Southwick's rally falls short as defense wins Spring Game

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

Boise State freshman quarterback Joe Southwick engineered a terrific comeback for the offense in the Spring Game on Saturday afternoon at Bronco Stadium, but the rally came up one play short.

The defense posted a 30-28 win when it stopped a tiebreaking two-point-conversion attempt.

Southwick and the offense had erased an 18-6 halftime deficit with a field goal, two touchdowns, two two-point conversions and a 41-yard field goal by freshman Trevor Harman on the final play of regulation.

Southwick led all of those scoring drives. He hit freshman wide receiver Aaron Burks for a 46-yard gain and a 48-yard touchdown.

“It was an awesome job of coming back and making some big plays late in the game — and that’s huge as a quarterback,” said starting quarterback Kellen Moore, who threw two interceptions.

Junior defensive end Jarrell Root led the defense with 3.5 sacks (which were worth two points each). Nickel Winston Venable and cornerback Ebo Makinde intercepted Moore (four points each). The defense also pounced on a fumble when Southwick dropped the ball while scrambling in the first half.

The game was tied 28-28 after Harman’s field goal with 7 seconds left. Coach Chris Petersen ordered a two-point play to decide which side got teriyaki bowls. Cornerback Antwon Murray broke up Southwick’s pass for Burks in the end zone to give the defense the win.

Boise State estimated the crowd at 12,000, a school record.

Key stats: Southwick 10-of-15, 191 yds.; Mike Coughlin 5-of-12, 54 yds.; Moore 9-of-19, 128 yds.; Burks 5 rec., 113 yds.; Mitch Burroughs 3 car., 46 yds., TD.


Boise State safety Jeron Johnson is on the watch list for the Lott Trophy, a defensive award that is based on play, classwork and citizenship.


A couple of media outlets have stories on Ian Johnson's attempt to make the Vikings' roster — read them here and here.

Ho Hum! sign of things to

Ho Hum! sign of things to come. Go Geldings

we have lot's of time on our

we have lot's of time on our hand's don't we..LOL you're hilarious hater...

Pretty Sad

The Boise State spring game outdraws the Vandals in the fall. Ho Hum indeed.

so true & so funny

vandalshoe pops off and doesn't realize how much of moron he is. 12000 is a big crowd for the trolls.

Don't use spring game attendance to poke at the Vandals

and especially so when Alabama's spring game drew a crowd of 91,312

talk about ho-hum!

Wow, we should feel bad

because Alabama drew 91K+ to their spring game?

Bryant-Denny stadium seating capacity in 1950 was 25,000, it took 11 years to get to 43,000, then it took another 27 years (and 6 National Championships) to get to 60,000, and then another 20 years to get to it's current capacity of 92,012.

Alabama currently has sold out every game since 1988 (which means of course, they didn't seel out every game prior to 1988)

Alabama has 13 National Championships, BSU has 14 seasons as an 1A program.

So throw Alabama out, most of us know the difference. And I doubt any of us thinks it will take BSU another 38 years to get to 60,000 seats...............

No. we should just keep things in perspective

and stop bashing the Vandals for what they're not.

Idaho isn't on par with BSU, pertaining to football, just as BSU isn't on par with Bama, pertaining to football, so no, we shouldn't feel bad, we should just keep things in perspective, which is what I was attempting to do with my comment

Hold on there kid

Idaho and BSU have played in the same conference for how many years now?

BSU and Idaho have played each other every year since 1971.

Idaho and BSU folks have had at each other for years!

How is bringing up Alabama put things in perspective?

Re: "How is bringing up Alabama putting things in perspective?


Alabama is our future and Idaho is our past

I thought it was supposed to be Mississippi and Missouri...

Y'all are plain greedy and can't stick with LA Tech?



You can use any words you like here, as long as you don't use actual words.

lol Funky..... 1950, without national televised games, without the internet and without the ease of travel, just how many college football fans actually went to games?

Nice try.....BSU's spring game was 'fair' attendance. Too bad they were charging $7-8 per ticket when they could have brought in many fans who had never been in Bronco stadium for the experience.

BTW, Nebraska had 70,000+, Washington will probably have about 40-50,000 ... so BSU, considering they only draw 30-34,000 on a good day did okay.


read the whole thread.......

It's crazy how young these players are getting......

It's crazy how young these players are getting...... Moore isn't even 21 yet according to his wikipedia page, and Southwick was born in '91...

Time to move Southwick into the # 2 spot behind Moore so he has that much more experience when he takes over for moore as a redshirt junior in 2012. Mike Coughlin has been mediocre his whole career, honestly I've wondered why he is even playing quarterback in college.

