First praise for IPTV, then slamming the agency

Here’s an interesting sidebar to a story in Wednesday’s Idaho Statesman.

First, the story — Otter’s budget hit balky agencies

Gov. Butch Otter’s budget director Wayne Hammon calls out Idaho Public Television for its unwillingness to sacrifice in the face of severe budget cuts.

“The budget was meant as a wake-up call for them to get on board,” Hammon said of budget cuts to five commissions and councils, IPTV and the Department of Parks and Recreation. “And with the exception of public television, all of them responded very favorably.”

And now the sidebar: Courtesy of Spokesman-Review veteran legislative reporter Betsy Russell and her Eye on Boise blog.

Seems that during his testimony to the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee last month, Hammon praised Idaho Public Television general manager Peter Morrill.

Your headline is chronologically challenged...

Or texted in from an 88 mph Delorean!

Like a midair collision with a tugboat