, I think that pertenant and is right to point out. But it should only be your main focus if you are running for an office that has something to do with your service.

Ward is a one trick pony, all he brings to the table is what he calls "Leadership" that he has gained through his military experience. Using that logic, almost every Idahoan that's worn a uniform has some sort of "Leadership" training. What else does he bring to the table? No doubt he has thoughts, ideas and concerns with what the federal government is doing, heck I'm sure we all do. So I ask again, what does he bring to the table that 1/2 of Idahoans that can speak as well as Obama also can?

We've already elected someone that's nothing more than a great mouthpeace as President, haven't we learned our lesson yet?

exactly the point

so apparently you dont get it. they are proud of their military exp which they should be, but they are not using it to run for congress.

Read their websites

They ARE using it to run for congress and SELL real estate.


Add another vet to this list

Ward needs to step down. Besides being guilty of conduct unbecoming with the plagiarism, his conduct and ignorance during the recent debate (Puerto Rico a FOREIGN COUNTRY?!?) is downright disgraceful. The above commentor is right - he has no chance of beating Minnick. I'll vote for someone who has a real record of voting to represent Idaho's values, which Minnick has, before I'll vote for Ward. Labrador has a real record and you know where he stands, and has real experience on the hot issues facing the nation.

Also disgraceful is the Republican Party establishment in D.C. who air-dropped this carpet-bagging fake on the people of Idaho, expecting that we need to keep our yokel mouths shut and just accept Ward's xerox'ed talking points at face value.

Ward is nothing more than the D.C. good-ol boy's lapdog, and he's a dim one at that. Ward, Palin, and the RINO McCain machine from whence they came can all go pound sand for thinking we'll toe the line for these fools who put party before principle.

Semper Fi don't apply to politics...

And I'm sure he was counting on that.

Dan Popkey's article today on Ward

With such prominent Republicans repudiating Ward, it will be difficult for him to avoid the egg-colored material on his uniform. Were he to withdraw today, I'll bet that Sarah Palin would find a very good reason to have a conflicting schedule that prevents her from coming to Boise. When that egg-colored material starts flying, people quickly scatter. Bill

I appreciate you vets speaking out

Ward is a poser -- a real disappointment. He reminds me of the haughty John Kerry, who served in Vietnam by the way. Very sad how Ward referred to Puerto Rico, which is an American territory that he took a sworn oath to protect.

Palin's rah rah Ward

Should be interesting.

This is wonderful to watch, really

You couldn't have written a weirder version of the Republican party doing everything it could to re-elect Minnick if you'd tried. It's bizarre and amusing. At this point the damage is done, I don't know that Ward stepping down would do much to help Labrador.

The problem with the RAT RACE is . ..

Even if you win, you're still a rat. Good luck to both candidates. May the most qualified, Labrador, most experienced, Labrador, actual Idaho resident, Labrador, dedicated public servant, Labrador, WIN. Yes I am voting for Raul.