ESPN ranks Boise State No. 3 for 2010

By Chadd Cripe

ESPN's College Football Live unveiled its preseason Top 25 on Friday — and the Boise State Broncos landed at No. 3.

That's an early indication of how high the Broncos will be ranked when the major polls are released in August. Speculation has the Broncos anywhere from No. 2 to No. 5.

Also noteworthy — College Football Live put Virginia Tech at No. 5. The Broncos and Hokies meet in the season opener Sept. 6 in Landover, Md. Oregon State, another Boise State opponent, is No. 20.

Here's ESPN's top 25:

1 Alabama
2 Ohio State
3 Boise State
4 Texas
5 Virginia Tech
7 Florida
8 Iowa
9 Nebraska
10 Oregon
11 Wisconsin
12 Oklahoma
13 Miami
14 LSU
15 USC
16 Pittsburgh
17 Georgia Tech
18 Arkansas
19 Penn State
20 Oregon State
21 Florida State
22 Cincinnati
23 Georgia
24 Stanford
25 North Carolina


Watch the Idaho Statesman the next few days for stories on freshman quarterback Joe Southwick (Sunday) and cornerbacks Jamar Taylor and Jerrell Gavins (Tuesday).


As usual, means nothing. Oregon 10? With what?

ten is legit

Oregon at 10 is legit. People expected them to be in the top 5 until they lost their starting QB because he is a theif. Have to drop them several places due to losing their senior QB.

Legit alright

They will play this season with the first player in NCAA history to be sentenced to JAIL and still be allowed to play football in the same year......

That Looks about Right

With an opening weekend win against the #5 team in the country. BSU will most likely be ranked #1 the following week.

Or with a loss...

the season is basically done. A one loss BSU gets nothing.


Really, are we really that spoiled now that a bowl game is "nothing". Wow. Calm down a bit.

Nothing but a ....

nothing but an end of the season home game at the Humanitarian Bowl against the 3rd best MAC team

Hardly nothing. When the #3

Hardly nothing. When the #3 team loses to #5 they drop 10 points. So now #13 runs the table including a top20 win and they end up somewhere in the top 10. If that's the best of the non bcs teams they get another bcs bowl game. If they aren't they get to go somewhere much better than the HBowl.

A one loss

BSU gets a BCS game next year. I hope we don't have to have this argument in november and december. But falling to V tech and running the table after that puts us in a top twelve finish. It sure would help if TCU goes down at some point. 11-1 and a top 16 ranking would get us a better bowl than the humanitarian, a two loss gets us to the H bowl and 3 losses gets us hawaii

Maybe, but I doubt it....

....Alabama and Ohio St have a 'love fest' going with both those schools. Remember, these east coast writers are very biased AGAINST BSU for the most part. They might jump Ohio St. but Alabama is SEC saints and to the east coast jerks, you don't screw with the SEC. I don't agree and think that BSU should jump the two but I would be shocked if that happened.

First things first here.....BSU needs to PLAY VT first and win.

Apache....The Pac-10 HAS to

Apache....The Pac-10 HAS to have someone in the top ten pre season. They are in an AQ confernce for goodness sake....duh....

Although the highest ranked

Although the highest ranked Big East Team is 16th. lol

Go Broncos!

That's an amazing testament to Coach Petersen's football program. You can't get much more recognition and respect than this. Go Blue!!!

here here


here here


National Champions

We are going to kick butt this season and should be playing for the National Championship. Kellen Moore is the best quarterback and should win the Heisman Trophy this year with no competition from any other serious contender.

Balanced...and Silvergold06

Balanced is a vandal and hes being facetious. You are calling out you're own vandal for pretending to be a BSU homer. Why are loser vandals even on this thread? THE BRONCOS ARE RANKED #3. If, and only if, the vandies ever get ranked, feel free to come talk.


First,I like both teams to win, does that make me bad? The vandals are not good. It's that simple. Second, grammar problems: he's(not hes)and the second sentence "you're own vandal". What are you trying to say? Third, lose the attitude that you are the center of the universe and know who I am and what I think.


