Petersen to visit Oregon, Oklahoma; updates on Jason Robinson, D.J. Harper; breaking down tight ends, fullbacks

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State football coach Chris Petersen said Thursday that he will visit Oregon and Oklahoma for professional development during spring break, which is March 27-April 4.

Both teams are practicing during Petersen’s visits. Boise State has picked up three of the biggest wins in school history during Petersen’s tenure against those two teams. The Ducks are known for their uptempo practices and the Sooners have one of the top programs in the nation.

“I’m really interested in how Oregon practices,” Petersen said. “And I just think Bob Stoops has done such a great job at Oklahoma over the years — he’s got his formula on success. I just have a bunch of questions. And I want to watch how they practice.”

Petersen is taking his younger son, Sam, on the trip while his older son and wife go to Europe on a school trip. Sam is a football junkie.

“I think he’s more excited about it than I am,” Petersen said.

Part of Petersen’s professional-development time this year will be spent on researching how to hire the right coaches. He has filled the two openings that have come up on his staff with friends Chris Strausser and Bob Gregory.

Eventually, Petersen figures, he’s going to have to branch out. He says he got “lucky” when he hired his original staff and wants more skill to go into future decisions.

“I just know the reality of the world we live in,” he said. “One of the things I’m really trying to research is how to continually hire the right guy when maybe you haven’t worked with them before. … I’m continually looking at it and reading and talking to guys.”


Petersen also addressed the status of senior safety Jason Robinson, who was suspended indefinitely from the team even before he was arrested Monday on a charge of felony aggravated battery.

Robinson, a key special-teamer, remains in school but is not participating in team activities, Petersen said.

“We’ve already taken action,” Petersen said. “It’s a really disappointing situation for all of us — for him as well. And we’ll just let the legal system play out and then go from there.”


Petersen expects junior tailback D.J. Harper to be at full strength this season. He led the team in rushing before an anterior cruciate ligament tear against Fresno State ended his 2009 season.

Harper isn’t practicing this spring, but the training staff has had him running gassers at practice.

“We’re expecting him to pick up where he left off,” Petersen said. “The only reason I say that is because of how far along he is in his rehab and how he looks right now. … D.J. has worked his tail off. He’s ahead of schedule. We watch him out there running around and he looks like he can put pads on right now.”

Harper is scheduled to talk to the media Friday for the first time since he was injured.

He could give the Broncos a loaded — perhaps overloaded — backfield with senior Jeremy Avery and junior Doug Martin, who excelled last year without Harper. Martin moved over from defense after Harper was injured.

“We’ll deal with that problem if we have it,” Petersen said. “It seems like things always change and it kind of works itself out — and the guys have been so good in the past about sharing the ball.”


One-quarter of the Boise State football team’s touchdown catches last season (10 of 40) came from the tight ends/fullbacks group — success on which coach Scott Huff hopes to build this year.

Huff moved back to the tight ends job this year after three years as the offensive line coach. In 2006, his other year with the tight ends, Huff helped Derek Schouman become a dominant tight end.

“We want to keep competing in the pass game and show our worth out there,” Huff said. “It’s not a run set all the time — we’re a pass threat.”

Here’s a quick look at the Broncos’ tight end/fullback situation:

Priorities — Produce as run blockers and receivers; develop young tight ends Chandler Koch and Gabe Linehan.

Returning starters — Senior Tommy Gallarda (nine catches, four TDs) is the returning starter at tight end but junior Kyle Efaw was third on the team in receptions (31 catches, 444 yards, one TD) and the offensive MVP of the Fiesta Bowl. Junior Dan Paul replaced injured starter Richie Brockel late last season as the fullback but probably won’t be counted as a returning starter by some preseason publications.

Other potential contributors — Koch, a sophomore, and Linehan, a freshman, have shown the potential to become dual-threat tight ends. Linehan, a high school quarterback, could provide another downfield threat like Efaw.

Also on the roster — Senior tight end Sean King, freshman fullback Joey Paul (Dan’s brother), sophomore fullback Jake Hess and junior fullback Dave Wilson (moved over from defense). All are walk-ons.

Here are my previews for wide receivers, the offensive line, linebackers and special teams.


Boise State strength coach Tim Socha was pleased with the Broncos’ performance during winter conditioning. The session was a little shorter than usual because coaches didn’t want to burn out the players with the short turnaround from the Fiesta Bowl to spring ball.

The players tested in the weight room just before spring ball started. They’ll do their running tests after spring ball.

Socha didn’t see signs of complacency in the Broncos.

“They’ve done a really good job with that — unless they’re not letting me see it,” he said. “For the most part, they seem focused.”

Among the players who put up impressive numbers in the weight room were defensive tackles J.P. Nisby and Chuck Hayes, tailback Doug Martin, fullback Dan Paul and freshmen Malcolm Johnson (tailback), Charles Leno Jr. (offensive tackle), Ebo Makinde (cornerback) and Joe Southwick (quarterback).

Not surprisingly, the top freshmen in the weight room also were among the players who most impressed the coaches during fall practice.

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Dang you Chadd! Breaking down an injury-prone team?

Looking at is better. Have a heart, Murph, talk to your brother.


