House vote pending, Rep. Thayn enlists Tea Party Boise in support of his early graduation bill

Rep. Steven Thayn, R-Emmett, got help from Tea Party Boise in advancing House Bill 493.

An e-mail to Tea Party Boise's 2,000 members on Saturday said Thayn "has requested the Tea Partiers help with getting (the bill) out of the House. We are asking you to make your own decision on how you wish to support this proposal."

The e-mail from Tea Party Boise included the addresses of all 70 House members and said Thayn "asked that emails of support be sent by Sunday night, since the proposal comes up Monday morning."

The bill passed 61-7 and moves to the Senate.

Authored by Thayn and Boise Democratic Rep. Branden Durst, HB 493 would establish a "Master Advancement Pilot Project" in 21 school districts and three charters schools.

Students who complete requirements for graduation a year or more early would be eligible for scholarships amounting to 35 percent of their district's state support calculated by annual average daily attendance. Another 35 percent would go to the districts and 30 percent would go back to the state general fund.

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Sound Like a Win Win

This sounds like a win-win for both students and the state. There is no reason why exceptional students should languish through additional months of non-challenging instruction when they can get through the curriculum at a faster pace and move on to the next level of their education.

Pay to graduate?

It would be an excellent proposal if the provision to pay students to graduate early wasn't part of the package. The funding portion of the legislation is questionable.