No surprise here: Idaho's congressional delegation most conservative in U.S.

WASHINGTON -- National Journal came out with its annual rankings, and this one won't shock anyone: Idaho's congressional delegation is the most conservative in the nation. Republican Sen. Jim Risch makes the list of the top 10 most conservative Republicans in the U.S. Senate, coming in at No. 5.

The magazine has a relatively complex system of determining rankings, but basically, in Risch's case, it means he voted more conservatively than all but four of his Senate colleagues.

Rep. Walt Minnick, a Democrat, shows up on the magazine's chart of lawmakers in threatened districts -- the magazine determined he was the 246th most liberal member of the House and the 185th most conservative member. On the ideological spectrum, that makes him just a bit more liberal than his Republican counterpart Rep. Mike Simpson, who ranks as the 279th most liberal House member and as the 152nd most conservative congressman.

Most conservative

Idaho can be proud of its delegation for this great honor.

Hang our head in shame and

Hang our head in shame and then we take and accept as much money the United States will give us. Our delegation sucks.

That's correct and we guard our Butterfinger with State Police.


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