Balanced, you are a known vandal. Maybe you should read the post that you wrote for grammar mistakes before whining about mine. Typical vandal troll and thread Nazi.

Is that supposed to hurt? Give me a Break!!!

Should I cry myself to sleep now? Don't worry, that is NOT going to happen.I thought all BSU fans were supposed to be good people, you just proved that one wrong. At least I was corrected before by an honorable fan whom I respect and emulate.


vandal thanks for proving my point. Im happy as heck you dont consider yourself a Bronco fan.

Whoops, I mean don't.

Buster Bronco and Joe Vandal

Not all Bronco fans are good people. Not all are bad, either. Most BSU footbal fans have no connection with BSU other than an interest in Bronco football.

Not all Vandal fans are good people. Not all are bad either. Most UoI football fans are more interested in tailgating with fellow Vandal alumni and cold manly Vandal beer, than a serious interest in Vandal football.

This is a football blog sponsored by the Idaho Statesman - not a BSU Bronco football only website.

It is possible to be an alumni of both UoI and BSU - therefore, a fan and financial supporter of both football team programs.

The reality, is the Broncos have the better football team and the Vandals don't (yet), and the Broncos have a possibility to be in contention to play for a National Championship - Idaho doesn't.

Both, Broncos and Vandals are Idaho based teams - therefore, success with both programs brings great credit and pride to the State of Idaho.

Go Broncos - Go Vandals

PS - The only real idiot that is a Bronco fan is Tater2

tater2 loves you

nice to see you back vndl. you missed an important point. idaho has the better university, for now. are you going to D.C.? Apache & Funk, what about you?

Planning on it

but a few things need to line up. Good to hear from you VNDL.

Thank you!!!

I agree. Why is it the vandal fans think they have to diss the broncos and vice-versa? Does it make you feel like a better person? We should support both teams.


What's the countdown at?

150 days and counting!


Now - Now Girls

Play nice -- remember sportsmanship counts at all times.

It's a BLOG, Simona.


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.

Biggest game ever!

It can easily be argued that the Virginia tech game is the biggest in BSU history, if they win. It will set up for a probable BCS championship game IF they win out, which is not a given.
I lived in Redskins country (Maryland) a couple of decades ago, and am sorely tempted to make the trip.
I predict a great season with a loss in the championship game in January. And Kellen will go to New York as a Heisman Trophy finalist.

I dunno

If Boise State can go undefeated, they have as good a chance to WIN the NC as any other team. Boise State's defense is good enough to stop any offense, especially the poor-pa$sing offense of Alabama.

The fact of the matter is that Alabama had a great RB, who took all the pressure off a below-average QB. McElroy was nothing special.

I SWEAR TO GOD, the Statesman needs to get a better language filter. You can't writewords like P-A-S-S, or C-L-A-S-S, or A-S-S-U-M-E. Stupid!


Just tri und spleel leek Wiestard. Youm neever git foltered.

Now that's just

back a-s-s funny!

BSU has played or will be playing 8 of the top 25 teams

vs Va Tech -season opener 9/6/10
vs TCU (03 W 34-31) (08 L 16-17) (10 W 17-10)
vs Oregon (08 W 37-32) (09 W 19-8)
vs Wisconsin (97 L 24-28)
vs Oklahoma (07 W 43-42)
vs Arkansas (00 L 31-38) (02 L 14-41)
vs Oregon St (03 L 24-26)(04 w 53-34)(05 L 27-30)(06 W42-14)
vs Georgia (05 L 43-42)

not too shabby, and hopefully, we'll see more match ups like these and less match ups against teams like Tulsa, Toledo, Bowling Green, etc, etc

Georgia beat us by more

The score was 48-13.

yeah....I know

I was just seeing who would pick up on that. I almost went as far as making it a W for us!