And I think it's a good sign

And I think it's a good sign when the defense plays better in the spring. Offense will always be sloppy to start.

I think come Sept. 6th.....'ll want to see defense from BSU. If BSU can play defense against a loaded up VT team then I would tend to think the Bronco's will do fine.

My prediction...

Southwick will be the backup this year. I just can't see how Coughlin can beat Southwick.

Southwick might be the starter!

I doubt he'll beat out Kellen, but could you imagine the fear/respect that would strike teams when they learned that BSU has a young talented QB that might be just as good as and quite possibly might even be better than Kellen Moore?

A few observations

The entire rotation on the defensive line played lights out. They kept all 3 QB's on the run most of the day and running game between the hash marks got nowhere. Also, Root would of had 9-10 sacks had he been allowed to hit the QB.

Southwick can flat-out play.

It also looks like the kicking game will be in good hands for years to come.

One of the best moments of the day was when the freshman lined up for the game tying fieldgoal. Just as they were about to snap the ball the defense called time-out to try and ice him, you could see the players laughing and having a good time with it. Then , not only did the kid make it, but it would have probably been good from 55 yards out.

All n all it was a lot of fun.

Note: If a BSU official reads this. Next year you need to rope off a portion of lower section of the upper level for the elderly and people with physical issues. The nose bleeds on that side of the stadium are a hike.

Bronco Stadium has ADA accessible seating on both sides

as well as the SE & SW corners and if you call the ticket office or stop in, they'll exchange your tickets for ADA seating, but you have to go through the BSU ticket office because they don't offer them online through select-a-seat and they go rather quickly and are first come first serve, so getting them in advance is a good idea.

You obviously didn't go

All tix were $7.00 general admission, the areas you speak of filled up fast. Those who weren't in the stadium 30 min. before game were trekking to the nosebleeds. My group actually gave our seats up twice and moved up to allow some older folks to sit without going clear to top.

and you obviously don't know where the ADA seating is located...

or else you wouldn't have posted what you did.


were you at the scrimmage?


and even if I wasn't, I'd know that the ADA seating didn't fill up in the first 30 minutes as you so wildly claim they did. For starters, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that these seats are, by federal law, reserved for people with disabilities, and as such, they're only issued by the BSU ticket office on a per request basis, regardless of the fact that the spring game was "general admission" I'm sure even you know that general admission status doesn't trump federal law. Anyway, the ADA seating areas, aren't even actual seats. therefore, there's no way possible that your claim that people took those "seats" in the first 30 minutes is plausible

Funk, Why is it that you feel the urge to argue against every post of mine
that I make? Do you not realize that I was simply attempting to provide you some information so that in the event that you witnessed another bronco fan dealing with an accessibility issue, that you could refer them to the ticket office for a-s-s-istance.

Same gates?

Nice post, good luck with TFunk. He's one step above TO, need I say more. I'm sure he was the one in the crowd with the full on blue and orange face paint...for a spring game. Full on velour blue BSU sweatsuit, with the Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl hat on from years ago.

Most likely related to the 2-3 folks I see on a plane every Monday when I fly out of town for work. Head to toe, dripping with blue and orange. I often ask, " vandal fan", as I walk by, just to get the priceless look on their face...

Kid, who's arguing with who,

I post that they should rope off an area for older folks and people with physical issues because I saw first hand that many people were having issues climbing to the nose-bleeds. You chime in that they sit in the ADA area, as if old somehow qualifies for ADA seating. I was there, I was sitting in the upper-deck, I saw people that didn't need ADA seating but they didn't need to be climbing to the nosebleeds either!

I made a suggestion to help people out and YOU want to argue with me. Really kid, is that important that you be RIGHT! that you will argue against setting an area aside for those folks!!?

I stand by my suggestion, they should rope an area off in the lower section of the upper (from what we saw, probably for 200).

If you don't like, tough s..............

geez man

It's not about anyone being right. It's about the simple exchange of information that you could hopefully p-a-s-s on to someone the next time you see someone who's having difficulty accessing their seat.

More Kellen Moore

I rarely criticize Bronco football but I must address coach Harsin's continued efforts to re-train Kellen Moore. About 5 games left in last season they began forcing Moore to start throwing deeper balls. This is not his natural style. His stats suffered greatly the remainder of the year. In this game I think I saw him throw 3 interceptions on long balls. Harsin! Quit it. You are destroying this mans natural talent. If you keep this up, BSU will open the season with three losses and Southwick will be the new starter. You are supposed to coach up not down. Harsin never started a football game so I am not surprised about him but I am shocked coach Pete has not stepped in and put a stop to this nonsense.


