State Board unanimously approves Petersen's contract; Kyle Wilson to Browns talk heating up

By Chadd Cripe
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The State Board of Education approved Boise State football coach Chris Petersen’s new contract Thursday on a unanimous, 8-0 vote.

The deal will pay Petersen more than $8 million over five years. It also provides for automatic one-year extensions each time the Broncos win at least eight regular-season games. None of the money comes from state-allocated funds.

“Coach Pete plays a significant role in helping Boise State University realize our mission and goals,” president Bob Kustra told the board.

Petersen’s total pay, including longevity incentives that are payable only if he’s still employed on Feb. 1 of the following year, will be $1.49 million for 2010 and 2011, $1.59 million for 2012, $1.69 million for 2013 and $1.79 million for 2014. Some pay is placed into a deferred-compensation plan that Boise State funds twice a year.

Petersen also will receive a $10,500 bonus for winning the Bear Bryant award last season.

That makes the total five-year compensation $8,059,553.

The performance bonuses are $75,000 for winning a conference title or $35,000 for a bowl berth or $125,000 for a Bowl Championship Series game appearance. He also can get $20,000 for posting an Academic Progress Rate of 955 or higher.

The $650,000 buyout runs through Jan. 31, 2015. It has exceptions if Petersen leaves for a lower-division school, a Division I (FBS or FCS) assistant’s job or a media job.

Petersen is 49-4 with two Fiesta Bowl titles and three WAC titles in four seasons as a head coach.


Tonight, the focus turns to cornerback Kyle Wilson and the NFL Draft. I just heard the NFL Network report that the Steelers are going to take a cornerback at No. 18. That could be Wilson.

Meanwhile, Terry Pluto, who covers the Browns, repeats what seems to be a common theme — the Browns like Wilson. They were the only team to come to Boise for a private workout. The Browns could give Wilson a big boost and take him at No. 7, but that seems unlikely. They also could trade down and take him later in the first round or use their high second-round pick to move up into the late first round. The NFL Network just reported that the Browns might just take Wilson at seven if safety Eric Berry isn't available. Even Wilson will be surprised if that happens — he laughed when I told him yesterday that some people had him going in the top 10.

Add ESPN's Adam Schefter to the list of people reporting it could be Wilson to the Browns at No. 7. In a Tweet, Schefter said he's not sure if he believes it but that's what he's hearing.

Draft coverage begins at 5:30 p.m. on ESPN, which will have a camera at the Wilson draft party in Piscataway, N.J.

Here are the highest draft picks in Boise State history:

12 (first round) — OT Ryan Clady (Denver, 2008)
30 (second) — DE Markus Koch (Washington, 1986)
31 (second) — FB David Hughes (Seattle, 1981)
47 (second) — OT Daryn Colledge (Green Bay, 2006)
61 (second) — S Gerald Alexander (Detroit, 2007)

Wilson will be the seventh player drafted off Boise State’s 2007 Fiesta Bowl team. The others:

LT Ryan Clady (first round, 2008)
CB Orlando Scandrick (fifth, 2008)
S Gerald Alexander (second, 2007)
WR Legedu Naanee (fifth, 2007)
LB Korey Hall (sixth, 2007)
TE Derek Schouman (seventh, 2007)

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Worth every penny of it

Glad you chose to give us another 5 years coach Pete. Keep your eyes on the prize of a NC with BSU. Glad you didn't let the greed take you down like Hawkins.

What about Akey's contract? Do they vote on that today?



Akey's contract is not on the agenda this month. It takes them a while to nail down all the details. Leon Rice's contract also not on the agenda.

Akey's contract.

It was voted that Robb Akey can keep his mustache (including nested food and a place for Nathan Enderle post-college career) for another 3 seasons.

The thing prevents cavities you know.


You can use any words you like here, as long as you don't use actual words.

Akey's facial foliage

has been shown not only to prevent cavities but affected his hair loss and low sperm count... according to his pediatrician anyway.

I think so you

I think so you ....

Akey's contract...

would be like red meat for me at other times. But Idaho's ongoing willingness to sacrifice themselves to Boise State year after year has given me pause. You have to respect a team that intuitively knows its place in the grand scheme of things. Like true prey animals making themselves available for the ravaging predators, they willing show up. You have to respect that. Its kind of like mother nature's way.

Well put.........

.......and Akey's mustache thing yeeeewwwww ! I think I will go take a bath in lye, thanks for the images. I know Akey is worth every penny, yes I would have to say.......... penny.


Took the words right out of my mouth. When does Horizon vote for to paint a plane in black and um....whats the other color?


black & rust. blackened rust.