BSU student body president to challenge Democratic lawmaker in Southeast Boise's District 18

Trevor Grigg, Boise State's student body president for the past two years and a former president of the College Republicans at BSU, announced Friday that he will challenge two-term Democratic Rep. Phylis King.

Grigg was elected student president in April 2008 reelected in April 2009, only the second time a student president has been elected to consecutive terms at BSU.

Grigg said that as a legislator he would target waste in non-academic programs. In a statement on his Web site, he writes, "I learned firsthand that there is tremendous administrative and student-activity waste at all levels of education. We need to evaluate the cost-benefits of every non-educational program in Idaho, eliminate wasteful resources, and get rid of the large amount of bureaucratic payroll that follows them. I advocate that money spent not directly related to education be directed to the classroom."

He also promises to "fight any new taxes and work to reduce regulation of large and small businesses, recognizing that government doesn’t create jobs, people create jobs."

Grigg added: "The success of our state depends on traditional families, the backbone of Idaho. I believe that families know best how to spend their money, educate their children, and provide for the health and safety of themselves. As your state legislator, I will strive to protect these intrinsic family rights."

Grigg's Web site is

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Great News!

Trevor is going to be a great Legislator! District 18 needs better representation than it currently has.

About time

...the GOP has some fresh names and faces in District 18. Bye-bye Phylis.

What a Joke

A Republican running on the platform of G W Bush who bankrupted this country and made corporations God.

How original

Gee, a God fearing, tax cutting, Atlas shrugging Republican. Just what we need: less revenue, more superstition, and less bank regulation.

Not getting my vote.

Grigg, why didn't you go to a private university then?

Career Politician

Sounds like a career man in the making...

He sure...

can repeat the Republican talking points. No original ideas? That too is in keeping with Republican philosophy.

He thinks life's experiences are frivolous I guess.

Why the hell bother going? Why not use your computer?


Like a midair collision with a tugboat

Trevor Grigg

It sounds like this kid's got it going. Notice how quickly and vehemently the "liberals" swoop and attack. I guess it is in their blood. I think that is about all they understand regarding politics. Slam, slam, slam. They must enjoy it.

Congratulations, Trevor, keep up the good work.

For those you don't believe in a resurrection, look who posted.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat


And a howdy-do to you too, FO.

Tell that to the neighbors, if you will : )


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.

Serial Obfuscation

I have no idea what you meant by this post. But, then again, there is nothing new about that. What's it like to live in a world where tugboats fly?

Peripheral Philcos

These posters aren't neighbors?


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.


From the looks of Trevor's website, he ought to go to grad school and learn how to write before taking a shot at the state legislature. My guess is that King has nothing to worry about.

student body president

Ironic, me thinks, that he would rail against activities and expenses outside of the class room and then participate in student govt. Was that outside of the classroom and did that not increase his overall learning experience- as do internships, volunteer activities, etc.

You can intervene today and find him a girlfriend and a car!


Stop whining about the stupid signature and think for yourself.