Stick to channel flipping

Moore threw 2 (not 3) INT's. One was a deep ball in which the receiver fell down (still a bad pa-s-s) and the other was a 7 yard cross that was tipped at the line. Also, go check out some of Kellen's high school film, the deep ball was very much his "style" before he even got to BSU.

For the record:

First 5 games: 92 of 132 (69.6%) 13 TD, 2 INT, 243.4 yds per game

Last 9 games: 185 of 299 (61.9%) 26 TD, 1 INT, 257.6 yds per game

I wouldn't be too shocked.....that Harsin and coach Pete know better than you.

Thanks for the nonsense..........

8 man

Yes, those Prosser, WA football highlight will prove tons...

He's a great system quarterback, just like all the others that have recently come through BSU. Is he pro material, never. CFL, but all means and will be a great college QB, but that's about it. Deep ball or not, let's not forget he plays in the WAC.

I don't recall a whole lot of spreading the offense (downfield) v. TCU, lots of dinc and dunks.

You do know this is

a football blog, you should know a little bit about football before you sign in.

hey, it's training pants

like all politicians, he is less concerned with content than he is with getting his name out there.


Yes, let's all check out his high school game film, because the "deep ball" was his style. Deep ball is most QB's HS style, especially in a small wheat town league, if you have college game skills and routinely throw deep on Timmy, John Boy, and Roy. All being the typical opposition DB or safeties he probably played against in 1A or 2A ball in Washingon. Probably 150 and runs a 40 in 5.2.

Don't blame me, it's your idiot BSU fans that keep ranting about his poor spring skills v. the up and coming 2nd stringer. Throw in the Alabama comments and we all continue to understand how "out of reality" Donk Nation is regarding their football program.

By the way, of the Top 5 quarterback ratings in DI for 2009, he was rated #2 overall. For your long ball though, he was #5 with the lowest Yards per attempt and a long TD of 67 yards. Significantly lower on the long than the other Top 4.

Let me guess trainwreck

You were 3rd string in junior high, got cut from the high school team, and were let go as the college water-boy over spillage.........

My bet is that Timmy, John Boy, and Roy, locked you in a hall locker once or twice as well.....

You'd think you could find a tennis blog or something.....


4A WA school, 3 sport letterman Soph-Senior and he wouldn't have sniffed the field @ Puyallup HS, which produced the likes of Damon and Brock Huard, along with Billy Joe Hobart.

Keep defending your Prosser phenom, can't wait til Va Tech pile drives him into the ground all day long.

Get back to work, customers need their Blizzards...

You lost me at 4A trainweck,

For the record it's Billy Joe HobErt. And he only played one year of college ball because the NCAA booted him over an improper loan.

Now the Huard brothers, well let's see, between them they had 6 years as starting QB at UW they produced 88 TD's and 59 INT. Brock was also named Honorable Mention PAC 10 one year, of course he also started the year they had their first losing record in over 20 years.

I'm afraid all three of your boys would probably backup both Moore and Southwick with those numbers.

Oh, and I couldn't find where your boys stood in Heisman votes. Well I sure somewhere they finished better than Moore did a year ago......

Wac 1

Nice little Rose Bowl win for that one year. Stick either of those 3 QB's in the WAC and I'm sure they'd put up pretty nice numbers. Stick Kellen in the Pac 10 and I doubt he's the #2 rated QB in the country (for 09).

And Oregon isn't the Pac 1 either, so don't argue the "he beat Oregon" twice logic, it's old. Whether it's Pete or Moore, or BSU, playing in a BCS conference week in and week out would prove Donk fans otherwise. Relish in your weak conference all you want and how BSU is a National Championship team. Go out and win the darn thing, so we can all move on to better things and quit doubting your logic...

Another lesson trainweck

In two games against PAC 10 competition Moore is:

44 for 66, 593 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT.

A quick check of your high school hero's game stats show that none of them had two games against PAC 10 opponents as good as this.

As for the 2 wins over Oregon getting old, maybe so but they are still wins dimwit.

Let's not forget that Oregon ended up leading the PAC 10 in scoring (36.1) last year, how many points did they score our little ol' WAC team?

Also, Oregon ended up leading the PAC 10 in rushing (231.7) last year, How many yards did they get against our little ol' WAC team?

Now pull out that paper and pencil and write "I will check my facts before posting" 50 times

Check this

Why don't you just replace Oregon with Pac 10, so we all know what you're truly talking about. Big deal, you make it sound like Pac 10 competition is something he runs up against every single week during the season? 2 games v. an entire body of work in a BCS conference? You're a delusional donk.

By the way, dating back to 1970, UW has produced 16 of 18 NFL quarterbacks. They don't call it quarterback U for many for BSU?

Poor trainwreck,

First off who's we?

