Gem State Voter Guide now available online

The Gem State Voter Guide is now available. It is a joint project by Idaho Chooses Life and the
Idaho Freedom Foundation. It is available at, in
time for the primaries, May 25.

Candidates throughout the state were asked 26 questions on subjects
including life, marriage and family, education, freedom and liberty, fiscal
and tax policy. Candidates were asked to give yes-or-no answers to positions like "Strengthen the Idaho law which prohibits coerced abortions" and "Government-mandated caps on greenhouse gas emissions to reduce global warming."

Another online voter guide is offered by the Idaho Statesman. This guide tailored questions to specific statewide and Treasure Valley races and asked candidates to answer in up to 490 characters. The Statesman guide also provides photos, biographical data, and the ability to print out a mock ballot.

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