Texas football coach hopes to learn some of Boise State's tricks

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

Three Boise State assistant football coaches are meeting with their colleagues at Texas this week — part of the coaches’ annual professional development program.

Texas coach Mack Brown, who said the meetings Thursday and Friday were Boise State’s idea, hopes to learn from the Broncos’ creativity. His visitors are wide receivers coach Brent Pease, running backs coach Keith Bhonapha and special teams/linebackers coach Jeff Choate.

“I’ve not been happy with our trick plays,” Brown said Thursday at his pre-spring press conference. “I want to have more fun. Of course, it's hard to have trick plays with the spread offense. (Coach) Chris Petersen and Boise have done the best job with it. I want us to have more innovations.”

Boise State has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s most creative teams because of its successful trick plays in Fiesta Bowl defeats of Oklahoma and TCU in recent years. A fake punt set up the Broncos’ winning touchdown against TCU last month.

Last year, the Broncos ran seven plays on which someone other than the quarterback threw a pass or lateral, not counting the swinging-gate two-point conversions.

Six of those plays resulted in completions — netting 128 yards, or 21.3 yards per catch.

"I don't want five (trick plays a game),” Brown said. “I'm not into backyard football, but it's fun.”

Mack GO away

Hit the road Mack and dont come back no mor
Lets give the taliban our secrets, O I forgot we do, we have cnn, pms-nbc, etc---hahahaha just joking you pc'ers

What does coaching have to do with a treasonous act?

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Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.

It's easy, Mack

Play one or at most two teams per year with a pulse and watch those wins roll in.


Or you could have many team members jailed or suspended and watch those losses roll in....Sunny...


Dennis Ellis, Titus Young, Chris Childs, Ryan Dinwiddie, Cam Hall, etc., etc., etc.

James will be cleared, btw.

I'm just..

I'm just talking about the last couple of months. No sense going back over the years, or you would embarrass yourself....Sunny...

Not really

Oregon's program has been pretty much like most major programs in terms of kids getting in trouble - it happens some but not more than is normal. The last couple of months have been unusual, but at the end of the day a walk-on and two scholarship receivers with chronic problems were taken off the team, and a linebacker with a DUI was suspended for the 2010 season (how soon was "Canadian Bacon" suited up after his DUI/leaving the scene?).

James and Masoli will both be fine, and Chip Kelly will continue running a mostly clean program.

If Texas...

got to schedule Oregon every year they might go undefeated too. I hope Petersen told Mack that. Its too damn bad we dont get to play them this year. It would be another easy W.

As for that D Bag James, he will get off when his girlfriend refuses to testify and skips out on investigators. The Duck program is a mess right now and Kelly has lost complete control of his thugs. An 8-4 season is coming.


Who went to LMJ's apartment, where she confronted him and his new girlfriend - and got hysterical. Then about 24 hours later she called the police to report the crime. If you aren't aware, the normal pattern in DV cases is a quick call to police followed by a later retraction. It doesn't generally happen the other way around, and I don't think this situation passes the smell test.

As far as the underlying implication that goes along with your "thugs" comment, well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

It would take ten years for BSU to catch Oregon....

....in terms of arrests. Character is the issue at Oregon. The coaching staff takes all comers if they are "star" recruits without regard for character. BSU on the otherhand weighs character high and thus has had but a handful of off field difficulties. While I will agree that all programs have a few "problem players" BSU's record speaks for itself.


Did Boise State beat Oregon twice? That's what I thought.


Let me guess...

IdaDuck...mid 30's...5'4"...bald...hangs out at Gold's Gym bothering women on the cardio machines...wears a tshirt-jean-tennis shoe combo on dates (when he can get them)...compliments his self taken bathroom shirtless photo album with late 90's body building competition pictures on myspace page...has dabbled in construction, real estate sales, and landscaping "architecture", but currently between careers...spends free time at Hooters and purchasing mixed martial arts fight match videos on VHS.

Make one of those teams

Make one of those teams oregon, as they must be one of the teams that has no pulse.


team to win the Pac 10 by two games in almost 20 years ('91 Huskies were last). With a completely revamped OL that absolutely sucked (to put it mildly) for the first four games of the season.

