Simpson: Health care summit was 'just for show'

He's a day behind his Idaho Senate colleagues, but Rep. Mike Simpson has joined the chorus of critics of Thursday's health care summit.

Thursday's event was "just for show," said Simpson, R-Idaho. Like GOP Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch, Simpson panned President Obama and Democrats for adhering to their initial proposals for health care reform.

Here's more, from a Simpson release:

“Unfortunately, my fears about this summit were realized: rather than a substantive discussion about health care reform, the President’s summit was just for show. ... It seems the Democrats were more interested in selling the American people the bills they have supported in the House and Senate rather than working together to accomplish health care reform that we can all agree on.”

While Democrats have been trying to dub Republicans as the party of “no” when it comes to working on health care reform, the fact is the GOP has several reforms they have been touting for months. To learn more about these reforms, visit

“There is no doubt we need health care reform,” said Simpson. “It comes down to different approaches and philosophies. I support proposals that would allow individuals to purchase health care insurance across state lines, enact meaningful medical malpractice reform, allow for prescription drug re-importation, and extend coverage to patients with pre-existing conditions. These are common sense reforms that will lower overall costs and increase access without enacting a government takeover of health care.”

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I know, The Gop just couldnt

I know, The Gop just couldnt get past their talking points and scare tactics... I loved it when Obama called out Cantor about using "Props"... The look on his face was priceless.

And the election is OVER lost

Man that was fun to watch! The R's had their chance many, many times but just keep saying NO or 'let's start over" *tears* we don't like it, *tears, sniffle* we didn't pen it *full blown tantrum followed by political attack*. I'm tired of their waaaambulance tactics.

Strike the best balance you can on the bill, then just push it through, the obstructionist will NEVER be on board and I certainly don't trust their "Compromise by scrapping everything" tactics, they are owned.

Of course, because the GOP is so cooperative

The other day there was a letter to the editor which labeled our current government as "The party of No, vs The party of no clue" It is ridiculous to argue that one of these is somehow more honorable than the other. Those who criticize the Dem's for their "its our way or get out of the way attitude" yet support the Rep's who say no to everything merely so our President will fail (which is essentially the same thing), are hypocrites. We should be booting all of them out come election day, but no instead we'll continue the partisan vote because we know that works so well. I'd argue that Simpson's response is just for show.

I agree it was a show..

It showed how the Republicans are obstructionists. They can't come up with a plan. All they said was "Start over"...

let's see...Here are the talking points Simpson brings up

purchase of insurance across state lines: GOP couldn't get this passed when they were in the majority and didn't even have everyone in their own party on board

malpractice reform: ditto - in fact, Sen. Crapo himself was opposed to tort reform the last time around. Risch voted for it in Idaho but you have to wonder where he would be this time. After all, he has made a mint on malpractice suits.

Rx drug reimportation: GOP senators fought this when they were the majority. Rudy Gulliani even lobbied against it.

Extend coverage for those with pre-existing conditions: the dems agree. It's a question of how you do without making it financially impossible.

Are these really your proposals, Rep.Simpson?

Purchase across state lines...doesn't that violate STATE's

rights? Welllll, since corporations are involved, R's know their rights trumps the state every time.

re: Purchase across state lines...doesn't that violate STATE's

Wow you don't let facts like where campaign contribs are coming from get in the way of your shilling for the dimotard party do you? Maybe sometime go do a little research and see who is getting paid by those evil corporations. Better yet look in the banking industry where they are getting paid massive bonuses with taxpayer money, you want to guess where most of their contribs went? That's right dimoturds and Barry the wonder racist, what a shock. But sine they are friends of B they get to slide right hypocrite?

Do they have used lives for sales and are they recalled often?

. Couldn't do it

Sure needed to.

I am an antacid for today. Please save yourself from a cardiac.

No of them care

If any one of our Senators or Congressmen really cared about the American people and wanted to do something about the mess of healthcare, they would sit down and work out some sort of compromise. If any one of them had ever been really ill, without insurance they would get it. I am sick of them all.

