Crapo: Health care summit "discouraging"

WASHINGTON -- So what'd Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, think of President Barack Obama's bipartisan health care summit today?

"I was discouraged, and frankly, the reason I was discouraged is because the president essentially started the meeting by saying he wanted the proposal he put on the Internet on Monday to be the template for negotiations," Crapo said. “As long as we continue to focus on that very same bill, it just continues the debate over a proposal the American people really don't want."

Going into the summit, Crapo had been the most optimistic member of Idaho’s legislative delegation. Crapo was not among the 38 invitees to the conference, held at Blair House across the street from the White House. However, as a member of the Senate Finance Committee – which held extensive hearings on the Senate version of the bill – Crapo has had a front row seat to the negotiations and more involvement than any other Idaho lawmakers.

Thursday, Crapo said he had hoped the negotiators at Blair House would have "started fresh and focused on areas where they can build consensus to reduce costs and increase access," a message echoed by many Republicans this week.

As for what happens next, Crapo said he fears the president will take a "we tried" approach with Republicans, and move forward on health care without the GOP. That means they’ll be "right back in the same health care battle we had last year," Crapo said.

"Really today he did not offer a true negotiation," Crapo said. "What he offered today was that we accept the bill he put forward…and pack in a few Republican ideas and pass it."

Sen. Jim Risch, R-Idaho, said he, too, wasn’t hopeful: "We can and must reform health care, but Americans have made it loud and clear they don't want this plan."

Obama himself left the meeting saying it was unclear whether the ideological divide between his party and the Republicans would lead to a bipartisan plan.

"I don't know that those gaps can be bridged," he said. "And it may be that at the end of the day we come out of here and everybody says, 'Well, you know, we have some honest disagreements. People are sincere in wanting to help, but they've got different ideas about how to do it, and we can't bridge the gap between Democrats and Republicans on this."

Health Care

I was only able to watch bits and pieces of the summit, but the parts I saw looked like Obama was really trying to get both sides to work together and pass something. Unfortunately most of the Reps. wanted nothing to do with it. Both sides are going to have to stop acting like spoiled little brats and work together to come up with something that works. I like the idea of just changing one or two things at a time, such as purchasing healthcare from any state and working on stupid lawsuits. Man I can't believe I kinda stood up for Obama!!


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Oh Really

I watched about half of the summit. Basically all the Republicans brought to the table was the same old taking points and that it will all cost too much. They kept getting off topic and spouting the same garbage lies that they have been repeating since the middle of last year. Even when confronted with the actual factual data that proves it will cost far more to do nothing, they didn't bring much to the table other than complaints about what has been accomplished so far.

In Obama's current proposal, which in essence is the do-over that the R's have been asking for but refuse to acknowledge, the following Republican ideas are included:

but they still insist that he has done nothing to include them.

The Idaho delegation will not vote for any reform package regardless, so their commentary about it is wasted breath. They are stalling until the fall elections, hoping to upset the power balance so they can kill reform entirely and continue letting people die.

Single payer is the way to go

So we all will have coverage. If not that, then at least the same great plan and cost Congress has.

The GOP plan only covers an additional 3 million people which will do nothing to keep the costs of the uninsured from being passed on to the insured in higher premiums and medical costs.

Irresponsible liberal socialist viewpoint.

Who cares how much it will cost.
Who cares if it bankrupts the country.
Who cares if it degrades the quality of health care in America.

I want what I want, and I want the government to provide me with free health care paid for by my fellow taxpayers. I deserve it. That's all I know, and all I care about. Get it done, Obama.

Ineligible use of sarcasm--too freakin' serious. 5 noodle lashes


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.


Prez. O-blabber-mouth couldnt pull in the dem-dogs--HAHA
now this dem/lib/socialist/progressive couldnt pull in the even the republicrats-----------WOW, dude

Get him a doctor please.


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.

Same old talking points

Tort reform is going to accomplish nothing. California actually passed tort reformed and look at their situation. Studies have shown that less than .1 percent of healthcare cost are from tort claims.

Opening states line for competition is a false notion also because it is the same companies selling insurance in those states also. Blue Cross and Blue Shield operate in more states than just Idaho. You are not going to see an insurance company compete against itself.

I would also say that insurance is only about 10% of the problem. The main problem is the rising cost of healthcare and a lot of this is because more and more people are without coverage and not paying for healthcare. You are paying for the uninsured not whether you like it or not. I would like to see everyone covered so you can start controlling cost with prevenative checkups and reduced trips to the ER.

I watched it, too, and

It's obvious nothing is going to stop the socialist creep. No, not the creep in the White House, but the slow-yet-ever-steady infringements on our freedom.

Again with this phony word SOCIALISM!

Chlorophyll! I'm sick and tired of the useless fits. Nobody has a plan to solve anything, only more conjecturing and jingoism.

Having proven that nothing of consequence will be accomplish, shal; we etiquette to death, like a 10 ton paperweight bludgeon?

Why gripe here if it only resembles breathing into a Shorty Market paper bag, such as a 40 oz beer goes into for legal protection of the grocer?

If there is no true action, only words, it acts as if a comedy.

This is not right.


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.

Stick to washing your own hands, pundito.


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.

America is paying 16% of our

America is paying 16% of our GDP for health care while health insurers continue to raise rates at unheard of increases while Idahoans are losing their health insurance every day.

Health insurance companies have been allowed to collude to fix prices.Crapo & Risch both approve of this practice; they say it’s the unregulated free market.

However insurance companies since 1945 have been exempt from the anti-trust regulations by politicians, that is not a free market determination, insurance companies were willfully rewarded with monopoly status.

No other American companies except baseball are allowed such unregulated behavior. More than 80% of the U.S.A. markets have only one or two insurers which is the case in Idaho.

How is that a free market competition?

People or the Insurance Companies; can you guess Crapo and Risch work for?

Who is Slash & Privatize?

I love when they start sounding scared and desperate.

I'd like Crapo & Risch to explain how a fetus in the womb has a right to life but when out of the womb, an actual human being faces a life threatening illness that right no longer exists.

It all of a sudden human life becomes a privilege of wealth.

The health care issue is not about health care it is about the American government protecting its people as it should.

socialism 1787 style

Blame the constitution, with it's radical "promote the general welfare" line. Blatant socialism if you ask me. It is from this subversive language that some people get the far-fetched idea that our government should have a role in making our lives healthier. Maybe instead of "starting over" with a "clean piece of paper" as regards HCR, we should rip up the constitution and take out the pesky liberal parts. We could make the purpose of government be only to cut taxes and grow the military. The magic of the free market would take care of everything else.


I'm really hoping we can

I'm really hoping we can push through and make something happen with this. There are some people in America that need to really get to work for themselves and take care of themselves but I would hope that we could provide enough assistance that we don't have to be financially scared to go to the doctor / dentist. Crossing my fingers and puttin my vote where it counts (or at least I think!)

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