I'm satisfied with last season.


You cant be too satisfied, as you were the first to take a dig at the Broncos. Losing to the Broncos still stings otherwise you would be doing something else.

It is good you are

It is good you are satisfied, so are BSU fans.


You are bragging about winning the weakest of the 6 BCS conferences? The MWC ranked higher as a conference than the PAC 10! The really amusing part is you won the PAC 2 by 2 games but if you were in the WAC you would have finished second! and that's a fact!

Oh and your "revamped line" don't mean much around here......BSU started all of 2 seniors during it's "rebuilding" year.

Too bad we don't play again, but I understand you had to make room for your new in-state rival....Portland State.

You mean

kinda like a PAC 10 schedule..................


It is interesting all the shunning of BSU about the trick plays until everyone notices.....BSU WINS. Now the big boys wanna play our style. Cool!

I'm with you

It's fun seeing traditional football power schools being taught any phase of the game from lil' old Boise State.

Just want to be first to get this out.....

Why cant BSU schedule these teams now. It must all be Gene's fault..... fire him.
I am related to gene.... I'm sure you have picked up on a certain level of insight in my posts......

If you're related to Gene Bleymaier....

Print some of the comments here, have him take a look at them and see if he'll respond, but then again, the only thing conecting you to Bley is probably a restraining order!

Restraining order!

now that's funny!

Trick Play State! It is

Trick Play State!

It is hilarious that Boise state's national notoriety is from trick plays to playing on a blue field all items that a 3 ring circus would be proud of.

Yes, Yes I am

Proud of BSU's record for a quite a few years. And BSU keeps the fun in the game. Sorry your school (who are they btw?) can't say the same. Amusing.

Every play is a "trick" play ....

...isn't the object of an offense to "trick" the defense? I find the label of "trick play Boise State" to be rather humorous! The "trick plays" that BSU runs are nothing more than offense plays designed to move the football forward. Are they illegal? lol


how did the rose bowl work out for you?

not a duck fan but it worked

not a duck fan but it worked out real well. They made a ton of money playing in a bowl that not one BSU player does not dream of playing in.... but cant cuz they play one good team a year. Wow 14-0 in the wac you must be sooooo proud. Those who can do, those who cant go to bsu

rodney is missing a few facts

if you think it worked out real well, you must love losing. i'd be willing to bet every player on the dux would trade a win in the fiesta, capping an undefeated season, over a loss in the rose bowl. what team do you support rodney? we all recognize the wac is weak, that has been admitted by all. all the haters said we couldn't beat the dux or tcu. we thrashed the dux and beat tcu on the big stage. where did your team play?

No Trick Plays

There are no trick plays. A play is a play. Boise State thinks outside the box. Something the SEC and the rest of college football doesn't understand. I'm so glad Boise State doesn't use the same play book as everyone else.

trick plays

The reason BSU gets noticed for its trick plays is that BSU pulls them off. All teams have trick plays, but most of them fail so no one pays any attention to them. In reality almost every play in football is a trick play. The idea of almost any play is to make the other team think you are doing something else. Go BSU!!!

The best trick of the year

went pretty much unnoticed. It was the defensive alignment BSU opened the Fiesta Bowl with. Gutsy and brilliant...........

Nice Call

Nice Call

So true tfunk....

....that was a 'trick' defensive play. One linebacker? Who would have ever thought. If it was a 'trick' it must be illegal, hey?

I was being

somewhat facetious on the trick play thing. Also, it wasn't the one LB for me, it was lining up Wilson at safety. imagine the practice time TCU spent on Wilson being at corner, couple that with the guts it took Wilcox to move the best corner in college football to safety (for the biggest game of the year)...............

Hey IdaDork......

News Flash -- Oregon suspends 5 players for violating team rules - Coach Chip Kelly says, "the players will remain suspended until either the team rules are changed or the first game - whichever comes first." Details to follow, stay tuned.

In related news....

