Titus Young talks — 'Adversity really shows who you are as a person'; defense dominates scrimmage

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State senior wide receiver Titus Young spoke to the media Wednesday after the Broncos’ scrimmage — his first meeting with reporters since early in the 2008 season.

Young was suspended for 10 games in 2008, including the last nine. He returned last year to tie for the team high with 15 touchdowns but was off-limits to the media.

Young also had not been available during the first four player interview sessions of the spring.

He was humble yet still entertaining during his interview Wednesday.

“Adversity really shows who you are as a person,” Young said. “I think in my time off, those 10 games that I missed, it showed me the morals of life like respect and just about being grateful for the situations you’re in because you can lose those situations very easily. That’s been the biggest thing that I’ve learned.

“… My character has made me a better player, a better person and a better teammate.”

Young said that he never won a sports championship before last season. He was removed from team activities during his suspension as a sophomore and wasn’t part of that WAC title.

“The year that I missed, I didn’t get a ring or anything,” he said. “I didn’t deserve it anyways. … So coming back the biggest thing was winning the WAC championship and going undefeated and winning the Fiesta Bowl. That was the most joyous part of my junior campaign.”

Later, he flashed his trademark smile and the self-described goofiness that charmed people from the time he arrived in Boise:

On potentially returning punts: “I’m kind of a little dude, so I’ve got to protect myself. … It’s kind of a dangerous job but I’m a dangerous person, so I like that.”

On talking to the media: “I was dreaming about it last night. … I’m glad to be back. It’s a blast right now.”

I’ll have more from Young in Thursday’s Idaho Statesman.


The Boise State defense dominated Wednesday’s scrimmage, the first of the spring. The offense had six straight three-and-outs — including three by the first team — early on.

Junior starting quarterback Kellen Moore produced one first down in six possessions.

"We were having fun out there," senior safety Jeron Johnson said. "... With an offense like ours, an explosive offense, whenever you can limit them to three-and-outs three or four times straight, that was great."

Said Moore: "They just did a good job of bringing heat, mixing up everything and keeping you on your toes."

Freshman quarterback Joe Southwick threw two touchdown passes. Senior quarterback Mike Coughlin had a touchdown pass and an interception.

Coach Chris Petersen's take: "We just told the guys, we've got a long time — Sept. 6 — so this is going to be a long process. If they can keep focused, keep grinding and keep getting better, then I think we're going to have some young guys that will step up that we haven't seen yet. ... I think we're making progress on offense, as well, even though it didn't maybe show so well today. I think when you're in spring ball and fall camp, there's a lot of individuals you're looking at and you'll piece the whole thing together when you get close to a game."

Several offensive stars were limited in the scrimmage. Petersen said he wants to be careful with those players — namely Young, Austin Pettis, Doug Martin and Jeremy Avery — because they already know what they're doing.

Stat highlights:

Southwick 14-23, 137 yds., 2 TDs, 0 ints.
Coughlin 16-22, 170 yds., 1 TD, 1 int.
Moore 5-12, 15 yds.
Aaron Burks 6 rec., 92 yds.
Mitch Burroughs 3 rec., 62 yds., 1 TD
Geraldo Hiwat 3 rec., 25 yds., 1 TD
Raphiel Lambert 8 att., 51 yds.
Ebo Makinde, interception

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