University of Idaho newspaper rips Otter's 'mindless bluffing'

Three days after issuing a guest opinion ripping several Idaho columnists, Gov. Butch Otter was schooled Monday.

By the editorial board of the University of Idaho Argonaut.

The campus paper criticized Otter for threatening to zero out funding for Idaho Public Television — in what he now calls a tactic designed to force Public Television to produce a business plan.

"Otter and the entire state government have a very serious task in front of them," the Argonaut says in its editorial. "Let’s see some cooperation, not mindless bluffing."

More reading, and audio: Here's a link to my column last week on Otter's budgeting strategy, with audio from the governor's meeting with the Statesman editorial board.

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The answer is: the editorial boards of the Statesman and........

the U of I Argonaut! The question is: name two organizations suffering from delusions of relevancy.

Otter Delusions

The Guv's mind lives in the Libertarian fantasy world of the 1890's, when gom't was small, dominated by industrialists -- unions didn't exist, most people were just scrapping by, women couldn't vote, and ranchers ruled the range with force.

Bluffing and bullying is the way of the past which lives on.

The Guv's calling on John Adams to support his newly found "facts" is underwhelming. His management style for silently calling for department business plan then punishing those who didn't deliver by the phantom deadline is more childish fantasy.

Good to see the push back.


it's called politics.