Idaho's 1st Congressional District gets late entrant...but it's not who you think

No. Former Republican Rep. Bill Sali has not broken his silence and answered the question of whether he will seek a rematch with Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick, who barely beat him in 2008.

But the May 25 GOP primary has a third candidate, joining state Rep. Raul Labrador and Marine veteran Vaughn Ward, both of Eagle.

It's Michael L. Chadwick, 60, of Post Falls, who has announced on his Web site that he's entered the race for the U.S. House. Chadwick grew up in Payette County and graduated from New Plymouth High School in 1967.

Chadwick's Web site ( says he's a former aide to U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and the founder and president of the Liberty Park, USA Foundation.

Chadwick has not filed any paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, which requires candidates who have raised $5,000 to make their intentions known.

In e-mail Wednesday, Chadwick said the GOP has lost its way: "I have been a member of the Republican Party for 40 years. If you look at the party platforms for the last 100 years it is very clear how far the current leaders of the Republican National Committee and many state GOP leaders have strayed from the moorings of the original Republican Party.  It is time to uphold the principles of the Republican Party in the tradition of the founding fathers."

Chadwick's elaborate Web site pictures him with three Republican icons, President Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan and former Attorney General Edwin Meese. The site lists many accomplishments, including bachelor's and master's degrees from Brigham Young University and the leadership of Liberty Park, the Alexander Hamilton Institute for International Trade and the James Madison Institute for Republican Government.

Chadwick also lays out his campaign pitch.

"Today America is at a crossroads," he writes. "The central question facing the citizens of Idaho and the nation is whether America remains a Republic, as designed by the founding fathers in 1787, or becomes an Empire, where all power, executive, legislative and judicial, is concentrated in the hands of one man or a small group of men.

Will we uphold the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and the republican system of government or will we follow in the footsteps of ancient Rome?"

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Read his bio -- enuf said!

They are invading us.

Nuff Said? He'd better say a lot!

And I DO know a few Chadwicks!

In nearly 2 1/2 years here I have heard the "not like the status quo" speech a few times. A website is no substitute for doing what is required if he is elected.

It's still a long way to Tipperary at this time Pay attention to how he reacts.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat

This Guy's Great!

Going through his website, it's like he's Bill Sali on steroids -- either an extreme Paulite or an "Israel did it" Truther (it's hard to tell the difference sometimes). I really hope he becomes a viable candidate -- we'll finally get the laughs we've come to expect from 1st District Republicans. Hopefully, he'll continue on as a third party candidate after he loses the nomination.

Bill Sali on steroids would be the old Mike Tyson.

Like a midair collision with a tugboat