Nowhere do I imply that Moore runs up against PAC 10 every week (obviously, you are lacking in reading skills as well as football knowledge). What the facts show is that when he does play a PAC 10 opponent, he play really well.

First we had to hear about your high school hero's, now you want us to be impressed with the fact that Sonny Sixkiller played a few years as a backup in the NFL.

I would have you pull out your paper and pencil again, but it doesn't seem to be working

Speaking of trainwrecks, can't wait for the VT beatdown

Go ahead and ignore the BSU QB, NFL question, I know the answer and it's an exact match to the number of National Championships BSJC has. Or will have after this season. I figured a response about your velour BSU sweatsuit would come back, must be dead on with those spring game comments...

Poor trainwreck 2

I did comment on the NFL QB dribble, I made a joke about it. It has absolutely nothing to do with whether Moore is a good QB.

You see 'wreck, I showed you how Moore has torn-up the PAC 10 games he has played in last 2 years and your comeback was to point out UW QB's over the last 40 years. Completely off point. You know I could have ask how many of those UW QB's have been to a bowl game the last 8 years?

So let's recap

1) you need at least some facts to back your claims.
2) you need to read the post you are relying at least 3 times.
3) you need to stay on topic.
4) you need to limit your time here to one day a week.

OK, I put the last one in.........

Funky.....I agree but....

....if you lean down towards the screen I'll whisper.....

( the UW does have a pretty good track record on QB's ... and Sonny was one of the worst in the next level. But many more have gone to the NFL. As for UW being QB "U" ... well, I don't think that quite fits anymore. But they have a long record of providing QB's at the next level) for Moore and the NFL? I hope Petersen hires the guy as an a-s-s-istant coach in charge of QB's!! Who cares about the NFL?

thank you funky.... beat me to it. Who knows where that guy is from....probably VT.

Moore HAS to throw the deep balls! keeps the defense honest. What Harsin is doing is 'developing' the quarterback. It's the one weakness that Moore has demonstrated that needs correction. I think Harsin is doing exactly the right thing. Moore needs practice at the deep ball and spring is the best time to get that practice. Without the deep ball the safety can cheat. If the safety KNOWS that Moore can't throw deep then he's going to cheat up into the intermeadiate and short zones. IF Moore can connect on some deep balls it makes the other throws much, much easier.

Moore and the deep ball

Last year it seemed every time Moore launched one he over threw his receiver, even Titus Young was having trouble getting under the throw. I love the deep ball and never thought Moore had the arm strength for it. Moore does have the arm for it just his accuracy goes down after 15 yards. He is better at the short ball but if Harsin wants perfection then good luck Moore can't wait to see what this year brings. "Z" finally got the deep ball down his senior year which added another demension to his game. Here's to a Moore complete QB and it's only his Junoir year.

agreed bluephan.....

....the deep ball is more timing than accuracy. If you watch film of the great deep ball throwers (Dan Fouts comes to mind) they would launch it high enough and deep enough to allow the reciever to time his run to be under the ball when it comes down. It takes timing on both the QB and receiver to make the deep ball. Soooo....while Harsin may be 'teaching' Moore to throw deep...he's also counting on the receivers coach to be teaching the WR's the timing.....other than the deep ball, what makes Moore so good is that he knows where the receivers are going to be and when they will be there and that depends on the 'reading of the defense' ... which Moore does better than just about anybody I've ever watched. Credit the receivers for getting to that spot they say, it's all teamwork. But Moore is lights out on reading the defense and knowing what spot on the field is going to be open. I'll take my coaching hat off. Besides, it's got a big W on it and it's getting pretty old.

Now I'll go put on my "I HATE BLEY" hat....(NOTE: SARCASM AT PLAY)

ha ha ha...ha....ha

Offence gets you the girls...Defence gets you the championships.

I don't think we have to worry about our offence coming on strong when the time is right, and probably rolling to a 35 point per game average. It will be our defence, however, that decides the outcome of our season. And if they keep playing as well as they have this spring....whoo-hoo!!

If I were the head coach of any one of the teams that is on BSU's schedule(including Alabama!!!), I would be shakin' in my loafers at the thought of scoring points against BSU's defence.

future reference

offense & defense. neither one has a "c."

Holy jumpin Bronco81!! Now we're going to be graded....

...on these posts by 81?!?!

Make sure you grade on content 81. Also, you might review some of the response posts and grade on the responder's reading comprehension skills. Most don't read the entire post before firing off a response.

My thanks to you Dr. Bronc 81.....

BTW - is BleedingBlue a Vandal? His spelling would lean towards being a Vandal or a WSU Coug.

Either way, you had better 'c' something!


You can use any words you like here, as long as you don't use actual words.