Idaho's GOP elected officicals plus 1 who is mostly GOP

I found it ironic that Simpson makes a comment about this meeting being "just for show" and he himself does not think he is "just a show". I am baffled by our Senator and Congressmen who don't think their presence in Washington is truly one that does not represent the 'true' people of Idaho. I say 'true' because I believe the people they represent are those who fill their campaign donation ledger. The 'true' people are those who are underinsured or uninsured. The 'true' people of Idaho most often have to decide if getting 5 stitches in their arm at the E.R.(because it is after regular doctor office hours)is something they can afford. Because this is the parent who has to try to think about his toddler and the 'what ifs' that parents, who have no insurance or such a high deductible, must consider before seeking treatment for themselves. I find it ironic that Simpson, Risch and Minnick, who have extremely good insurance, think they understand the pocketbook of the 'true' Idahoans.

I wouldn't pay a dime to see them if they were the "only show in town".


The Republicans have had a chance to help America and they have chosen not to do so because of politics. It is time to move on without them. Come November, they will be losers. That includes the Republican in sheep's clothing, Walt Minnick.

Sense of urgency - zilch

This country is seeing people die because of no insurance. They won't go the doctor because of the cost.

Even people with insurance have had to file for bankruptcy because of medical bills not covered by their plan.

Yet Simpson, etc. acts as if there was no sense of urgency and are fighting to maintain their comfortable status quo.


Health care.....welfare handout

Are 10 million of these you speak of the ILLEGAL ALIENS who have sneaked across the Border in the dead of night and drag their women over here and proceed to have one baby after another on the "taxpayers dime"? Check your facts before you open your mouth!


Check your facts and quit drinking the tea!

health care

Name 10 people you personally know who have "died" from lack of insurance. Or is this statement just beat into your head by these Comrades and you believe it?

re: Sense of urgency - zilch

You do realize that no hospital can turn anyone in this country down for treatment no matter if you are legal or not don't you? That is the law. Insurance has nothing to do with it. But then when you have no intelligence and the only thing you can spew is dim talking points why should one be surprised that you would try and misinform.

But then expecting one of you Obamabot lemmings to actually look at facts would be expecting too much. You really should tell your party heads to send you out with better talking points.

It appears some seen and heard a different summit

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I listened carefully to this healthcare summit. I did not hear what is being written on this page.
The democrats spoke and spoke for 400 minutes. They dodged every factual question and statement. They were caught in record quotes, outright contradictions of what they had pledged earlier and what they were demanding now.
The republicans surprised me. I expected them to knuckle under just to get along. They came well prepared, they were polite and to the point.
Now this will make a lot of liberals angry and this is not my intent. I do believe we are still entitled to free speech.
First of all the republicans pointed out (paraphrasing) that if they wish to work together they should work together we should start with a clean sheet of paper. Not be forced to endorse a 3000-page bill that they were closed out of the meeting where it was put together.
They pointed out that it was unconstitutional to force Americans to buy this Obamacare insurance or be fined thousands of dollars and be thrown in prison.
They pointed out that 70% of America does not want this program. Finally it was made clear that if Obama really wants what America needs, he should listen to America instead of only what he wants!

Now I do expect to be attacked and slandered for having an opinion. I am finding this is what the liberals on this site do rather than offer a differing view or explanation.
The next tactic is to change the subject to divert what I just wrote in attempt to put me on the defensive. I am betting on the second diversion first.

Typical of you, Rancher...

Typically Rancher sees and hears things through a skewed perspective.
The Repukes were invited into the process from the beginning. They refused.
When the plan "rough draft" was presented the majority of the Repukes said "No", others demanded concessions which watered down any "real" reform.
Yet, yesterday, all they could say was "Let's start over, let's trash what's already been done and begin again"...
Everytime someone from the Dem side would suggest an issue to discuss, compromise, work together on, the Repukes simply said, "No, let's start over"....
Hey, they had 8 long, long, long, long years to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, but they did NOTHING.
Nope, they had their chance and chose to do nothing. See ya.. Quit complaining and jump on board to fix it.

health care

Namaste, hmmm It would be fabulous if we were all as perfect as you. What does it feel like to be "all knowing" and so full of knowledge? I can appreciate your outward anger display using the word "repukes" nice touch! You must be "highly educated" I'm impressed.

did not hear

Since you are the only on who differs from what was heard, you might want to check the tea you are drinking.

Simpson is another obstructionist

Here is why the R's are liars and hypocrites. First of all, George Bush had a health reform plan at the beginning of his second term. The R's were in power and they did nothing about it. Now, Obama has in essence GIVEN them their do-over in his new proposal which has many of their ideas IN IT.

