Gallery Alexa Rose expands its mission

Alexa Rose Howell   Photo by Chris Butler/Idaho Statesman

Artist Alexa Howell brought together a diverse group of young emerging artists to create her Gallery Alexa Rose, 280 N. 8th St., in the basement courtyard of the Idaho Building.

The idea was they would create their own shows and run the gallery.

It was an ambitious idea but with so many artists to corral, and so little time between shows, it was hard to keep the momentum. Plus, it's a large space to fill. So, now Howell has come up with another interesting idea: to invite freelance curators and other artists to create exhibits through December. Each one will have a First Thursday opening and the exhibits will be on display most of each month.

Here’s the schedule so far:

June 3: Graphic artist Lance Brown and friends present “Where the Art Is.”
June 10: Boise public schools AP Art classes, curated by Cathy Mansell and Boise Schools art teachers.
July 1: Marie Mortenson and friends will show chandeliers and interesting things.
Aug. 5: April Van de Grift will curate a show of area Illustrators.
Sept. 2: Curator TBD.
Oct. 7: Star Moxley installation
Nov. 4: Star Moxley and friends celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).
Dec. 2: Alexa Rose and JanyRae Seda (tentative).

If you're interested in exhibiting in the space, contact Howell at

I hope they have a roof or that might be a good mission!


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