Boise State-to-Mountain West speculation, rumors and reports heat up — again

Brian Murphy

The long-simmering Boise State to the Mountain West Conference story erupted once again Friday.

Yes, it makes sense. The Mountain West is trying to improve its case for an automatic berth in the Bowl Championship Series. The Broncos, members of the Western Athletic Conference, have long cherished a spot in the more geographically friendly and better-respected Mountain West.

As I wrote recently, the timing for such a move is not great.

All of the issues in that piece remain.

I spoke with WAC commissioner Karl Benson on Friday and he said little has changed in the last month on the topic.

What has changed, however, is the flurry of stories about Boise State’s potential move that came out Thursday and Friday.

My colleague Chadd Cripe has more details.

• A Fresno (Calif.) television station reported, without source attribution, that the Mountain West will invite Boise State.

• ESPN college football reporter Joe Scad said on Twitter and on College Football Live that “Re: Boise, two people close to situation said MWC more likely than not to offer membership in June.”

Note that Schad’s report does not say it is a done deal. More “likely than not” could mean 51-49 or 60-40 or 90-10.

I am more inclined to believe Schad’s report because

A.) It jives more closely with the reporting I have done on the topic that no decision has been finalized.

B.) It has at least a hint of attribution.

C.) The Fresno station buried the story behind a WAC softball recap, not what you would expect from a breaking national story.

Once those reports were out there, others ran wild. Local TV station KTRV, Fox 12, reported it as a done deal, again without attribution.

This story is not going away. It will be a hot topic until the Mountain West presidents meet next month and make a decision. It is up to those nine presidents to determine whether or not to invite the Broncos and no one I have spoken with knows with any certainty how those nine presidents will vote.

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Murph, Have You Tried Contacting Schad?

Perhaps find out if he's regurgitating the Fresno News Station's story, or if his sources are different. Thanks for the report


At some point will you just resign....? the Seattle Mariners are going to the series. A "final dagger" for BSU's BCS hopes last year, BSU has strike three against going to the MWC... on and on and on....
You often come off as a negative wet blanket at best and as a naysayer who is ignorant of BSU's situation at worst. Perhaps not being form these parts has some effect. You cant expect people not to see through your 51-49 issue.... you are rarely right in your prognostications. Seriously dude, get a prozac or something life is not always cynical and bad. Smile, be positive (or at least logical) and who knows maybe women will talk to you.

Buck up little buddy... Suicide is never the answer. Boise is a bodaciously small town, a rest stop on the road to a ski resort, I cant even get real drugs here.



I love that movie!

Sayin' it for too long.

I've been sayin Murphy is a hatin train wreck for as long as the statesman has been employing that clown. GET OUT, AND TAKE THAT JOKE PRATER W/ YOU. TIME IS UP !

tell me about it

check this out!

Murphy, you Bronco hating

Murphy, you Bronco hating hack. Please, please go back to the deep south where your level of 'intellect' belongs. Your bias is far from objective and you'll never be able to admit you are so wrong. And please take that hack from Utah with you when you leave.


I thought we were supposed to be open to those individuals who have different opinions. I welcome his opinions as well as Chad's because they both bring up good points. Who's the "hack from Utah" you are referring to? I don't see what you accomplish by putting him down. Maybe he is doing his job the right way and getting you riled up reflects that.

It is worth noting balanced

that Murph (a sports columnist) within the past year has written the following....
The Mariners would meet the Rockies in the World series.
That BSU would not go to a BCS game last year (with 3 or 4 games left)
And a week before the story breaks all over the nation how BSU has strike three in joining the MWC.

Now his job could be riling people up to get readership with controversy. In which case he is nothing more than a tabloid journalist. Or his job could be to write about sports in an intelligent and knowlegable way.
In which case he fails.
Either way I think in many newspapers we are seeing just why print is dead. Grasping at straws used to not work. I wonder when these puppet news servises will be "too big to fail"
Notice also the many times in stories where murph uses the word "I" to refer to his points... I think this or I think that. I have not heard..... wierd I thouhgt they beat that out of you in journalism 101...
But contgrats to the fishhack reporter of the year in Idaho. I have often heard that newpapers are written to a 4th grade level...... I didn't know the reporters only knew how to write at a 4th grade level..... there is a big diference.

Sorry, I apologize

I have not read many of his columns and and thought someone was overreacting and being rude.


Let me give you four letters why....ESPN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My colleague...

If by colleague you mean intelectual superior and real journalist....Chadd Cripe then sure he's your colleage.

Cripe's legit. He writes

Cripe's legit. He writes both sides of a story. Not a brown nose and not a hater. The Ute I speak of is the woman beater that masquerades as an editor.

Legit reporters don't report on what other reporters report

Perhaps if the Statesman had a better editor, then they'd have better reporters


You and I agree on an issue. I dont know if that means im getting stupider or what but when I opened the statesman and saw Murphs mug on the ad for the Awards I then realized how bad things are at the statesman and if they are rewarding Murph then it aint gonna get better for a while. And people wonder why print is dying?

You mean

That same ESPN that is free to contract out with the MWC the exact year that BSU would switch?


True. Except that the MWC has its own network. Never heard of it? Neither has about 98 percent of the rest of the nation. It's called The Mtn. Please, please, please don't join the Mountain West. Please. ESPN has been good to us (i.e. Va Tech and Ole Miss).

Hey, hey, hey! Don't be so tough on Murph........

if he left town, who would the Statesman have that could cover the legislature? Ease up you guys!


The TV contract expires at the end of next year. They are free to shop it around. Sure didn't hurt TCU.

This is so like the reason they have the dumb no meth ads...


Facebook is the enemy of privacy. Logging into it here or clicking Like is is insanity. We are free our sites should be clear of nonsense. Demand service.



Facebook is the enemy of privacy. Logging into it here or clicking Like is is insanity. We are free our sites should be clear of nonsense. Demand service.