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they should visit boise

Oregon and chokelahoma should be visiting boise too?

Bronco's 63 vandluls 25

Bronco's 63 vandluls 25

Eat your heart out Freddie. Ahahahaha

Double "D"

Great update on all fronts. It's building up to an exciting year, especially if, as the doggone oregonian infers, we can stay healthy.

It's pretty impressive that Coach Petersen is visiting two of the top college football programs in the country. But beware Coach, I suspect that they'll try to glean more from you than you get from them. In any case, it sure has been fun just watching Petersen build this program at little ol' Boise State.

I wonder if there is a professional development plan for........

our Athletic Director?

I'm thinking their opinion carries a bit more weight than yours.
If your gripe is with the OOC scheduling... it's fair to say it has been addressed. Can't do much about the in conference opponents.

There is that one thing Oklahoma could learn from you guys.

It's that pee trough you have in the John at Bronco stadium... that's something unique.

Oh no you don't!

Make fun of our blue field! make fun of our AD, make fun of our conference.......

But do NOT make fun of out commodes!

Hey Funk, how you doin?

I almost spit out my beer on that one.

Doin well,

A little perturbed about your program over there. Having a hard time with the James thing, and especially these "secret" suspensions of Kelly's.

I'm still a Duck fan, but they are on probation with me.

Oh, one of my cars was stolen, filed a police report, blamed it on Bley.

They found my car the other day, it was parked down at UC Davis next to a porta-potty.

BSU's dominance

Why does Coach Peterson visit them when they should be learning from us? We kicked them all over the field when we played them and showed who has the better program!!!!

I don't know what we can learn from those losers. Oregon's football players aren't too far away from being criminals themselves. Plus both teams talk too much about how good they are and don't back it up, then get annihilated by our awesome team!!!!!

Oklahome wasn't even ranked ahead of Oregon. BSU should be ranked first and will be the national champions at the end of this coming season. Kellen Moore will win the Heisman Trophy and perform better than all of the current quarterbacks in the NFL at this time.

I like Coach Peterson's drive and think Oregon and Oklahoma's coaches should learn from him. I don't understand what value of anything they have to teach him. Coach Pete knows more than they do and it shows in all of the seasons he has coached at BSU. His record of coaching proves he is the better coach!!!!!!

We all should learn from our mistakes ....

...perhaps Pete is going to learn what Stoops and Kelly have learned from all the mistakes they've made? I think these are two very good choices for Pete to visit. From the mistakes made, no doubt both Stoops and Kelly have learned a lot. Sometimes it is best to learn what NOT to do as opposed to learning what to do.

Hopefully he not going to Eugene and Norman to learn how they get all those kids into school who had D minus GPA's in high school and then all the sudden they end up enrolled at UO and OU and on the honor rolls!!

Also: I went to a couple of games in Norman over the years and what truly amazed me (yes TTT was 'amazed') were the number of brand new sports cars in the parking lot of the "Bud Wilkenson" house (where the Oklahoma players live). No kidding ... true story.

maybe a visit to oregon

to see a few things we may want to avoid doing? not to beat them up senselessly but their off-season was not the stuff championships are made of.

The Chip Kelly Era isn't starting out well

interesting article

Truth BK!!!!

Oregon is searching for a new AD. You two should apply NOW PLEASE!!!!
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Those who can, express themselves and engage in lively debate..... those who cannot, do what you do and resort to personal attacks.

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...take that job, let alone apply for it. The Ducks? Me? Huskies and Ducks just don't see eye to eye.

(besides, considering it's Oregon -- I would be over qualified because I haven't flipped burgers ever in my life and I'm sure that would be a deal breaker to start)

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"Harping" on Bley ... or .... it pointing out his weaknesses that bothers you the most? I don't think BK or I 'harp' on the guy at all! Have we both not said that we've met the guy and think he's a real nice fellow? It's the JOB he does that concerns both of us. Are we 'harping' on the Bley because we point out all those things that the kool aid drinkers (like yourself) just refuse to see (or....maybe admit would be more like it).

By the way Tater....are you the guy that mixes up the kool aid? If not, you should apply for the head mixer gig. I think you're well qualified.



Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.

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Hey, saw the first of the BB coach candidates today, not sure who he was, but I'll try to find out

He's in a public position, plus, I've been civil in my remarks

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You claim to know Gene, you claim to be related to him, and if true, then you know that he, just like anyone and everyone, has an ego, and you'd also know he has really really thick skin too, and you know he could care less about what a bunch of yahoos might have to say on the internet, or on on the radio for that matter. You do listen to the radio don't you? You do know that people all over town are talking about him don't you? You do know that he's a hot topic on numerous fan boards from Bama to Nebraska to Oregon and everywhere in between, so you better get busy defending him all across the internet, or else all this stuff on the internet might cause him to break down and cry, but you know better than that don't you? So what's your deal? Seriously dude...what gives?

Hey, as far as your taxes deserving my productivity goes, relax and be happy knowing that my internet time doesn't come close to exceeding my (2) break periods nor my (1) lunch period, but hey...if you're really worried about your tax money not producing productivity, then why don't ya head downtown unda the rotunda and start there.

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