The R's were warned over and over yesterday by multiple people with factual data that the health care system needs reform quickly. But, all they could do is either use the same talking points, including egregious lies, they have been using for the last year, or go deer-in-the-headlights blank.

It is time to face facts, the R's are simply posturing for political points in preparation for the fall elections and could care less about health reform. Time to just go to reconciliation and pass it. By the way, the R's used reconciliation to pass the Bush tax cuts, which cost twice as much as the health reform bill. In fact, R's have used reconciliation 16 out of the last 22 times it has been used in the Senate.

The Posts so far are RIGHT ON!

I can't understand why anyone with the ability to process objective information can not understand the crisis we are in with Health Care in the USA.
All of the diversions, lies (talking points) and fact bending does nothing to help the situation.
I can only say someone must be getting some big bucks for not working for this much needed change.
Just today I had to write a letter to help a person get "Public Assistance" because of newly discoverd lesions in his lung. We can not deny rapid, life saving surgery. He can not afford even the "work-up" (C-T, Bronchoscopy), let alone the surgery and hospital stay.
I see this everyday. Who's paying for it?? You and I. We're paying more now than we would if we had prevention and regular, inexpensive health maintenance available to everyone.

Actually, as sad as it sounds...

We have two billion people too many.

We are more corcerned about everybody else.

If we are lemmings, so be it. Why are you so awkwardly centered on the subject?

Strikes me as weird.


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.

Healthcare summit

How come the republicans send more than one republican to the summit? They all say the same thing. Like they were all given talking points and none have their own ideas. I believe they know they must all stick together if they are going to win more seats next election. They are proof that the only duty these elected officials believe in is getting elected. They get elected and then start campaign for the next election right away. When Republicans can have their own thought and express them without retribution I will consider voting for a Republican again. But right now they are the party of cowards.

RE: Send these guys blocks

I've thought of a protest I think might catch on if publicized. The Republicans' "start all over" yammering is like a toddler watching a sibling build a tower of blocks and then knocking it down. No one in his right mind scraps seven decades of health care reform research and begins as if the topic is a new one. Informed people already know many of the answers.

If you have any kids' building blocks around the place, send one each to Crapo, Risch and Simpson with as a reminder that it is time to build, not to tear down.

Now this was far too easy to call.

"Now I do expect to be attacked and slandered for having an opinion. I am finding this is what the liberals on this site do rather than offer a differing view or explanation."

"The next tactic is to change the subject to divert what I just wrote in attempt to put me on the defensive. I am betting on the second diversion first."

Health care summit

Is this why you left California? You dems destroyed that State, then you moved to Oregon and destroyed it, now you've set your sights on Idaho. Good luck with that, Idahoans are diligent! Go back to California where you "are happy" with the government and morally bankrupt society.


At least they brought brains with them. Should help with the inbreeding problem here.

re: californians?

Someone from Ohio calling others out on inbreeding? Really? Why you jealous or something?

And Californitards bringing brains with them? ROTFLMAO that is the funnyest thing I've ever heard. Yep took a litta brains there to run their state into the ground boy we need that kind of intelligence running this country.....oh wait a minute looking at all of the unemployed, the foreclosures and stagnating economy, apparently we have.

I flagged already. Please keep the scorecard current.


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.


Good analogy. I watched some of the summit with anticipation of at least a few " provisional demands" from Republicans, if not ideas. Instead I heard complaints and "start over". The use of a poll showing 70% against the bill is misleading. If 35% say the bill offers too little, 30% say the bill is fine as is and 35% say the bill goes too far; I submit the bill is pretty well balanced — ready for a few tweaks and an up/down vote.

Paul Ryan was the smartest person in the room.

Hands down.

But his facts were wrong

Do a fact check.

Wrong assumptions, premises, and facts.

re: But his facts were wrong

Unless of course they were spoken by a dimotard then of course they would be correct because after all party is more important than country comrade.

Dimotard? Do you have Trisomy GOP?

You're not making any points of there in Trollheim.


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.

Correction to fact check.

RE: President Obama was The Man

I've known Barack Obama since we were both law review editors for elite journals and he is always the smartest person in the room.

President Obama schooled the Philistines who pass for "smart" in the GOP. Hopefully, they finally learned a thing or two about health care insurance reform.