It's being reported that Oregon players can no longer Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, E-mail, Text, blog, call home, have girlfriends, nor drive. Tutors will now double as "designated drivers". And in an interesting technology break-through, Oregon helmets will now be fitted with GPS devices so that incoming recruits no longer have to wear those pesky ankle bracelets......

OK, maybe I've had one too many.......

I heard that Nike was working on a new Oregon uniform too!

They are going to black and white next year with vertical stripes. Matching pants and jersey and the numbers on the back will be mulitples like 21-10098.

Here is what Texas should

Here is what Texas should do.... drop DOWN to the WAC, play one good team, then play 12 horrible cupcake teams, then cry that they dont get to play in the national championship game, and call the Pres.... or just keep playing real teams

here is what rodney should do

man up and identify your team. texas should drop the burnt orange and win a big game.

Here's what Gene Bleymaier should do

schedule Texas Oklahoma and Nebraska in a single season, that way Bronco fans could get a dose of BIG 12 reality instead of a dose of WAC kool-aid!

I bleed blue and orange, but I'm not blinded by it!

Hey, who wants to bet that Pease leaves his resume with Mack while he's down there?

What if Gene were to schedule

Baylor, Texas A&M, Colorado, Iowa State, Kansas State and Kansas

Would "Bronco fans" get the same dose of BIG 12 reality?

(Oh, and only 3 of the of the other 9 conference teams played all three (Texas, OK, and Nebraska)last season. And Texas did not have Nebraska on it's schedule (played in the championship game). SO! the toughest game on the Texas schedule was then #14 Oklahoma State (which finished the season un-ranked)

(Interesting question: if you replace Baylor with TCU, Texas A&M with BYU, and Kansas with Utah......does Texas go undefeated in the regular season last year?)

Just a college football fan that does not buy into "the big-boy football conferences are so tough week-in-week-out" theory.

It would be a hell of a lot better than what he schedules now!!

I say schedule em! They are BCS schools, right?

Are you suggesting that the Big 12 is on par with the WAC? Geez.....I hope not!

So you would take

Kansas over Utah?

Baylor over BYU?

Colorado over Oregon State?

Texas A&M over VaTech?

Kansas State over Washington State?

To be "truthful" that makes no sense!

Also, I am not suggesting the WAC is on par with the BIG 12 and never have!

What I have stated (and backed up with plenty of facts) is that BIG 12 and other "Big Boy conferences" do NOT have these "Ultra tough week-in-week-out schedules" that you, kid and others seem to think would destroy BSU by week 4.

Any person that looks at the Texas 2009 schedule and says "BSU or TCU would have absolutely no chance of be undefeated".....is clueless.

I would

Kansas over Utah? Yep and here's why. Kansas is a BCS team and Utah isn't

Baylor over BYU? Yep, for the same reason stated above

Colorado over Oregon State? Yep, because of the Pete vs Hawk match up

Texas A&M over VaTech? probably not however the Big 12 *is* stronger than the ACC

Kansas State over Washington State? Yep, because WSU would struggle in the WAC

You just replaced

3 top 20 regional rivalries with 3 Big 12 bottom feeders......

1 bad PAC 10 team for a bad big 12 team................

and after some thought you would keep a top 10 team over a sub .500 team........

As I said, keep your day job.

Although, if Bley had done this he'd be $80,000 richer! What is that egomaniac thinking??

I think BK is right on this one.....

....if you are the Broncos and you have the chance to play a BCS school, then you take it. Granted, Utah and BYU are solid opponents and will sell out Bronco Stadium but you've got to remember where the east coast writers put BYU and Utah. Somewhere down the list. A Hawk showing up in Bronco stadium? Are you kidding? Of course you take that one over the Bevs. And the Cougs? Please! K State anyday before the hapless Cougs.

For a couple of dudes

that scream SOS every year, you make no sense! You 2 would take our SOS down just satisfy "east coast writers" and to play Baylor, just because they play in the Big 12.

Truth, this may be your worst post ever..........

Also last I checked the

East coast writers had BYU ranked 12th in the country and Utah 18th in 2009

None of the teams you would replace them with even had a winning record in 2009

I think you two are sipping way too much of that Bley-aide

tfunk? Can you spell........

....... B - C - S ??