Richie Brockel to join San Diego Chargers

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

Former Boise State tight end/fullback Richie Brockel has agreed to a free-agent contract with the San Diego Chargers, he said Saturday afternoon.

Brockel will play tight end for the Chargers, he said. He had been considered a prospect at fullback.

“They talked about me fitting into a very similar role to what I did in Boise,” Brockel said, “a lot of shifting, motioning, lining up at wing, lining up at fullback. That’s why they liked me so much.”

The Chargers called Brockel midway through the seventh round, he said. After the draft, they called again and he was able to talk to coach Norv Turner.

Other teams contacted Brockel’s agent, he said, but the Chargers were the only team he dealt with directly.

The Chargers drafted Miami tight end Dedrick Epps over Brockel in the seventh round. They also have veterans Antonio Gates and Kris Wilson.

The Chargers told Brockel they will bring five tight ends to training camp and keep four, he said.

The first mini-camp is about two weeks away. That will be Brockel’s first football practice since a foot injury ended his senior season in November — and dashed his draft hopes.

“I’m excited to stop just working out and start playing a little football again,” he said. “… I just like getting out at practice, running around and having fun.”

Congrats Richie! Go show

Congrats Richie! Go show 'em!

News Flash. Legerette Blount and Jeremiah Mesoli sign free agent

contracts with the Oregon "Cons" of the Western Penitentiary Conference. Blount said,"Me and Jeremiah should be together for the next 10 years." Ducks Coach Chip Kelly was heard to say,"I knew my guys would find a way to give back to the State of Oregon. Go Cons!"


...the NFL is starting to hold their players accountable. With Big Ben being suspended for conduct, perhaps most NFL teams are stepping away from troubled players. We'll see.

Way to Go, Richie!

Congrats! I'm confident you'll do great things in SD! Say hi to Legedu for all of us.




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You can use any words you like here, as long as you don't use actual words.

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You can use any words you like here, as long as you don't use actual words.

Four actually means three

keeping four means three active and one on the practice squad ... probably ....

Question about Idaho Vandals RB

I live in STL and the rams added Idaho RB DeMaundray Woolridge to their UDFA list. Anyone know anything about him? They also signed Jeromy Jones, S, Idaho. I understand this is a BSU board but you all seem to know your local stuff.


Don't listen to any of these bsu donkeys on this message board when it comes to anything UI. Most of these people are practically illiterate and know very little about Idaho's flagship research university.

Woolridge is a bruiser. Not overly fast, but can cut well and mow people over. UI had a host of good backs last year, he was just one component of that running back corps. He's a great get for the Rams. I hope he does well for you guys.

Sounds like Ironhead

I hope your right. I see he is 5'9" but like 240lbs? He must be a beast of a man. I know that the Vandals are usually pretty bad except last year they came outta nowhere and shocked some people. Hopefully he will make the team.

Without the Manly Vandal Beverage, of course.


You can use any words you like here, as long as you don't use actual words.

Ya Bronco fans....

know practically very little to nothing about football. As hicks, we know only just one thing....7-5 is such an awesome year. Its the best year they've had in a decade. So by all means, please listen to them. They are absolutely giddy hovering around .500. They sure know academia and athletics. All hail the might vandtards!


Maybe your crack research team can find out why the football team is so bad.
Saying you are the flagship research university, when some one asked a football question, is like saying she has a good personality.


none of the bronco fans are knowledgeable about troll football? get a hold of yourself. we realize your level of intelligence is vastly higher than that of the general population as a result of your attendance at that northern idaho bastion of higher education however, we do pay attention to the other teams in the wac. woolridge is not a felon, was a solid contributor and had some good games. he is almost certain to do better than vobora, idaho's last big source of pride.

Speaking of functionally illiterate....

Remind me how Woolridge ended up at Idaho for his senior season? That's right, he flunked out of Washington State, yet had no problem qualifying at "Idaho's flagship research university".

yeah, well you know

the whole "student" athlete thing. rumor has it that he can add.


he's a good running in my opinion, he's big i'm thinking about 260, if he's got a line he's got a chance of breaking through..

Woolrige was the reason

Woolrige was the reason the Vandals had a running game this year. He's a steam roller that can put some moves on the D also. He's also the reason the Vandals will be back under .500 this year. Don't know anything about Jones. Maybe someone in the Palouse can fill you in there.

Thanks Brutha

Rams got a pretty pathetic running game outside of Stephen Jackson, everyone here was calling for a RB to be drafted. Rams didn't draft one just picked up a few UDFA. Woolridge seemed to be the first one and the one with the most promise. I bet Jones will be cut early on. I fail to find anything on him.

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this show's you really care, you're the only one. LOL Weisberg you're such a hater.

WTH is a UDFA, BTW? Does UB40 or REO use one? NTN


You can use any words you like here, as long as you don't use actual words.

UDFA means undrafted free agent.

UDFA means undrafted free agent. Let me put it into words that you would understand....Walk on. Scholarship free. I know not about UB40. LOL.

British Pop-reggae band of the late 20th century/UK unemployment

Red, Red Wine...I Can't Help Falling In Love With You...I Got You Babe w/Chrissie Hynde. A major British band with a short lifespan in the US. Legendary in karaoke bars.

UB40 was taken from the name of the form to apply for unemployment benefits in the UK...I think the consensus was that if they bombed they still had one to file.

Now you know.


You can use any words you like here, as long as you don't use actual words.

what the

what are all you Vandal's fan's doing reading about Richie Brockel, by the way congrat's to Richie by the way.

(No subject)

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You can use any words you like here, as long as you don't use actual words.

Fooksmania, DeMaundray Woolridge was

the Vandals best running back, in my opinion. He had a good game against BSU on the blue turf. But remember, he was running behind the real bruiser, Iupati. Like mentioned before, he cuts well, and goes upfield with a good burst. I believe he was at WSU before transferring to Idaho. He should stick on his power and toughness, and help Stephen Jackson get an occasional breather down around the goal line. Good luck, except when playing the Seahawks.

A Seachickens Fan?

I guess you all are closer to Seattle than say Denver. I was
holding out hope that the Boise area was Bronco fans for the NFL as well.
Thanks for the info.

plenty of denver fans

in boise. myself, i am a niners fan. we can go around on that issue. shocked that denver blew a first round pick on tebow. no objection to drafting him but he probably would have been on the board in the third round. what do you think?

Denver went overboard a bit

Denver totally panicked with the Tebow pick, your right they could have at least waited until the second round, probably even the third. They also gave up a second and third round pick just to move up to get him. I am all for the Broncos drafting Tebow just shocked that they did it when they did. I use to live in Denver so I am big Broncos fan.

That's Seahacks, or at least I hope it WON'T be.


You can use any words you like here, as long as you don't use actual words.


I think that there will now be a large contingency of Jet fans in Boise.

Weistard: It puts the lotion on it's skin.

Probably but I only know of

Probably but I only know of one Jets fan who is a true believer (the 10+ years I've known him)...I'm looking at YOU Lennie Diaz!