Virginia Tech coach puts Boise State game on par with past openers against Alabama, USC

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer said Tuesday that he doesn’t see any difference between opening the season against Boise State or Alabama or USC.

“It’s really the same team,” he said in a telephone interview with the Idaho Statesman. “You’re playing a top-five team starting out. … Regardless of what the history of the program (at Boise State) has been, the reality is it’s the same as playing Alabama, it’s the same as playing Southern Cal. They've got a quality football team. They’ve got a lot of experience back. They’ve got a great quarterback who knows exactly what he’s doing.”

The Hokies have made a habit of playing marquee non-conference games early in the season. They lost to USC on a neutral field in 2004, LSU on the road in 2007 and Alabama on a neutral field last year. All three opponents went on to win national titles.

The Broncos and Hokies meet Sept. 6 at FedExField in Landover, Md. Both teams are expected to start the year in the top 10, with ESPN ranking Boise State No. 3 and Virginia Tech No. 5.

The winner solidifies its status as a national championship contender.

“If you can beat a program of that caliber starting out, I think it adds confidence,” Beamer said. “… It would be a major win for either one of us.”

Beamer and senior cornerback Rashad Carmichael say they have had their eyes on the Broncos for years — not just since this game was announced last summer.

“Boise’s gotten everyone’s attention over the last few years,” Beamer said.

Carmichael, like many college football players and coaches, has watched the Broncos play Friday night games while sitting in a hotel the night before his own games.

“I like to watch those guys play,” Carmichael said. “They play with an excitement. They compete. I just know it’s going to be a fun game.”

I’ll have much more on the Hokies, who are loaded on offense but rebuilding their defense this spring, in Wednesday’s edition of the Idaho Statesman.

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As a Skins fan, I regularly

As a Skins fan, I regularly visit the Extremeskins boards where they have a spot dedicated to Hokies football. These guys are just as pumped for that game as we are!

Can find the VT link on where is it?

There u b T3

I just hope our Broncos are ready for Tyrod Taylor, their stud QB.

try this as well

Uh Oh...shhhh

Dont tell the haters that Boise St. isnt any different than USC or Alabama, past National Champions the last decade.

And Chadd, didnt you say yesterday that Virginia Tech has one of the best defenses in the nation? So are they reloading with great depth?

Va. Tech defense

They always have a great defense, but they lost five starters off last year's group. Nobody expects a drop-off. That'd be kind of like expecting Boise State to have a bad offense just because they lost half their starters.

Very good point Cripe

They also possess very good speed at all their positions which makes any defense dangerous.

What's he gonna say

Only difference being USC, Alabama, and past National Champions actually have a National Championship?

What's he gonna say to the papers, BSU is overated, plays in a weak conference, let's lolly gag around here for the next 5 months. Pure motivation talk, nothing more.

You know....

You don't have to like BSU football, but at least attempt to appear objective.


It's an opinion, nothing more. I objectively think that BSU has no rights being thrown in any conversation with USC or Alabama for that matter. Better?

You're right

You can't throw Boise State in with Alabama because Boise State doesn't lose at home to La-Monroe like mighty, invincible Alabama did in 2007.

Speaking of Bama's 07 loss to Louisiana-Monroe

They also lost these ...
2003 Bama lost at home to Northern Illinois
2000 Bama lost at home to Central Florida
1999 Bama lost at home to Louisiana Tech

Poor trainwreck 3

What have I said about checking your facts before you post and look even more foolish than I'm sure you are.

Hint: 1980

As far as you knowing what the coach of VT is actually thinking..........well, remove that little hat you made out of's OK go ahead.......that's walk over and take down the tinfoil from your's going to be bright so cover your eyes............Now go out and play for awhile....


OK, so I guess we can now throw BSU in with USC, Alabama, and past National Champions, because they won a DI AA championship 30 years ago. That makes complete sense now in the scope of the Beamer interview and this blog. Hey, I'm surprised Beamer didn't mention Montana in his interview...idiot.

"Gotta support the team" Take off the blue and orange face paint Puddie.

"What's he gonna say to the

"What's he gonna say to the papers, BSU is overated, plays in a weak conference, let's lolly gag around here for the next 5 months. Pure motivation talk, nothing more."

Why not, Oregon did...

Maybe that's why he didn't

He saw the end-result of all the Ducks trashtalking during the summer. He probably doesn't want to make the hype worse.

I agree T4P

....I laughed when I read Beamer's comments. Now Frank, let's be REAL HONEST; Who would you fear more? USC, Alabama or BSU?

