Idaho congressional candidate Harley Brown mocked by liberal Web site

The left-wing TPM (Talking Points Memo) site takes after Republican Harley Brown, but failed to mention his signature claim from prior campaigns: that he's ordained by God to be president.

The posting prompted a spirited discussion, including at least one Larry Craig joke.

TPM offered some choice quotes from Brown, one of four Republicans in the May 25 primary hoping to face 1st District Democrat Walt Minnick in November.

Says TPM:

"'Nuke their ass and take their gas'" appears to be a key tenet of his foreign policy, along with 'NEVER send a Marine where you can send a bullet and ALWAYS send the BIGGEST bullet you've got.'

"He also notes: 'Congress needs someone crazy like me to combat their insanity.'"

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Not being a liberal wacko, I can't relate to their attack! That being said, Mr. Brown has been around for the last several years, aggravating the political scene, like acid in an open wound! He's never even came close to winning whatever race he's allegedly running for and is what most consider a waste of ink on the ballot! He's not the only one in this category, on the ballot, either.


It is funny that you read Harley Brown's bio and you call liberal's the wackos. Harley is a few fries short of a happy meal. Is this really the type of republican you want to represent you? Or do you not care what he stands for, only that he has an R next to his name?

Harley Brown

Too much attention gets paid to off-the-wall candidates and that is why they keep running for office. We need to ignore Harley and Sarah Palin.

Why is it

that the media pays so much attention to fringe candidates and groups? We are in a new age of tabloid reporting; most of the political stuff in the news is more suited for the National Enquirer.

Is your grasp of history

Is your grasp of history really that weak? None of this is new. Neither coverage of fringe pols, nor your disingenuous outrage. If you look back a century, coverage swings with what the public wants, from dry sarcasm to excited rumor-mongering. Get used to it.

As to this guy - if he's running for a public office, his whack-job views need airing.

The term "Wackos" has been

The term "Wackos" has been reserved for Right Wing Conservatives.
Please refrain from using it when referring to Progressive "Liberals".

We Need...

comic relief somewhere besides Congress. I know this guy and he is just a little bit short of perfectly vertical.

Ah, comic relief.

If the man looks a fool, he did it to himself. Just read his I was Super Cabby and I will save all you sinners from yourselves speech.
He wrote...
"I considered myself the intake manifold to the Kingdom of God"

Ah, the delusions of grandeur, Talibangelicals are funny.

I'm wondering?

Is Harley Brown Rancher or RedRooster?

In defense of the Media

If it were not for articles such as this, we would have never heard of the various 'nuts and crazies" that run for office in Idaho with no chance of election.
On second thought, perhaps my life would better wihout this knowledge.


Guy is never going to get my vote. Thanks Statesman.


Guy is never going to get my vote. Thanks Statesman.


Seriously though, this is why I once again will be putting down all D's on any ballot in the near future. The Republican Party is attracting all the luncatics of this country.

Popkey, your paper

Popkey, your paper consistently fails to identify the manufactured news printed by conservative outfits as “conservative news”?

More than one national media outlet reported about this hate monger from Idaho. Hey Popkey, with the weak Idaho economy trying to attract new business, do you really think defending this mentally unstable man is beneficial to our states future.

Everyday Idahoans must stand against agents of hate,Idaho is not the white racist south of the 1960 or are we? Why is there so many whites promoting hate in Idaho?

Harley Brown an extremist christian bigot whose life solutions are advocating killing those who don’t look like him or believe as he does!

Whether everyday Idahoans are conservative or liberal this hateful man is not representative of Idaho values or our families.

If you think it’s a big deal to call out & mock a man who advocates killing his political opposition in the name of faith, you may want reexamine your motives in journalism.

Harley Brown

Harley is in like-minded company with Mike Simpson who recently helped stir up the paid for mob of tea partiers with his "Kill" sign in Washington DC, Butch Otter who spoke to their group in Spokane, and Walt Minnick who accepted their endorsement in Idaho.

Hell's Angel

With an resume including US Senate and Presidential candidacies, Harley brings great credit and honor to Idaho, the United States, and indeed the human race.

He is also a member of Hell's Angels which is another solid reason to respect, honor, and even vote for him.

Also, his experience with dynamite, fuses, and other explosives is highly desirable in today's highly charged militant groups, many of which believe they are are on secret missions from god or even the founding fathers.

I'm hurt

Dan. Harley made it on Wonkette yesterday which I wrote up here.

Censor yourself, Dan! More Hiphopcrazy paperguyz swearin!


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