Here are the facts you requested!

It was a set up that backfired! Sorry for your misplaced loyalty.

Health Care Summit

Reading these "comments" I noticed the general "concensus" here is Critisism of The Republicans. I think these are people (commenters) who have gone to the "New and Improved" Whitehouse "Web" page encouraging people to call Talk shows and Comment to Newspapers their "unhappiness" with "Republicans." These are not people from Idaho who support their Elected Officials, who were put INTO OFFICE FOR A REASON. Ignore the nasty insults, these are people who are "throwbacks" from the sixties and seventies. The "Summit" and arrogance of Obama was un-impressive. He came through as the Baffoon that he truly is. He's un-civilized and acts like a "spoiled child" who throws a tantrum when he doesn't get his own way. It's the Private Sector that is going to have to bring us out of this mess Obama and the Democrats have created. Without jobs.....there will be no meaningful improvement in our economy until DC gets off this "feed the pig" and lose the attitude and work to do something to get this economy back going. It isn't going to happen by spending more money, raising taxes, and taking control of businesses. You people need to get a life and stop pitting one side against the other. Open your eyes and ears and think for yourselves, if you still can. And, something to keep in Mind, Rancher has more common sense in his little finger than any of the rest of you who lack class. I'm willing to bet you are ALL Government Employees, Or Union Members.

re: Health Care Summit

Class out of these transplanted Californitard dimotard losers? You came to the wrong board for that unless of course you are one of the blank eyed empty headed koolade drinking Barry butt smooching lemmings that parrots the same talking points as your fellow trolls from the local Dim party office.

I'm willing to bet you are

I'm willing to bet you are ALL Government Employees, Or Union Members.

-And Im willing to bet you watch too much Faux News.. lol Paranoia cha cha cha..

Way off

You are way off base. I am an Idaho native, have run businesses here for over 30 years, and do not follow party lines, preferring to be a free thinker. The Republicans have no clue what is really going on in the health care industry in this country. They sat in that summit meeting and LIED about how great the system was here and if Obama's plan was enacted that premiums would go up because of it, among other things.

I hope to God that not one of the anti-reformers ever has to go through a serious health crisis, because if you do, you may have to learn the hard way about why reform is needed. I cannot begin to tell you all of the people that I know personally who have been pillaged by the insurance industry, some who have been denied health care and have had to take out bankruptcy from medical bills. If you think it can't happen to you you dead wrong. The Republicans cannot deal with the harsh reality that the health care and insurance systems are broken, they are just stalling until the fall elections because they want to try and seize power again.

I cannot possibly support the Idaho representatives who do not have any ideas about what is wrong or how to go about fixing it. I have written personally to both Crapo and Risch and their standard issue response is that they will vote no on any Democrat reform bill because they feel it is a government takeover of health care. Well, if they don't want government health care, they need to work on dismantling the one-fourth of the federal budget that is already going to health care programs (VA, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and others) and stop being so disingenuous.

Off Base

Amen. You are right on. I have done likewise, but I have only run two businesses.

re: Way off

The Republicans cannot deal with the harsh reality that the health care and insurance systems are broken, they are just stalling until the fall elections because they want to try and seize power again.

Your words are above so can you please explain to those mean ole Repukes as to why, if that industry along with Big Pharma is so broken, that your party and hero Barry have accepted mroe bribe money, excuse mean campaign contribs, from those industries than any republican or the republican party? Who is in the pocket of business. Don't believe me? Look it up at the Center for Responsive Politics.

After all it is kind of hard to pass stuff when you have a super majority and the opposition party can't do a thing about it isn't it? I guess it is easier to set them up as strawmwen than to acknowledge your own party's incompetence. Besides a little secret for you, the Repukes don't have to stall they just need to let the dims be dims, they are doing quite the job by themselves of alienating the voters without any help from the right. Keep on calling those that are not of your party derogatory names and such that is a real winner in getting them to you.

First of all

Please understand that I am not a liberal and not a Democrat. I am an independent free thinker which you obviously missed in my previous post. What you are not understanding is that the whole concept of a supermajority is a complete joke. It is virtually impossible to get 60 yes votes on any bill when you have people on both sides of the aisle that do not show up to vote for one thing, and then you have swing voters like the blue dogs and DINO's of which there are many. You have not kept up on the sad state of affairs in the Senate. There are currently approximately 290 bills that have passed the House and have been sent over to the Senate for voting and are stalled because the Republicans have filibustered so many times, setting the highest record in the history of Congress, that literally nothing is getting done. That's why you have people like Evan Bayh who quit in disgust because the Senate is completely broken.