BTW....does anybody have any links to VT Hokie web blogs? I'm sure they are kicking trash already on BSU....IF we go to those sites, it's important to be 'gentle' and not raise the "BSU is gonna stomp VT" flag. It's should be more like "Boy, I sure hope we (BSU) can win."

Those Hokies can get all fired up -- which is fine -- I just like the underdog approach.

At least from what I've read

At least from what I've read they respect what BSU can do, but they're not shaking in their boots by any means.


But, I wouldn't respect USC. They've been overrated for years.

Gee, truth

you think Beamer would rather be playing #3 BSU or #21 USC.......

I know I know, but it's USC, it's US freaking C.........

Truth be told ....

...VT is an east coast program. Just about EVERY east coast program has little (or zero) respect for the like of Boise State University. In their minds, Boise State University is out in the middle cowboy and indian country, the football team is a sad excuse for one (zero respect) and they play on some God awful blue field.

In other words, BSU is 'hicksville, USA'
they are so over-rated that it's not funny
VT will abuse and hurt them in a blow out game

all this Beamer 'kissy face' crap is just BS.

Remember, the east coast hardly considers BSU a D-1 program, let alone a top one. There is little or NO respect for BSU on the east coast. I've been there many, many times and listened to the laughter and slams for years now and I don't care what people say -- they still think BSU is that team that got blown to bits by Georgia. It's just fact.

So don't let ol' Beamer fool ya.....

Now that's funny stuff!

Ha ha! Good one truthteller. I got a good laugh reading your comments. Thanks for helping brighten my day.

If I was a vandie....

I'd try to reach for anything at all to brighten my day. Hell, its always 84 and sunny in Bronco Nation.

Landon if you weren't so pretty...

I'd upside your forehead. But who wants to mess up that face.


Hey man, that avatar is great! I get so many comments saying how handsome I am!

I forgot, Truth isnt a vandie. Some person please remind me...isnt he a Husky? I cant keep all these posters straight!

lol JL...

....I'm a cross between a Husky and a Bronco. Yes, long term dawg but have been swayed by the great Bronco program over the years so I have to admit I'm about equal on the two. I mean give me a little break here -- what have the Huskies done over the past 7-9 years besides suck. Oh....they did beat the Cougs a few times but that's like beating some grade school team.

Shoot Truth

I sat and watched the Dawgs on that beautiful lake trounce the Broncos. The Broncos looked whipped even going into halftime and I've never seen Coach Pete so p-i-s-s-e-d.

Well maybe at Hawaii in 07. He was pretty

mad then too.

I was there too...

...and it's one of a couple of times I've seen the Broncos just not play well. Hawaii v. E. Carolina was another I witnessed in person where they just lacked the 'fire' they usually have. The really bad thing? The Dawgs were pretty bad that year.....

BSU just didn't come ready to play ... or ... that big ol' place intimidated them a bit (which it's done to many over the years).

And was Coach Pete a bit hot under the collar? could see the fire coming out his ears on the way up the tunnel.

I know your comments are

I know your comments are correct as far as the East Coast mentality, but don't let your blue and orange hatred blind you... They have 0 respect for ANY west coast program (except possibly USC). The rest of the Pac 10 however, fits your comments as well as the WAC, MWC... Etc...

True Hotrod..... but my blue and orange hatred???? don't read my posts. Because I may be critical of the BSU athletic administration from time to time doesn't mean I have any 'hatred' at all. It's the opposite. I am a true fan and booster of the Bronco teams and back it up with my support.

I do agree with you that the east coast has little or zero respect for most any program 'way out west' .... USC, maybe. One has to have lived on the east coast to understand how those people think. If you're not from the east coast then you're just second or third cl-a-s-s.

Having been stationed 3 times on the East Coast...

I hate those people. They all suck.


Seriously? Nobody (other than Idahoans and Georgians) remember the Georgia debacle. I really doubt anybody in Virginia cares much about the Georgia game. You shouldn't either. It's really just pathetic that you have to go back so far.

Guy IS a Beamer. Let him play SC.


You can use any words you like here, as long as you don't use actual words.

A link to a VT Hokie blog site....

....this seems to be the leading VT football blog site. (see below)

I'll check it out

I'll check it out

I looked through almost all comments and ZERO MENTION.....

...of Boise State!! There's a story about the VT schedule and the game at FED EX vs. BSU but NONE of the comments even mention BSU....told you they had zero respect! (which is actually good!)

I've seen several threads on

I've seen several threads on Boise State on VT message boards... Mostly them looking forward to a great game...

Truth go here.

There's something there for you. You'll see.

...nothing but car photos and graphics...

....not sure what I was supposed to see.