UTSA gets home and home deal with Arizona St???? I new program lands a home and home with ASU. How? Where were we? (UTSA is University of Texas at San Antonio)

Here's the link:

Actually truth

We should be looking at the deal ASU got. This was a great move for them. The Alamodome seat 65,000 (expandable to 72,000), San Antonio has a pop of almost 1.5M with only the Spurs to spend major sports dollars on (no MLB, NHL, NFL, or major college). There is a reason the Saints owner wanted to move there a few years back (NFL wouldn't let him leave N.O). UTSA has put a plan together to fast-track them to D-1 and they already have several very "well-off" boosters in camp.

This is a great move for ASU


We (BSU) shouldn't concern ourselves with the deal that ASU or any other program receives, because of the multitude of differing circ*mstances surrounding those deals that render those programs incomparable to the unique and complex situations that BSU faces which are currently preventing them from obtaining similar contracts, and because of that, BSU needs to plan a long term strategy that will enable them to get to where they want to be, which is to have the financial ability to schedule the big name, big money games that the program is wanting.

The football program has done it's job of establishing itself as one of the finest programs in the country, and now it's time for the athletic department to step up and become one of the premier athletic departments in the country as well and move away from the whiny type of incapable department that looks at it's football staff and say -(sorry...but this schedule is the best competition we can line up for you).

This touches upon what TTT was getting at when he said something along the lines that our scheduling philosophy is a slap in the face to our coaches, players and fans

Are you really going back 13

Are you really going back 13 years in an attempt to make BSU look like a BCS powerhouse?
You just listed 8 teams. May I remind you that both Alabama and Florida ended up playing 6 ranked teams each in a single season on their way to the last couple of national championships!

At one point last year, BSU had played 3 of the ten lowest ranked teams in the nation. That doesn't even count all of their division IAA opponents over the past several years.

BSU's schedule is SLOWLY getting better, but needs a lot of work. If Gene wants to be in the conversation of a national championship then BSU will have to play the best to be the best.

joedoc, can't you read?

At last count, 5 major on-line, print, or broadcast media's have listed BSU as NC contenders.

Two feature stories were written just last week about the NC and BSU.

You need to read something more than last years Humanitarian Bowl program.

jokedoc rarely adds value

in his comments. he is a detractor.

ESPN: BSU the Butler of the fall?

Pretty weak

V. Tech will play 4 this year. Are you sure the score against Georgia is correct?

I'm pretty sure...

... it's not. :)


ONe thing

It's good that Kellen seems fairly immune to pressure. The fans are heaping it upon him and the Broncos this year. Holy crap. If they beat VT, they won't leap frog to 1. IF they do, then we will have to sit and complain about each week as they slip back in the rankings until VT leap frogs us. Watch. I can hear it now, "VT has really improved during this season" "But look at the body of work VT has produced."

How about the old "it was the first game excuse apache?

....that's the one we heard all last year after beating Oregon. I think the more they win these 'big' games, the more respect they get and the less excuses will be used. IF they can get by VT, (and providing VT does well the rest of the season) it would be very, very hard to deny the Broncos a shot at the NC game. Now....that being said, what would happen if Ohio St and Alabama went undefeated? Hummmmm. That would be REAL interesting. Bronco's might be playing again in Glendale but for the Fiesta and not the NC game. That's the only scenario I can see that would rob BSU IF they can run the board again.

i marked it on the calendar

i actually agree with ttt. if ohio state and alabama go undefeated i believe we will get screwed. throw in texas and we really have troubles. i believe boise state must be one of only two undefeated teams to get the nod and even then morons like craig james and mark may come into play. nevertheless, go broncos, kellen moore for heisman and let's win every game.

Oregon's ranking

Although I don't actually think they should be in the top 10, posters commenting on QB Masoli for Oregon are incorrect. He is not playing in the same year as his sentencing and given the attitude in Eugene, will never play again for the Ducks. Oregon is in complete upheaval right now regarding their priorities, direction and values, both in athletics and the university. The suspension of Masoli was more for lying to Coach Kelly, not necessarily all about the burglary. Didn't Cam Hall get to play for the Broncos pretty much as soon as his legal obligations were done?

Not talking about the QB.

The RB James was sentence to JAIL and will play this season after serving a 1 game suspension (if you can call it that). Cam Hall was never sentenced to JAIL.