You can try and continue to blame the Democrats for everything that has gone wrong, and I will be the first to say that they have not handled a lot of things very well, but as far as lying, obfuscating, deception, stalling, and filibustering, the Republicans OWN all of that. What's really funny is that THEY were the ones that wanted to changed the filibuster rule back under Bush, but now they don't want it changed because it suits them politically. Just more deception, like so many of them, including Chief Obstructionist Eric Cantor, who got up in Congress and said the stimulus was a mistake and wouldn't create any jobs and then went back to their districts after grabbing all the money they could, and sang the praises of how many jobs the stimulus was creating.

If you don't keep up and get your news from multiple sources, you won't know how many out and out lies the Republicans have told, because the conservatives in the media have participated in their charade. Their entire goal since the 2008 elections is to lie as much as possible in order to try and get back in power, if you think for one minute they really give a rats behind about you, you are wrong, other than they want your vote so they can defeat the evil Democrats and go back to the Bush years.

And just to show you how two-faced some of them are, McCain just this week introduced a bill that would give the FDA control over the entire supplement industry. The Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA) of 2010 (S. 3002) will give the FDA the power to remove any vitamin or supplement that they wish off of the market, and then turn them over to drug companies to patent them and sell as drugs. Remember this is a guy that doesn't want the government in the health care business.

Nice post,DR. But this country is broke and we can't afford it.

I feel bad for the President, trying to justify Biden, Pelosi, and Reid is like hitting against CC Sabathia blindfolded.

re: First of all

I love that "Please understand I'm not a liberal or a democrat" line. Yet you keep parroting their talking points word for word. We know we know everything is Bush's fault, Repukes are racist and the party of no, ad hominem, ad hominem, ad hominem. Whatever. One little thing to point out to you chum, democrats serve in the govt just as much as repukes do. Do a little research into the CRA, and bank lending standards in the 90's as pushed by the govt, how the banks are getting over on us the taxpayer yet again with the help of a Dem president and how Fannie and Freddie have raped the american people with the complicitness of both Rep and Dem administrations. So you dims can propagandize others about how great your party is but, sorry not all of us buy it because we see what has happened and who is responsible, it isn't all the Reps.

And I hate to point this out yet again to those of you out that have a serious comprehension problem but how is it repukes fault when the dim party has a supermajority in both chambers of congress and a president of the same party and they still can't pass legislation, why is that? Because they are cowards and know they are going against the citizens wishes. You forget those people are supposed to serve the people that voted them in there not some yahoo party clown in ID who might be upset because they didn't march in lockstep with the other dems.

I don't know what country you have been watching but people in this country do not want most of what the dims are selling. You think that most people can't see what is going on for what it is? What is going on is nothing more than a power grag, this is not at all about the citizens and all about how much power they can steal in as short a time as possible. They are politicians after and be they rep or dem they are no different they are just scumbags with slightly different labels.

Keep deluding yourself that it is just dumb racist astroturfers and then when your scum are voted out in November the dumbfounded look on your faces will be even sweeter.

And lastly don't try and throw that hypocritical backstabbing traitorous scumbag Keating 5 McCain in my face. That clown is all about himself nothing more nothing less. I never have, nor will I ever vote for that buffoon.


Two tea party goers do not equal one smart person. Please get educated on the facts and quit mouthing right wing hate.

re: concensus?

ROFLMAO a koolade drinking Obamabot lecturing everyone to the right of them about mouthing hate, talk about hypocricy. It'd almost be funny if it wasn't such a joke.

Mrs. Rancher

I'm truly sorry you're upset with the nasty insults we throwback, out-of-state unionized government employees from the sixties and seventies directed your way. And your characterization of the President as an arrogant, un-impressive, uncivilized, baffoonish, spoiled child throwing a tantrum, was sure evident yesterday. My, you're perceptive.

Perhaps this horrible mess the Democrats and Obama caused this past decade can all be made better if we chop off Rancher's little finger, send it to Washington and get you a nice, cozy intervention.