Your "Kind Kid" could win $1,000

Our friends at the Simply Cats Adoption Center just told us about a great contest sponsored by American Humane — the national nonprofit group that’s been protecting children and animals in the US since 1877.

Every year, as part of “Be Kind to Animals Week” in May, American Humane looks for kids across the country who have shown dedication and effort in improving the lives and welfare of animals.

“Kind Kid” nominees are divided into two age groups: children (6-12) and teens (13-17). Judges will select one grand prize winner and one runner up from each group. Grand prize winners will each win $1,000, and runners-up will each win $500. All winners and runners-up will be announced nationally during Be Kind to Animals Week, May 2-8, and featured on the American Humane website.

Simply Cats is helping with the search. Stop by, find out more about what they do at their shelter for the needy felines, and pick up a nomination form, 2833 S. Victory View Way. The contest deadline is April 15.  

Skip the contest, buy the shelter supplies. Kids don't need $$$

nor a reward for doing something intuitively. If PARENTS don't teach then 1,000 dollars won't get them on board. You end up with a useless contest in a me me me node.

Why bother? Use it to teach this stuff in schools.


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.