Ward launches first TV ad in GOP congressional race

Vaughn Ward is airing the first TV spot in anticipation of the May 25 Republican primary in Idaho's 1st Congressional District.

Leaning on a pickup truck and talking to an unidentified man, Ward says, “Washington liberals are bankrupting our country. We need to send someone to Washington who will stand up to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. We need to return to our core values of strong families, strong national defense, and lower taxes. And that’s what I will do.”

Ward, of Eagle, then gets in the Dodge Ram with the radio tuned to a news station at AM 570, which is not a station in Idaho. Ward's Campaign Manager, Ryan O'Barto, said the sound is a special effect and that the ad was filmed in Eagle. A Ward supporter provided the truck and the film was digitally altered to obscure the license plate, O'Barto said.

The ad closes with Ward joined by his wife and two children and him saying, "I'm Vaughn Ward. I'm a pro-life Republican and I approved this message."

Asked how much the campaign is spending on TV time, O'Barto said, "It is a significant buy. We don’t plan on coming off the air."

The ad swiftly caught the attention of National Review, a conservative publication that likened Ward's ad to the successful campaign of the new GOP senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown. Brown's ads featuring his own GMC pickup with 200,000 miles were wildly popular.

"This Year's Campaign Ads May Soon Resemble a Monster Truck Rally" writes Jim Geraghty in The Campaign Spot.

Ward faces GOP state Rep. Raul Labrador of Eagle, Harley Brown of Idaho City, Michael Chadwick of Post Falls and Allan Salzberg of Boise in the primary. The winner will challenge freshman Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick in November. Also on the November ballot are independent Dave Olson of St. Maries and Libertarian Mike Washburn of Boise.

How phony can a carpetbagger be?

Let's see.

He drives a truck that isn't his, listens to a radio station that does not exist, complains about Washington liberals who are not congressmen from Idaho, and then says we should vote to send him from here -- a state he has barely visited for almost 20 years -- back to his home in DC to support the inside-the-beltway Republicans who spent like Democrats when they controlled the Congress and now are backing his campaign.

Ward is a joke!

The hypocracy and right wing

The hypocracy and right wing extremism is so heavy you can cut it with a knife. This guy Ward would have everyone get in line behind his radical belief system. For one, he says its about being pro-life (this is not a belief it's a battlecry to incite the ignorant)yet he would be among the first to cheer on military killings in war while not batting an eye at the killing of tens of thousands of women and children. I'll bet he gets excited at the prospect of capital punishment which by the way is not pro-life it's pro-killing. You could take all of his distortions, lies, misrepresentations, and twisted logic that are so true to form in his political camp and stuff them all in a little box with a padlock and toss it out in the middle of the ocean and in so doing the world would be rid of the foul air that emits from such a delusional, abberant individual. Power in the hands of such a person would set back American society beyond repair and inflict the unsuspecting among us to to control by a far-right fundamentalist with a view of the world that so narrowly defines us all that our basic freedoms would no longer exist. Though I wonder, this could be exactly what Idaho is made of.

Your too dark. My take, anti govt. guy in a govt. hemi.

Should a been in a F-150.

I saw the ad.

I saw the ad. It reminded me of Bill Salie. I was thinking quietly to myself, "he's hitting all of the hot buttons", Abortion, Guns, Freedom, Idiots in Washington, Pelosi, Reed, Obama.... Like he's going to go there and "set them straight"..

Hey Idaho, how about keeping our Political Jokes at home for once?

Does The Ad Highlight

that he worked for RINO-In-Chief John "Amnesty" McCain?

Nothing to see here...

This is just an ad to get Vaughn Ward's name out there. It's got a little bit of conservative rhetoric and nothing else. It's just a "Hi, I'm Vaughn Ward - remember my name."

As far as the whole pickup truck, regular guy thing goes, it's hardly a creation of Ward or of the Republicans. Set the wayback machine for the mid 1800s and you'll see the same thing.

Vaughn Ward will give liberals something new to cry about.

Vaughn Ward will give liberals something new to cry about. However he will win this election. There are many behind his campaign already and we will join from the conservative voters and support him! I do sincerely believe he will be great for Idaho.

So now these crying haters have something new to hate and bash. Actually I was referring to myself, but you have been doing that for quite sometime.

However when you insult and make personal attacks on this newspaper, you get deleted. We are anxious for November to see people like Vaughn help us take America back. God bless him and God Bless America.

M'kay...take it back from who?

The winners of that Constitutionally-valid-democratically-held-election a few years ago?

Semper Fi Ward...but I'll be voting for the Army dog.

Did we move? I hate the cliched symbolism dulling minds and crap


This time for sure!


Don't know my own strength!


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.


The people in Florida said no to the republicans and elected a Democrat in their special election. I guess they were tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. Next picture of Ward will be of him with a rifle standing next to a dead wolf or maybe standing in a stream with a fly rod catching a salmon. How long has he been in Idaho and where did he work before?

Florida was amongs the first to bribe out to obama.

So are we surprised after they just got over 300 million of our tax dollars for selling out. Maybe this democrat can get them some more government perks? Shucks we all pay for it out of our taxes so he can just give it away.

As far as the dead wolf and the salmon. Great photo if he can get it. It would cinch the election. Oh wait it was the Washington enviros who told us we needed wolves and the local ones agreed without letting us vote on that blunder.

For all you complainers

For all you complainers about Vaughn Ward, I suppose you'd rather have Labrador who represented an admitted human smuggler who he fought to keep from being deported after serving his time even though he was wanted for murder in his own country.

He ain't his brother, don't get heavy.

He's a LAWYER, bob. You represent Gandhi as much as you represent Jeffrey Dahmer and your job is to pursue a final justice under the guide of the dictates of the legal system, as they apply at that time under the DUE PROCESS afforded all involved.

Now if you want to bag tea, bottle cola instead. If you want to get with the Hispanic thing, shut up. I don't care, it's like the Boer War.


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.

The hypocracy of it all

"Hi. I'm Vaughn Ward. A conservative Republican who worked on the presidential campaign of one of the most liberal Republican senators in recent history, lost the state of Nevada to the most liberal Democrat senator (and now president) in recent history, moved back to Idaho after 20 years of absence to run for Congress because Idahoans won't know any better, and decided to run as a conservative despite being endorsed by moderates who got this country in the financial mess it's currently in. I decided to throw the term pro-life into my campaign, even though I have no record to prove I'm pro-life because my political handlers told me to. And I'd like your vote."

I'm keeping a barfbag close for the next time it airs. A moron.

If he was a Jarhead he'd be sweeping a lot of gla-s-s.

Shout out to the leftist IT dept RUBE RUBE RUBE!


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.

Ex Marine Takes the Low Road, err I mean Sali Road

His ad is reminds me of a Bill Sali screed: God, Guns, etc. And on a local radio show, he gave a good rationale for punishing Bowe Bergdahl for being captured, you know, a good Marine would just suck it up kind of talk. Marines know they are superior to Army grunts like Bowe

Pelosi and Reid and Obama will be quivering, shivering, and blathering if Ward marches on Washington in full Idaho regalia.



Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.