Didn't you see the Avatar that said.... The Truth. That's you.

Hey......Kind of you Omikey!

.....I went back trying to find what you were directing me too and found "The Truth" !!

Very nice job and I thank you for your kindness. I'll even use it!

The Truth Teller

You're welcome, it's one of my favorites. Just trying to clean up the web... one Avatar at a time. I mean look how pretty JLandon is. He makes me feel kind a.... you know.....


You're looking in all the wrong places. Try There's a lot you're going to have to wade through to get to what you're looking for. I believe the first BSU comments start with the post titled "Boise State O starters... C 5-11, 284, OT 6-5, 255, RB 5-9, 168." Good luck this fall. I'll see you Labor Day in the stadium.

P.S. You're welcome. (There's some east coast and southern manners for you.)

see.....told you those Hokies were lurking in the shadows....

...around here. Many more too I would imagine that aren't saying a thing. Hummmm.....let's go see what they have to say!

Here's the message I left at for the Hokies....

BTW, This is a good link for VT football comments.

Here's the message I left our Hokie friends. BTW, what's a Hokie?

Subject: Re: Good Article in Boise Paper about VT
Posted by: TheTruthTeller on Wed Apr 21 2010 6:35:55 PM

Out here in Idaho we're all just a pile of country bumkins. Yes, we have
a cute little football team that plays on a blue smurf turf out in the
middle of cowboy and indian country. Don't buy into all the hype about
BSU being ranked in the top five along side the mighty Hokies. We're
just a bunch of potato heads looking for a nice trip to Landover next fall
to play Virginia Tech. You Hokies have an entire stable of 4 and 5 star
studs and we'll come east with our walk on players and a few 2 and 3
star Broncos looking to watch a mismatch made in heaven and to have
a good time.

We'll see you all at FED EX Field September 6th .... go easy on us,

If you have been to Blacksburg you would know that we suffer the

image of being "country bumpkins".

Blacksburg population 41,000.
Boise population 205,000.

So I hope you guys take it easy on lil ole VT. You will have the higher ranking and will be favored. So now you get to see what it's like to have a target on your backs.

Our boys will be taking this game VERY seriously. Due to the respect that our team has for the Bronco's. FWIW, I cheered right along with the rest of the country when you guys beat OU.

It should be a very exciting game. I will be there to witness the spectacle of it all soaking in every moment. It will be a blast playing against your team.

Good Luck and see you Sept. 6.

Vandul comments

Boy! You can sure tell the Vandul comments, by looking at some of these jealous remarks!

questions for training4politics

shouldn't you at least spend a little time supporting your pathetic pumas of wsu? why spend all of your time on here hating on the broncos? you state that they have no reason being mentioned in the same breath as bama, sc and others. ok. go back a few years and you can find other morons suggesting we don't belong on the same field as oklahoma, oregon, oregon state, your cougars, sc and the rest of the pac 10, big 10, big 12 and so on. i know your bigger point is that if we played in one of those conferences, we wouldn't go undefeated. maybe you are correct. but it would be difficult for a reasonable person to suggest we would not have won the pac 10 last year. i'm not suggesting you are reasonable.
maybe your name says it all. the vast majority of politicians are self-serving egotists and you seem to fit that mold. maybe it is just a name for you and maybe not. if you are training... please advise us of some past politicians you would strive to emulate. stick to your own lifetime as abe lincoln, geo washington etc i think we can all agree are out of reach.
your posts suggest you are very self important. "while boarding a plane on mondays...blah blah" if you are so important, how do have so much time to rip the broncos.
as for your claims of former athletic brilliance, you are a punk. unless you can substantiate that crap, as far as i am concerned, you are weistard's slightly more intelligent twin.
so bring it for the cougars dude. let's hear how wolff has them pointed in the right direction. this rant about how the broncos will get their comeuppance on labor is as weak as you are.

Hang tight

I'm working on my Avatar...dork.

FYI, I split my college career between UW and WSU, bet that makes your blood boil. I find great humor in Donk Nation getting their panties in a wad over those that rip the Broncos (fact based or not). Thumb your nose at the ignorant, I dare ya. But you and your nerdy crew continue to fuel the banter, let it go.

I'll gladly subside, get onto my important ways (yes, boarding planes and making fun of BSU fans cloaked in blue and orange, on their way to see Grandma), and gladly resurface on September 7, 2010 to rub it in. Now you, TFunk, and whomever your Weistard cousin is can take off the 3D gla-s-s-es and get on with the nightly World of Warcraft raid.

Here's to both the Huskies and Cougs, neither of which BSU has put a W on.