Coaches will analyze Kellen Moore's spring struggles; Southwick impresses with ability to learn from mistakes

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore’s two poor spring scrimmages probably aren’t cause for alarm, but they will prompt a closer look from his coaches.

Moore was 14-of-31 for 143 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions, both in the Spring Game on Saturday. His scrimmage drives resulted in seven first downs and three points.

Those are shocking numbers for a quarterback who is considered a strong Heisman Trophy contender and is known for accuracy and consistency.

“Kellen’s played a lot of games,” offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin said Sunday, “but he’s still a junior. There are still a lot of areas to improve in his game. Even as smart as he is, there’s still a lot of areas for him to learn more about — how he can be better in certain situations, how he can improve on some decisions.”

A month ago, Harsin talked about Moore’s flaws being so small that he was working toward perfection, And by all accounts, Moore practiced well during the spring.

But failing to produce in scrimmages was an eye-opener.

“We’ll sit back and really analyze why,” Harsin said. “ ‘What’s going on? Why weren’t we more productive with that group at that position?’ That’s something that’s definitely a No. 1 focal point for us in this offseason. … We’ve got to be more productive. Those are game situations.”

Moore didn’t say much about his struggles after the Spring Game.

“It was frustrating,” he said, “but something to improve on.”


Meanwhile, freshman quarterback Joe Southwick’s playmaking and leadership in directing the offense’s second-half comeback in the Spring Game also caught Harsin’s attention.

“He rallied those guys when we needed something to happen,” Harsin said.

Harsin was particularly impressed this spring with how Southwick responded to an early problem. He had thrown three interceptions through three practices, when Harsin sat him down and told him that wasn’t acceptable.

Southwick threw another pick in the fourth practice — then none in the last 11 practices.

“And he threw touchdowns almost every day from that point on,” Harsin said. “At that point, it clicked.”

Southwick downplayed his Spring Game performance to the media, saying he needed to move on and continue to get better.

That wasn’t just talk.

He said the same thing to Harsin when the coach congratulated him on a good spring.

“He’ll critique himself in a good way,” Harsin said.

Harsin said Southwick did make some “young, inexperienced poor decisions.” He also dropped the ball for a fumble in the first half.

“The nice thing about it is immediately he knows that needs to improve,” Harsin said.

Southwick will compete with senior Mike Coughlin for the backup job in fall camp and likely throughout the season. Harsin said he needs to identify a backup quarterback each week so the guy is prepared, but he doesn’t have a problem changing backups from week to week.

“Coughlin, I still think he had a good spring,” Harsin said. “He’s got some very good experience and knowledge of what we do. This summer, we’ll let those guys continue to battle and push Kellen and see what happens come fall camp.”

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Thought you post this morning on the "Oregon b-ball" story

If it ain't broke... don't fix it

Any attempt to improve on a system that already works is pointless and may even be detrimental.


Easy to brag about him in a scrimmage, but there's a big difference when it's game day or even a bowl game! He's still got to prove a lot before anything can be said favorably! This is just typical mental pre-season hype for players and fans alike! Gets the competition going within the ranks and builds anticipation for the fans! Besides, it gives lazy reporters something to continually stir the pot with for the next 4 months, til the season actually starts!


Chadd, Im surprised by you. Kellens numbers are "shocking?" Its a Spring scrimmage. You follow the team year around and you honestly think Kellen is having troubles? Are you just trying to find something or just trying to create a buzz that isnt there. Hes proven what hes capable of and what he can do. I sat front row for the scrimmage and I think you could write a hundred different stories. How about how Hout has slimmed down to play MLB? The stout defense with every position having young talent all across the two deep roster? Where will the new guys who havent even enrolled in school fit into this talent heavy roster?


When maybe the nation's most consistent, efficient quarterback can't put together a touchdown drive in spring ball — and the offensive coordinator who always raves about him calls him out on it — that's worth noting. And yeah, I was shocked. I watched every practice this spring and the first-team offense was able to get some things done there. For them to play that poorly in scrimmages has to be a bit of a concern. You can credit the defense, which is very good, but Virginia Tech is one of the best defensive schools in America. That won't be any easier.

I said it in an earlier post...

Maybe Moore's lower numbers are indicative of a great defense. We'll see against VT.

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This defense knows the plays way too well..........

Nothing to get worried about, the only competition at the QB spot is for second place. The whole idea behind spring ball is to evaluate players and give them something to work on over the summer months, I'd be surprised if Coach Harsin was not doing the same evaluation for Kellen.

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