Simpson: Health care summit was 'just for show'

He's a day behind his Idaho Senate colleagues, but Rep. Mike Simpson has joined the chorus of critics of Thursday's health care summit.

Thursday's event was "just for show," said Simpson, R-Idaho. Like GOP Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch, Simpson panned President Obama and Democrats for adhering to their initial proposals for health care reform.

Here's more, from a Simpson release:

“Unfortunately, my fears about this summit were realized: rather than a substantive discussion about health care reform, the President’s summit was just for show. ... It seems the Democrats were more interested in selling the American people the bills they have supported in the House and Senate rather than working together to accomplish health care reform that we can all agree on.”

While Democrats have been trying to dub Republicans as the party of “no” when it comes to working on health care reform, the fact is the GOP has several reforms they have been touting for months. To learn more about these reforms, visit

“There is no doubt we need health care reform,” said Simpson. “It comes down to different approaches and philosophies. I support proposals that would allow individuals to purchase health care insurance across state lines, enact meaningful medical malpractice reform, allow for prescription drug re-importation, and extend coverage to patients with pre-existing conditions. These are common sense reforms that will lower overall costs and increase access without enacting a government takeover of health care.”

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democrats are the problem

Lots of finger pointing at the repubs but its the Democrats stopping the Health Bill. They had the votes and couldnt do it.Remember they wanted to vote on the pork barrel by last August. Do these Democratic supporters really believe Unions should be exempted from paying taxes on their health plans while oyhers pay or other states exempt from medicaid expenses. The only bozos who feel that way are the ones sitting on the sidelines paying no taxes or hoping someone else will pay for their health care. Its amazing it was obvious the republicans had ideas but were cut out of the process so why should they vote for something they dont believe in to pull democratic chestnuts out of the fire. Just because they lost the election doesnt mean they have to vote for what the Democrats want.If you read the comments of those condemming the Republicans you will see all they have to offer is pure hate and insults and wonder why no one can work with the represenatives who think like them .

Stopping health care

It has passed in both the House and the Senate and will become law through reconcilliation. It will be 55-45 in the Senate at 220 to 210 in the House. No hate, no insults, just facts.

Disagreement can be civil

The core of the comments here reflect what is wrong with this debate: Democrats attacking Republicans and Republicans attacking Democrats, with an occasional sentence on the subject of health almost by accident in between.

Everyone has the right to say these things because we do still have a first amendment. Thank goodness, since it is something that is endangered by the extremes of both parties.

Both parties were at fault in the "Summit" yesterday too. The Republicans were too focused on their "clean sheet" concept, suggesting that everyone go back to doing nothing, as nearly as I can tell. I respectfully disagree with Rancher's suggestion that discussing the Democratic legislation would be an endorsement of it -- Republicans or Democrats could easily have said "section xxx needs to be changed because (fill in reason) and should instead state (fill in proposed language", which is how nearly every contract of any length, for example, and most legislation actually gets written.

The Democrats were not much better, attacking Republicans rather than discussing the good points made by the Republicans.

In this sense, President Obama got it much more correct, at least acknowledging a problem with the proposed legislation.

Personally, I think the Senate should abandon its polite rule about filibusters, in which they go on in a fictional manner unless there is a cloture vote, and go back to requiring speak 'til you drop be the form of the filibuster. Then there could be a vote.

Signing blank checks

As others have pointed out, TAXPAYERS ALREADY PAY for socialized medicine, it's called the ER. Whether by underwriting government subsidies or forking out higher insurance premiums, the insured and midlle class are increasingly burdened by the have nots.

As Americans we pay twice as much for medical care per capita as other industrialized nations, yet we are way down the list in terms of delivery. And the costs keep rising.

We can continue to be reactive and signing blank checks, or we can become pro-active and find the most efficient means of deilvering health care to the most people.

Either way costs will continue to rise. That's just the reality.

Simpson & Republicans made

Simpson & Republicans made it crystal clear that health care is a privilege not a right!

The issue is much bigger than just health care Idaho.

Per there own GOP's Solutions for America web page.
1.Allow families & businesses to cross state lines to buy insurance.

2.Allow individuals, associations to pool&buy insurance.

3.Provide State’s the tools to create innovative reforms that lower health care costs.

4.End junk lawsuits by providing the State’s the power to regulate malpractice as they see fit..! and the federal government will provide States the funds to enforce there law.

5.The tax break for employer sponsored insurance programs.

6.Insurance Exchange a private market plan

Simpson & the Republican still refuse to vote for the bill..!

What we do know is that this bill is not about people and our health care rights. This is about how Health Care Reform is a massive threat to conservatism!The standard ploy of anti-tax politics has always been tax cuts for the wealthy combined with token cuts for the middle class.

However, once we get millions of middle class families to participate on federal health care the token GOP tax cuts and anti-tax politics suffer greatly. Democrats can easily trump tax cut politics with promises of increased health care benefits which are much more valuable to our Idaho families and cheaper to deliver since it won't need to be attached to tax cuts for the wealthy.

Remember everyday Idahoans, well known conservative Bill Kristol said, conservatives must kill health care by any means necessary, any successful passage of health care reform bill will be the death knell for conservatism!

It will relegitimize the middle class and it’s powerful voter base to demand a successful government for the people, while striking a major blow against Republican claims that government is the problem.

Let's see Mr. Simpson carry a show...


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.